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African man with locs

12 Celebrities with Locs


Locs are definitely making a comeback these days, and it's hard to miss the trend when you see celebrities stepping out in their long-term natural styles. The ultimate carefree look, locs continue to be an excellent way for people of color to rock big beautiful hair without having to worry about too much upkeep. We've seen celebs' across the ages showcasing this beautiful style.

African man with locs

The History of Locs

The hairstyle known as dreadlocks is an ancient adornment, but its roots are not well-known. The best way to comprehend the history of locs is by exploring their origins in different parts of the world, particularly the Caribbean and Africa. Locs, or dreadlocks, date back to ancient Egypt. The mummified remains of Egyptians who wore locks have been found, proving that men wore somewhat long hair during certain stages in Egyptian history.

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This does not mean that every man wore his hair in long locks, though; this simply means that specific groups did. As scholars today can see, many changed styles were adopted over time, showing the evolution of aesthetics throughout Egypt's rich history.

Locs were worn by many civilizations throughout Africa's history until modern times, including by the kings and nobles. In some groups, a person could not become a warrior without first growing his hair out into locs. In other tribes, men did not cut their hair after marriage because it would have been considered a disgrace to their wives. Locs were also used to signify one's tribe as this hairstyle migrated throughout the world. Other cultures brought styles with them.

The dreadlocks hairstyle was later embraced by the general public thanks to the worldwide success of reggae artist Bob Marley. Bob Marley popularized it. He jumpstarted international curiosity in the style and Rastafarian culture's anti-establishment message. Dreadlocks became increasingly fashionable, and there are several reasons why people wear them across cultures.

So here are just a few of the many celebs that choose to rock the locs.

#1 Ava Duvernay

This powerful actress, producer, and director does not disappoint when it comes to styling her locs to pure perfection. With beautiful curls that bounce around her head in all directions, Ms. Ava Duvernay has truly given us a look that captures the true essence of long-term natural hair worn proudly.

#2 Wiz Khalifa

Who knew that one day we'd be seeing the swag of Wiz Khalifa come out in his locs? This rapper, who has been publicly rocking locs for a while now, is definitely giving us life with his fantastic coils. Not only does he keep them clean and shiny, but he knows how to keep them looking great.

We're loveing this look!

#3 Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz's signature style is a mixture of many things, but his locs hold a special place in our hearts. His locs are the perfect length – not too long and not too short – and they give him a unique edge.

a girl wearing locs close up

#4 Kelea

As singer-songwriters go, this girl is rocking an asymmetrical bob with her locs. We're digging how he's able to add to this chic style that's been around for decades!

With a slightly different twist, this star's locs fall over her shoulders and to the side. She has been able to keep them looking healthy and shiny – that's not easy!

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#6 Willow Smith

The young actress and singer has been known to show off her gorgeous locs, which always look effortlessly put together. The locs are not too long and not too short, making them easy to style.

#7 Stevie Wonder 

This legendary singer has been rocking these dreadlocks for ages, which is always a great inspiration for keeping hair natural. His style shows that any length of hair can be worn in this way and look stylish.

#8 Toni Morrison

This legendary author has been wearing natural locs proudly for years. We love her look because it shows how powerful locs can be! Her first novel, The Bluest Eye, was published in 1970. Toni has since gone on to win Nobel and Pulitzer prizes for her writing.

#9 Richard Sherman

This all-star athlete has been rocking locs for years, showing everyone that professionals can rock whatever hairstyle they choose. That's always a great message to impart!

#10 Herbie Hancock

Rock legend Herbie Hancock wears his locs down in long dreadlocks, which are so easy to maintain. He has a look that is full of class and style, which makes his locs impressive.

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#11 Whoopi Goldberg

Comedian and actress Whoopi Goldberg looks great wearing her locs down, which always sports a nice shine. She's worn her hair in locs for most of her career, making her a powerful black icon.

Bob Marley Performing with locs

#12 Bob Marley

The Jamaican singer and songwriter had one of the best voices in music, but his locs were also a massive part of what made him who he was. He wore them long and proud, keeping them looking great always. 


Locs are a powerful symbol of the African diaspora and their roots. They can be worn in many different ways to represent who you are in your culture, whether through religion or ethnicity. Whether they're worn for fashion reasons or spiritual ones, locs have become an essential part of today's society where everyone has something unique to offer--no matter how small it might seem at first glance.

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As the world adjusts to seeing people with this hairstyle, they are hitting roadblocks such as problems in the workplace. However, it won't be long before we see more trends come from what was once considered just another hairstyle option, among others.

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