Sea Salt Hair Spray For Locs
Sea Salt Hair Spray For Locs
Our sea salt hair spray for locs is great for adding sheen, texture, blood circulation in the roots of your hair follicles, fighting dread rot, and styling for all loc types, styles, and ages. For mature locs, saltwater adds brightness to your hair and is a great substitute to chemical heavy, over-the-counter hairsprays. For starter locs and new hair growth, our saltwater spray is perfect for accelerated the loc tightening process. It's a known fact that salt draws out moisture; which in turn prevents dread rot, and escalates locking for new and stray away hairs. Vegan, organic, and unisex derived of only natural Ingredients: aqua, sea salt, vegetable glycerin, argan oil, aloe vera juice, provitamin b, ylang ylang essential oil, fragrance (naturally derived). 


This product is beyond amazing and should be number #1 rated over the known loc product of Jamaican mango and lime. Yes! That's right! I said that right! This product is better than Jamaican Mango and Lime.

                                                          - Jazmine

Watch Our Loc Oil In Action!

Oil for Dreadlocks That Works.




Save Your Hair

Say goodbye to cheap dreadlock hair products that will only damage your hair.

Save Your Money

Cheap products mean you'll need to spend more money to take care of your hair.

Save Your Time

Your time is precious. Once you try our product you'll never have to spend hours researching again.

Other Brands

  • Smells Bad

  • Harmful Chemicals

  • Low Quality Ingredients

  • Increases Itching

Lion Locs

  • Fragrance Naturally Derived

  • Chemical Free And Safe

  • High Quality 100% Organic Ingredients

  • Reduces Itching, Dandruff, And Irritation


Does Lion Locs Sea Salt Spray Leave Residue?

Lion Locs Sea Salt Hair Spray leaves little to no residue.

How Often Should I Use Lion Locs Sea Salt Spray?

We recommend you massage it onto your scalp daily, and then cover your locs with a light coat.

Is Lion Locs Sea Salt Spray Good For Beginners?

Yes! It's great for beginners

Does Lion Locs Sea Salt Spray Smell Good?

Yes! Our loc product smell great. We promise you will love it.

How Often Should I Wash My Locs?

It depends on your hair. It could be once every 2 weeks, or month but it really depends on your texture. 

How Many Ounces In A Bottle?

There are 4 oz in a bottle!

How Long Does It Take To Ship?

All orders are processed within 2 business days and should arrive within 3 to 7 business days in the United States.