Our Mission Statement

Lion Locs’ purpose is to provide a consistent trustworthy product for locs you can count on. Always organic, healthy, residue, & build-up free loc care that gives you the style you want without sacrificing quality.

Logo’s Meaning

Dreadlocks in Rastafarian beliefs symbolizes the mane of a lion. The Lion of Judah is also one of the titles given to all Ethiopian Kings.

Emperor Haile Selassie, Crown Prince and Regent of the Ethiopian Empire from 1916 to 1928, was also very fond of lions and had them as pets around his palace. The lion is known as a gentle beast that’s humble, tranquil, and powerful when provoked.

The spectrum of various bright colors is the representation of different cultures who have embraced this hairstyle from all around the world.

Sharing these colors on the lion’s mane is the symbolism of different beliefs, ethnicity, and practices intertwined and locked into one. Dreadlocks does not know racism, segregation, hate, politics or violence, but it does know love.

Pride is a group of lions. Furthermore, the definition of pride is proper respect for oneself; a sense of one’s own dignity or worth; self-respect. We believe the loc community to be a family with a hairstyle that is not dreadful, but one of esteem and beauty.

About Lion Locs

Dedicated dreadlocks company focused on high quality ingredients, accessories, and health for the loc nation.

Dreadlocks is more than just a style or look, it’s a lifestyle. Locking is a beautiful journey shared across all demographics and cultures that unites people without prejudice. Together we share a movement, together we take pride in our hair.