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How to Transition to Vegan and Organic Loc Hair Products

Dive into the world of vegan loc hair products. The vegan cosmetic industry is worth more than $16 billion and will nearly double in value by 2031. More people are transitioning to vegan and organic loc hair products, yet many haven’t made the transition. 

Why should you transition to vegan and organic products? What must you do to transition to vegan hair care products? Here is your guide on answering these questions and transforming your life with excellent hair care items. 

Understand the Benefits of Vegan and Organic Products

You should transition to vegan and organic products for a few reasons. Vegan and organic loc items have all-natural ingredients like castor oil, rooibos leaf extract, and aloe leaf juice. These ingredients moisturize your hair and skin and soothe irritated skin. 

Companies claim that artificial ingredients like parabens have the same effects as natural ingredients. These products worsen your locs because they strip moisture from your scalp and hair. They also harm the environment, as companies need a lot of water, electricity, and land to create them. 

However, you should still read the ingredients label for any product you are thinking about buying. You should double-check that the product contains no parabens, mineral oils, or alcohol that will dry your locs out. Read customer reviews and see how people with your style of locs have used the product. 

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Inspect Your Dreadlocks

Before switching between hair products, you should inspect your hair first. If your scalp is dry or has dandruff, you should find a product to mitigate the problem. 

Look at your hair in your bathroom, ensuring it is well-lit and you can see to your scalp. Feel the tips of your hair and rub them in between your fingers. The ends should not feel dry or bent. Then inspect your scalp for any signs of redness, dandruff, or excessive oil. If your skin feels wet or shiny, you may need to remove some oil from your hair before you switch to your new products. 

Talk to a loctician if you notice a significant problem like hair loss or a painful rash. Get advice from them on how you can care for your locs and moisturize your scalp and hair simultaneously.

Find Products Specifically for Locs

It is essential that you select a vegan and organic shampoo specifically for locs. Locs have special needs that other hairstyles do not have. You must remove residue from them, keep them tight, and keep your hair malleable. 

Organic and vegan shampoos should be residue-free. Many ingredients in shampoos leave residue behind, namely lubricants, added fragrances, and glycerin. Read the ingredient label of your product and make sure these three ingredients are not in it. 

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Time Your Transitions


Your hair is more likely to dry out during the summer when it is hot and humid. You should transition to vegan moisturizers immediately before the summer occurs. Try to find a product that offers UV protection so you are less likely to get sunburned. 

Your locs can also dry out during the winter, especially if you live in a frigid and windy place. You should transition in the late fall to put moisture in your hair and scalp and keep it throughout the winter. Look for a nut butter or oil product that locks moisture in your locs. 

If you live in a place with dramatic temperature differences, you should have a cleansing product on standby. When you notice your hair getting brittle or thin, you should clean your locs to remove any residue trapped in them and replenish your natural oils. Don’t worry about causing an abrupt transition; leaving residue in your hair or having dry locs is a bigger problem. 

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Learn How to Care for Locs

Your new products will not work if you don’t know how to care for your locs. Read guides on how to keep your locs from unraveling and how to wash your locs. 

You can take showers or baths daily, but you need to detox your locs every two weeks, if not more often. Detoxing will remove any products or debris stuck in your locs or scalp. If you exercise, you may have a lot of sweat and dandruff stuck in your hair, so you must detox at least once a week. 

Be gentle with starter locs. Washing your hair too often can remove natural oils from your hair, and washing your hair too early can snap your hair into pieces. Wait at least a week for your locs to grow and set, then focus on cleaning your scalp, not your hair. Massage moisturizers and cleansers with your fingertips, and do not use excessive heat to dry your hair.

Use your loc-specific shampoo, a cleanser, and a spray to remove the substances from your hair. You should also run a comb through your locs. 

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Be Patient


Your new hair products may feel different than your old ones. This is okay. Many people notice a difference in how vegan and organic products feel on their hair and scalp. Your hair may feel thicker or heavier due to the moisture it absorbs. 

The feeling may pass after a few days, so continue to apply your products and wash your hair following your current routine. If you feel like your hair is too heavy or wet, change how you dry it so you remove any excess moisture. 

Try your products for a few weeks and examine your locs again. If you don’t notice any improvements, change your hair care routine before you buy new products. You may need to tighten your locs or wash them more often. After a couple of more weeks, you can then purchase new products if you notice no improvements. 

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