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Mohawks Dreads: A Cool Way to Rock Your Locs

Mohawks Dreads: A Cool Way to Rock Your Locs

 Side profile of man with thick, precisely trimmed mohawk dreadlock hairstyle.

Source: https://haircutinspiration.com/mens-dreadlocks-styles/ 

It is said that experiencing the unexpected is always better than getting what you think is expected.

And that idea can also be attributed to dreadlocks.

There are many ways that dreadlocks can surprise you. Unfortunately, too many people find comfort in stereotyping and stigmatizing dreadlocks and those who wear them.

People who have never worn dreadlocks or who avoid people who wear them think they know everything there is to know about them. 

Let's run down a few of the unfounded, biased, and quite offensive stereotypes surrounding dreadlocks.

For example, many people think that dreadlocks and those who wear them are dirty and unclean. It's a highly offensive and untrue idea.

For many people, wearing dreadlocks symbolizes purity, nature, a connection to God, and the manifestation of their personal spirituality. And most importantly, having unclean dreadlocks defeats the purpose of developing them.

If you could look inside the interior of a dreadlock strand, you would see the internal dreadlock matrix. It's a vertical spiral of interconnected, fused, and locked hair follicles. Like the interior of an atom, there should be voids in between the locked hair follicles.

The hair at the tip of the dreadlock strand will become irreversibly locked over the years as it grows. But the hair at the mid-length of the dreadlock strand is still fusing as you twist them. And the hair at the scalp is looser.

The point is that dirty dreadlocks, like dirty traditional hair, will impede the natural growth process. And while dread rot, a type of hair fungus, can occur, it is more likely to occur with traditional hair. (Most who have it don't know it.)

Dreadlocks tend to be cleaner since the use of traditional hair products, which feature toxic and disease-causing ingredients and non-natural substances, are not needed for maintenance. 

People with conventional hair may be more likely to have dirty hair or hair with residue clinging to it because of the overuse of dangerous hair products.

If you use organic dreadlock grooming products and thoroughly dry your hair after each washing, your dreadlocks will always be clean.

Some people think that there is just one way to wear dreadlocks. They believe that everyone with dreadlocks wears them with the individual rope-like strands flowing down from the mane connected to the scalp all of the time.

Whether you have short or long dreadlocks, there are always many style options to consider. There is a hell of a lot more than just one way to rock dreadlocks.

While dreadlocks are instantly recognizable, they are not a uniform hairstyle. Dreadlocks strands can be thin or thick, depending on how you initially grow them.

You can wear dreadlocks in a regal beehive or bun style. You can rock dreadlocks with strategic braid work in multiple ways and techniques.

Even if your dreadlocks are short or long, you can wrap them into stump-like Bantu knots.

The truth is that the limitation to styling your dreadlocks is your or your stylist's imagination. 

If you want to create the unexpected when it comes to dreadlocks, why not try mohawk dreads.

If you ever thought that having dreads was going to be boring, boy were you misinformed! Dreadlocks are versatile and beautiful, and they can take so many forms. This culturally-rich, historic hairstyle can be sophisticated and glamorous or fun and edgy - it’s up to you. Twist your locs into a soft updo, gather them for a ponytail, or go for hair accessories for a boho look. No matter how you slice it, there is a wide variety of hairdos available to loc wearers, and one of the most attractive is the mohawk. 

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The Mohawk

The mohawk is an eccentric hairstyle that’s slowly becoming mainstream. The hairstyle was first seen in an indigenous tribe that we initially thought was the Mohawk people - hence the name. They resided in the Mohawk Valley in Upstate New York. But it’s more likely the hairstyle was worn by the Pawnee from the current day, Nebraska and Northern Kansas.  

We don’t know if it’s the shape, the possible spikes, or just the super-cool look, but we love the mohawk. Dreadlock wearers can take this look and make it extraordinary.  

Following are 10 awesome mohawk looks for dreadlocks:

1 The Short Directed Mohawk

Young shirtless man with a short mohawk with dreadlocks.

Source: https://hairstylecamp.com/men-mohawk-dreads/ 

The cool thing about a mohawk when you have locs is that you can skip the hair gel. This young man is sporting a handsome, clean-cut mohawk. His back and sides are neat, allowing the short, thick locs at the top to make a strong statement. 

2  Criss Cross Mohawk

Top view of locs criss-crossed at the top of the head.

 Source: https://hairstylecamp.com/men-mohawk-dreads/

For longer locs, consider a shaved head everywhere except the very top of your head. Then you can gently criss-cross your locs at the top and fix them with a hairband at the base. You can also do a cornrow or barley row if you have a little more expertise. 

3  Goddess Locs

Woman with goddess locs in a mohawk with shaved sides and wavy lines.  

Source: https://lovelocsnatural.com/mohawk-dreads-styles/ 

This striking style will get the attention of everyone up and down the street. Goddess locs are adorned with accessories and pulled back in a low, wrapped ponytail. The sides and back are clean-shaven, with wavy lines cut into the sides. 

4  Floral Instincts

Side profile of woman with colorful locs in a mohawk with dark roots and a flower shaved into the sides.

Source: https://lovelocsnatural.com/mohawk-dreads-styles/ 

This gorgeous take on the mohawk isn’t for the faint of heart. Her long, colorful, braided mohawk extends over her shoulder. The intentional dark roots emphasize the braid, and the shaved side has a large flower shape. The model’s floral neck tattoos significantly up the cool factor. 

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5  Curly Locs   

Rear side view of a person with shorter twist curls in mohawk style.

Source: https://hairstylecamp.com/men-mohawk-dreads/

For curlier locs and a softer look, this style shows a pristinely trimmed hairline and a side fade. The locs are also highlighted in bronze tones for a warm feel. 

6  Mohawk with a Top Knot  

Man with dreadlocks in a top knot.

Source: https://hairstylecamp.com/men-mohawk-dreads/ 

Who doesn’t love a guy in a top knot? These well-maintained locs look amazing in this top knot with neatly shaven sides and a crisp hairline. The fade emphasizes the cleanness of this style. This mohawk has a little more coverage than some, so this is an excellent choice if you have a job that requires it. 

7  The Rugged Mohawk

Side profile of a man with a rugged, dreadlock mohawk with a long front.

Source: https://lovelocsnatural.com/mohawk-dreads-styles/ 

Here is a fantastic mohawk but less pristine than some of the others we’ve included here. It’s a sexy version of the mohawk with less defined dreadlocks (though gorgeous all the same) and longer locs in the front. This style has more coverage for a less severe look.

8  Mohawk - the Viking Way

Side view of Vikings character - Ragnor, showing a mohawk and tribal tattoos on his head.

Source: https://lovelocsnatural.com/mohawk-dreads-styles/ 

Calm yourselves, ladies. This Viking version of the mohawk is outstanding. The locs and braids are pulled together for a ponytail that’s then wrapped down the length of it. The bare sides of the head are adorned with tribal tattoos. 

9  Color Play

A person with a blue mohawk with exposed sides.

Source: https://lovelocsnatural.com/mohawk-dreads-styles/

These turquoise locs will stand out in any crowd, but the clean fade down the sides makes it unforgettable. The hairline is perfectly outlined, and the locs are medium length leaning toward the front. The lengths of beautiful locs hang attractively in the face of the wearer. 

10  The Long Ponytail Mohawk

Young man with very long locs in a mohawk with exposed sides.

Source: https://hairstylecamp.com/men-mohawk-dreads/

Wow! This gorgeous head of locs warrants a second look on any day, and the mohawk makes it even more impressive and edgy. The extra-long locs are rolled at the top and collected into a low ponytail with hair bands, then allowed to fall where they may. With a few locs hanging loosely here and there, it’s hard to turn away from this carefree style. 

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All Things Considered

Mohawks are an extraordinary way to wear your locs. Although the photos above feature men in some and women in others - don’t let that concern you. Any of these styles can adorn the head of anyone and look fabulous! 

Are you considering the loc journey or are you already on it? We know that your locs are more than just a hairstyle or look, it’s a lifestyle. Bring us on your journey. Check out Lion Locs to learn more. 

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