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5 Best Dread Beads : Top Picks for 2024

Dreadlocks are a unique and artistic hairstyle that has gained popularity across various cultures. While they are low-maintenance and stylish, people often look for ways to decorate and personalize their dreads. One such accessory used to enhance the appearance of dreadlocks and showcase individuality are dread beads.

Dread beads are a fun and creative way to adorn dreadlocks, giving them an extra dash of character. They come in various materials, such as wood, glass, metal, and clay, each with its unique properties and aesthetic appeal. These beads not only enhance the beauty of dreads but can also help maintain their shape, as some beads provide additional support and hold the locks in place.

When choosing the best dread beads for your locks, it's crucial to consider factors such as the bead's size, material, and durability. Size is essential because beads should neither be too tight nor too loose on your dreads. Material plays a significant role, as each material offers a different level of durability and resistance to elements. Personal style and preferences should also be factored in while choosing the right dread beads to complement your look.

We have meticulously handpicked and tested various dread beads to identify the top-performing options that will not only embellish your dreadlocks but also provide an excellent balance of function and style. With our recommendations, you can confidently select the best dread beads to showcase your personality and make your dreads stand out.

Best Dread Beads

We've compiled a list of the best dread beads available in the market, to help you choose the perfect accessory for your style or need. The products below offer high quality, unique designs, and versatility to elevate your dread game.

Beavorty 50pcs Dreadlock Accessories

Beavorty Dreadlock Accessories

A great choice for those looking to add flair to their dreadlocks with beautiful and easy to use accessories.


  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Holds hair tightly and securely
  • Comfortable and undetectable wear


  • Possible color and size variations due to lighting and manual measurements
  • Material may not be suitable for everyone
  • Limited design and color options

We tried out these Beavorty 50pcs Dreadlock Accessories and found them to be quite handy for enhancing our dreadlocks. One of the best features is the ease of putting them on; they are simple to slide on and then pinch to secure the hold. We didn't experience any slipping throughout the day, which is a huge plus.

The secure hold ensured that our hair stayed in place while maintaining a natural and comfortable look. These dreadlock extensions provided us with the confidence that our hairstyle would remain intact without causing any damage or discomfort. The versatility of these beads adds an extra touch of character to our dreadlocks, giving us many options for creating unique and personalized styles.

However, some drawbacks to consider include potential variations in color and size between the product images and the actual item. Understanding these slight differences are possible due to lighting and manual measurements will help manage expectations when ordering. The faux leather material might not be ideal for everyone, and the limited design and color options may not cater to all style preferences.

Overall, these dread beads are a solid addition to any dreadlock wearer's collection. They provide ease of use, secure hold, and an appealing aesthetic touch without causing damage or discomfort to the hair.

Beavorty 80pcs Filigree Tube Hair Braid Rings

Beavorty 80pcs filigree tube hair braid rings

These Beavorty dread beads are perfect for adding a stylish touch to your hairstyle.


  • Anti-rust and hard-wearing
  • Easy to manipulate and bend around hair
  • Attractive and versatile design


  • Possible slight color and size differences due to lighting and manufacturing
  • Thin material may not be suitable for thicker dreadlocks
  • Limited color options (Silver + Golden)

After trying these Beavorty dread beads, we appreciated the simplicity of using them in various hair styles. The iron material is both lightweight and durable, making them comfortable to wear throughout the day. The hollow-out design of the beads adds a touch of elegance to any hairstyle.

However, we did notice some minor discrepancies between the images shown online and the actual product that we received. This may be due to differences in lighting or manufacturing processes. These beads work well on thinner dreadlocks, but for those with thicker locks, they may not provide enough hold.

The Beavorty 80pcs filigree tube hair braid rings are a stylish and practical choice for those looking to enhance their dreadlocks or braids. With the easy-to-use design and versatile appearance, these beads are sure to gather compliments at your next event. Just be prepared for possible slight variations in color and size due to production factors.

SaltByelif Hair Braid Rings Clips

SaltByelif Hair Braid Rings Clips

We highly recommend these hair braid rings clips for their variety of patterns, lightweight material, and ease of use.


  • Various patterns suitable for many occasions
  • Lightweight and non-slip design
  • Easy to use without pliers


  • Manual measurement may cause size errors
  • Color differences may occur due to different screens
  • Aluminum alloy material may not be suitable for everyone

When using the SaltByelif Hair Braid Rings Clips, we were impressed by the diverse selection of 80 pieces, including gold and silver cuffs, leaves, shells, stars, snowflakes, and hollow gold rings. They truly make a beautiful addition to braids, passion twists, and other hairstyles. We found them perfect for parties, weddings, photoshoots, and fashion shows.

The lightweight design of these hair braid rings is a significant advantage as they don't weigh down our hair. They also hold the hair securely in place, ensuring a polished look throughout the day. We didn't need pliers to use them – it's as simple as opening the loop, positioning it on the braid, and closing the clip with our fingers.

It's important to note a few limitations. The product measurements may have slight size errors due to manual measuring, so keep that in mind when purchasing. Also, there could be color differences depending on the screen you're viewing the product on.

All in all, we found the SaltByelif Hair Braid Rings Clips to be an excellent investment for anyone looking to add some flair to their hairstyles. With various patterns, lightweight, and easy-to-use design, these braid rings and clips are a great addition to your hair accessory collection.

Tuwei Viking Dreadlock Beads

Tuwei Viking Dreadlock Beads

A versatile and stylish addition to your dreadlocks, we highly recommend Tuwei's Viking Dreadlock Beads.


  • Durable alloy metal construction
  • Suitable for various accessories
  • Unique Norse designs and symbols


  • May not fit all dreadlock sizes
  • Minimalistic design might not suit everyone's taste
  • Limited to 10 pieces per pack

We love using these Tuwei Viking Dreadlock Beads to style our dreads, and we were quite impressed with their quality and design. Crafted from a durable alloy metal, these beads hold their own and stay put on our hair without any concerns of breakage.

One of the features that caught our attention was the antique silver finish on each bead, detailed with distinct Nordic symbols and characters. This not only adds a retro feel to the beads but also allows for versatile styling, especially when paired with other beads or accessories. We've even found it enjoyable to create DIY bracelets and necklaces using these beads.

However, we believe it's important to mention that the minimalistic design might not cater to everyone's preferences. For our taste, it works well, but others may seek more intricate bead designs. The pack only includes 10 pieces, which may be limiting if you need more for a specific look or project.

All in all, we found the Tuwei Viking Dreadlock Beads to be a quality and stylish option for those looking to enhance their dreadlocks, or even for creating unique DIY jewelry designs. If your style aligns with these beads' design, we suggest giving them a try.

Airshi Dread Beads

Airshi Beard Beads

Airshi Beard Beads are a valuable addition to elevate your dreadlock style with unique, vintage flair.


  • Exquisite and diverse patterns
  • High-quality, durable alloy material
  • Suitable size for hair and beard


  • Limited to 24 pieces per package
  • Vintage style might not suit everyone's preference
  • Inner diameter may not fit all hair thicknesses

When we tried Airshi Beads and found them to be an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of vintage style to their dreadlocks. With 24 different patterns, we felt unique and fashionable while wearing them. The high-quality alloy ensures that the beads are sturdy, durable, and not easily prone to rusting.

The size of these beads is an added advantage as they fit well on both our beard and hair, adding a gentle touch of sophistication to our overall look. However, if you prefer more contemporary styles, keep in mind that these beads follow a vintage-type design which may not meet everyone's taste.

One potential drawback is the inner diameter of the beads, which may not accommodate all hair thicknesses. It would be best to measure your dreadlocks or beard hair before purchasing just to be sure they're a comfortable fit.

Airshi Dread Beads are a great accessory for adding a unique vintage flair to your dreadlocks or beard. Their stylish patterns and high-quality alloy material make them a worthwhile addition to your hair accessory collection.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best dread beads, it's important to consider several factors to ensure you find the perfect match for your style and needs. In this buying guide, we will discuss the essential features to look for when shopping for dread beads.


Dread beads come in various materials such as wood, metal, glass, and resin. Each material has its own distinctive look, weight, and durability.

  • Wood: Wooden beads offer a natural and earthy appearance. They are usually lightweight and comfortable to wear. Since they are made of natural materials, you may need to replace them more frequently due to potential wear and tear.
  • Metal: Metal beads, such as brass or silver, provide a sleek and shiny look. They are typically more durable than wooden beads, but they may be heavier. Be sure to choose a metal that is hypoallergenic if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Glass: Glass beads come in a wide range of colors and patterns, often providing a more intricate and unique appearance. They are generally more fragile than other materials, so handle them with care.
  • Resin: Resin beads are versatile with the ability to imitate various materials like wood, metal, and even precious stones. They are lightweight and can offer a more affordable option while still providing a stylish look.


Dread beads are available in various sizes to accommodate different dreadlock thicknesses. To find the suitable size, measure the diameter of your dreadlock where the bead will be placed. Make sure to choose a bead with a slightly larger hole to allow for easy sliding and adjusting on your dreadlocks.


Your personal style should be a determining factor when choosing dread beads. From simple designs to intricate patterns, there's a vast selection to suit everyone's taste. Consider shapes, patterns, and color combinations that enhance your overall look and express your unique personality.


Some dread beads are designed with additional functionality, such as holding your locks in place or helping with maintenance. It's essential to consider whether you want your beads to be purely decorative or if they serve a specific purpose.

By considering these factors and preferences, you'll have an easier time finding the perfect set of dread beads to complement your locks and your personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are most popular for dread beads?

There are several materials that are popular for dread beads, including:

  • Wood: Natural and lightweight, wooden beads offer an earthy look.
  • Metal: Usually made from brass, copper, or silver, metal dread beads can be more durable and heavier than other materials.
  • Glass: Colorful and unique, glass beads can give dreads a vibrant appearance.
  • Bone and Horn: Known for their natural appeal and intricate details, these beads can be more expensive and harder to find, but they provide a standout look.

How to choose the right size dreadlock beads?

To choose the right size for your dreadlock beads, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the diameter of your dreadlock at the spot where you'd like to wear the dread bead.
  2. Make note of this measurement and look for bead sizes accordingly.
  3. Consider the weight and material of the bead, as heavier and larger beads may cause discomfort or slippage.

Where can I find high-quality dreadlock jewelry?

High-quality dreadlock jewelry can be found at a variety of retailers, including:

  • Local artisans and craft fairs
  • Online marketplaces, such as Etsy or Amazon
  • Specialized dreadlock salons and hair accessory stores
  • Custom bead-makers who cater specifically to dreadlock wearers

How to put beads on dreads without causing damage?

To put beads on your dreads without causing damage, follow these tips:

  1. Avoid forcing the bead onto your dreadlock. If the fit is too tight, it could cause breakage or weaken the loc.
  2. When sliding a bead up the dread, support the dread's base to avoid pulling on your scalp.
  3. Rotate the bead's position occasionally to prevent it from causing uneven tension or causing matting.

Can dread beads be worn long-term in locs?

Yes, dread beads can be worn long-term in locs, but it's essential to maintain proper care. Monitor your locs for any signs of discomfort or matting. It's also a good idea to shift the bead's position occasionally and ensure that the bead isn't causing excessive tension or breakage.

What are the benefits of using dread beads?

Dread beads offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Aesthetics: Beads can enhance the appearance of your dreadlocks by adding color, texture, and style.
  • Protection: Dread beads can help keep the ends of your locs from unraveling.
  • Loc maintenance: Some individuals find that beads aid in the locking process by providing additional weight and compression.
  • Personal expression: Dread beads allow you to showcase your unique style and individuality.

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