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Best Loc Comb: Top Picks for Perfect Dreadlocks

Locs, also known as dreadlocks, are a popular hairstyle that showcases a combination of natural hair texture and creativity. They require unique care and maintenance, including the use of specialized combs. A loc comb helps to optimize the loc formation process and maintain the health and appearance of locs over time.

A good loc comb is designed to glide smoothly through your locs without causing damage, breakage, or frizz. These combs come in various sizes and materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. Each material has its unique benefits, but the general consensus within the loc community is that wooden and metal combs are the best options for promoting healthy locs and minimizing potential damage.

When selecting a loc comb, it's crucial to consider factors like the comb's tooth width, material, and overall design. The tooth width should correspond with your loc size, as a comb with too wide or too narrow teeth may not be as efficient in grooming your locs. The material should be gentle on your locs and scalp, ensuring it doesn't snag or cause additional frizz. The overall design of the comb plays a role in its ease of use and effectiveness in managing your locs.

We dedicated extensive research and testing to bring you the best loc combs on the market, taking into account all the essential factors mentioned above. Our comprehensive guide will provide you with the insight you need to make an informed decision on the best loc comb to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Best Loc Combs

We have compiled a list of the top loc combs available in the market, providing you with a convenient selection to choose from.

Moreinday Massage Comb


Moreinday Massage Comb


The Moreinday Massage Comb is a versatile and unique tool for massaging the scalp and detangling hair, with its natural green sandalwood construction.


  • Made from natural green sandalwood
  • Suitable for scalp massage and detangling hair
  • Compact size for easy travel


  • Slightly higher price point
  • May be hard to grip for users with hand pain
  • Needs proper ventilation to prevent white flocculent crystals

The Moreinday Massage Comb is undoubtedly an excellent addition to anyone's haircare routine. The natural green sandalwood material not only provides a smooth and comfortable feel but also releases natural oils that nourish the hair. We found that this comb works exceptionally well for sisterlocks, making it easier to maintain and detangle them without snagging.

As for the massaging capabilities, we were quite impressed. The rounded design of the comb's head allowed us to stimulate acupoints on our scalp, neck, and back. This resulted in relieving stress and improving blood circulation, making our massage sessions enjoyable and beneficial.

However, it is worth noting that the comb may be difficult to use for individuals with hand pain, as gripping it for massage purposes might be challenging. Also, keep in mind the importance of proper ventilation to avoid the formation of white crystals on the surface.

In conclusion, the Moreinday Massage Comb is a great tool for those who want to promote healthy hair growth and enjoy relaxing scalp massages. Its compact size makes it perfect for everyday use and travel purposes. Just be prepared to spend a bit more than you would on a regular comb, but the benefits will be worth it in the long run.

Magic Twist & Pin Tail Comb Combo Pack #2511

Magic Twist & Pin Tail Comb Combo Pack

The Magic Twist & Pin Tail Comb Combo Pack is a versatile styling tool worth considering for your loc maintenance needs.


  • Two combs in one package
  • Efficient twist and pin tail design
  • Available in various colors


  • May not be suitable for very fine hair
  • Teeth can bend under pressure
  • Durability concerns

We recently tried the Magic Twist & Pin Tail Comb Combo Pack, and it provided a seamless loc styling experience. The combo pack offers two combs, making it convenient and practical for different hair types and styling choices. The twist and pin tail design made it easy to work on locs and create a neat appearance.

Although the combs are crafted with sturdy plastic, we did notice that the teeth could bend when used on very fine hair or put under pressure. This might not make it the best choice for those with delicate hair or who require more vigorous combing. It's essential to be gentle while using this tool to avoid damaging the comb or your hair.

The Magic Twist & Pin Tail Comb is available in assorted colors, adding a fun aspect to your hair styling routine. However, we have some concerns about its durability – some users have reported that the comb can break or become flimsy after a while. Considering the price point, it might be a case of "you get what you pay for."

In conclusion, the Magic Twist & Pin Tail Comb Combo Pack is a decent styling tool that can help maintain and style locs efficiently. It's not the most durable option on the market, but with careful handling, it can be an affordable and practical addition to your hair care routine.

NVLX LABS Loc Comb and Scalp Massager


The NVLX LABS Loc Comb is a versatile and practical game changer for small locs and interlocs, definitely worth considering for easy detangling and scalp massages.


  • Comfortable to hold and wide rounded teeth
  • Compact size and easy to clean
  • Provides relaxing scalp massages


  • Made of plastic resin, might not be for everyone
  • May not work for larger locs
  • Limited color options

When we first used the NVLX LABS Loc Comb, we were impressed by its size, comfortably fitting in our palms and accommodating any hair type or density. The smooth edges and wide teeth made it easy for us to detangle small locs without any snagging or causing unnecessary stress on our locs.

One thing we noticed with the loc comb is that it also doubles as a scalp massager. We found ourselves enjoying the invigorating massages, which promoted scalp health and hair growth. Furthermore, its compact design effortlessly fits in our small clutches and gym bags, making it convenient to carry around.

However, we also observed that since it's made of plastic resin, it may not appeal to everyone's taste or preferences in terms of material. Additionally, while the comb works wonders for small locs and interlocs, we couldn't help but notice its limited functionality for larger locs. Also, it only comes in a few color options, leaving little room for variety.

In conclusion, the NVLX LABS Loc Comb is a great investment for those with small locs, interlocs and in need of a versatile and compact hair accessory. Its ease of use, as well as its ability to provide scalp massages, sets it apart from other options in the market. Though it may have a few limitations, we're confident you'll appreciate its benefits and convenience.

Encore The Barber Fading Comb

Encore The Barber Fading Comb

We recommend the Encore The Barber Fading Comb for its ergonomic design, smooth teeth, and compatibility with various hair types.


  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • Smooth teeth for non-scratch contact on skin and scalp
  • Heat and chemical resistant for professional styling


  • Some users found it to be flimsy
  • May not be suitable for extremely thick hair
  • Tooth durability could be improved

When we used the Encore The Barber Fading Comb we found that it performed quite well for hair cutting and fading. The ergonomic design of the comb allowed us to hold it comfortably in our hand, and the smooth teeth provided a non-scratch contact on the skin and scalp which is essential for an irritation-free experience.

Moreover, the heat and chemical resistance of the comb makes it a great tool for professional hairstyling. It's durable and stronger than conventional combs, so we didn't have to worry about it cracking or melting under the heat of a blow dryer or hair straightener.

However, some of us did notice that the comb could feel a little flimsy, and the teeth occasionally bent when used on thicker hair types. It would have been better if the tooth durability could be improved to cater to a wider variety of hair types and thickness.

Overall, the Encore The Barber Fading Comb is a solid option for those seeking a reliable comb that offers a comfortable grip, smooth teeth, and professional-level heat and chemical resistance. Just be aware of its limitations when it comes to thicker hair types or if you prefer a sturdier comb.

Dread Head HQ Dread Comb

Dread Head HQ Dread Comb

The Dread Head HQ Dread Comb is an ideal choice for those looking to create and maintain beautiful dreadlocks easily and efficiently.


  • Ideal for creating and maintaining dreadlocks
  • Durable and long-lasting performance
  • Well-spaced teeth perfect for backcombing


  • Prongs might feel less pointy to some users
  • Might not suit highly matted hair
  • Teeth might fall out after extended use

As we tried out the Dread Head HQ Dread Comb, we noticed just how great this tool is for creating and maintaining dreadlocks. The comb's teeth are spaced perfectly for backcombing, which is crucial when forming loc buds. This makes the process of getting your dreads started much more manageable.

Additionally, this dread comb is quite durable, allowing for long-lasting use. We've seen combs that wear down and break after constant use, but the Dread Head HQ comb stands up to the challenge with its robust construction. If you're planning on putting your comb through the wringer, this one will serve you well.

However, not everything is perfect with this dread comb. Some users might find that the prongs are not pointy enough for their needs, which might limit their ability to detangle more stubborn knots. Additionally, this comb might not be the best option for highly matted hair, as it could struggle to remove severe tangles. Finally, while the comb is durable, the teeth may fall out after extended use, requiring a replacement.

Overall, we believe the Dread Head HQ Dread Comb is an excellent investment for those looking to create and maintain their dreadlocks with ease. It's a durable, efficient tool that offers great value, but it may not be the ideal option for those with very matted hair.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best loc comb, there are several factors to consider. By keeping these features in mind, we'll be able to find the perfect comb for our needs.


The material of the loc comb is essential to consider, as it may affect the comb's durability and how gentle it is on our hair. Common materials include:

  • Wood: Natural and eco-friendly, wooden combs can help reduce static and are gentle on hair.
  • Metal: Highly durable, metal combs can efficiently handle tangles while remaining long-lasting.
  • Plastic: Affordable and lightweight, plastic combs are easy to handle, but may not be as durable as other options.


The teeth of the comb directly impact its performance. Different types of teeth provide different benefits:

  • Wide-toothed combs: Ideal for detangling and minimizing breakage, these combs work well for locs and thick hair.
  • Fine-toothed combs: Best for precise grooming, they are useful for neat loc maintenance but can cause more breakage if not used gently.


The size of the loc comb should suit our styling needs and be convenient for us to use. Smaller combs can easily fit in bags for on-the-go use, while larger ones are more suitable for home use.


Comfort is essential when choosing a loc comb to ensure that we can use it for extended periods without any strain. Ergonomic handles and smooth teeth edges can contribute to a comfortable combing experience.

Remember to consider these factors when selecting a loc comb, and we'll be well on our way to finding the perfect tool for our hair maintenance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of comb is best for maintaining locs?

We recommend using a wide-tooth comb or a loc-specific comb for maintaining locs. These combs are specially designed to prevent breakage and to avoid pulling too hard on your locs, which can cause damage. It's essential to choose a comb with smooth and rounded teeth, as they will glide through your locs easily and prevent any snagging or tearing.

Which combs are recommended for combing out dreads?

If you're looking to comb out your dreads, we suggest using a metal comb with fine teeth or a small-toothed comb specially made for detangling hair. These combs can help you gently and carefully remove dreadlocks while minimizing breakage. Additionally, using a detangling spray or conditioner can help ease the process.

Is a wide tooth or rat tail comb better for locs?

For locs, a wide-tooth comb is generally better because it allows for easier handling without causing stress to the locs. A rat tail comb, on the other hand, is useful for parting hair and creating sections when starting locs. Nonetheless, it is not recommended for regular maintenance as it may pull and damage the locs.

What are the best products for starter locs?

The best products for starter locs are lightweight, residue-free, and promote healthy hair growth. Examples include water-based moisturizers, natural oils like coconut or jojoba oil, and residue-free shampoos. Avoid products containing heavy waxes, petroleum, or mineral oils, as these can cause buildup in your locs.

Are there any professional loc comb out services nearby?

It's hard for us to determine your location, but we recommend searching online, asking for recommendations from friends or local hair salons, or checking social media to find professional loc comb out services in your area. Be sure to research reviews and compare prices to find the best suited service for you.

What brushes are suitable for loc care?

When it comes to loc care, it's best to avoid using brushes as they can cause frizz, breakage, and even unravel your locs. Instead, stick to using a wide-tooth comb, your fingers, or a crochet hook for maintenance and styling purposes. If you must use a brush for specific reasons, opt for a soft-bristled brush and use it gently to avoid damaging your locs.

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