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goiple hair foam mousse for braids locs review

Goiple Braid Foam Control Mousse Review: Top Choice for Locks?

Our go-to for keeping braids and twists in impeccable shape has been Goiple's Foam Control Mousse, which has won over users with its strong hold and high shine. Having used it ourselves, we've noticed that it not only secures styles but also manages to keep the frizz at bay.

Infused with natural ingredients such as lavender and willow bark, what stands out is its lightweight formula that doesn't weigh down hair. We appreciate how simple it is to work the mousse into braids and twists, leaving them soft to the touch and reducing flyaways.

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Despite the majority of praises, it's not without a slight hiccup. A few users experienced inconsistency with the texture, noting an occasional watery batch. Yet, with its fruit mix scent and ease of use on various hair types, the positives have certainly outshined the negatives.

Bottom Line

The Foam Control Mousse from Goiple stands as a reliable choice for anyone looking to preserve the longevity and aesthetic of their protective hairstyles.

Its ability to lock in moisture and add a glossy finish without leaving residue makes us confident in recommending it.

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Overview of Braid Foam Control Mousse

From the first use of Braid Foam Mousse by Goiple, we noticed an appreciable improvement in managing frizz and flyaways. This product certainly lives up its claim to provide a long-lasting hold, which ensures that our protective hairstyles like braids and locs stay intact and look fresh over time. Applying it is a breeze; just a bit worked into the braids added a noticeable shine and softness that enhanced the overall appearance of our styling.

While we adored the product's ability to smoothen out hair for a polished look, some of us felt the texture on our hands was a tad sticky after use. However, this minor inconvenience is offset by its mix fruit scent, which is generally pleasant and not overpowering. The natural ingredients like lavender and willow bark extracts are a bonus, contributing to the feeling of using a safe and conscientious product.

Our experiences were overwhelmingly positive, making this mousse a go-to for maintaining braided styles. The lightweight formula didn't weigh hair down nor leave residue, and the fact that it's alcohol-free means less worry about dryness. However, consistency in product quality may vary, as one friend found their mousse to be watery compared to others'. Overall, Goiple's Braid Foam Mousse is a reliable choice for those seeking to keep their hair looking styled and well-groomed.

Long-Lasting Hold

In our experience, finding a reliable product to maintain hairstyles is quite the task, but Goiple’s Braid Foam Mousse proves versatile and effective. The hold it provides keeps braids intact for extended periods. While using it, we noticed a significant reduction in frizz, with the braids retaining their style and sheen. The mousse is easy to apply; a gentle pat through the braids suffices for a lasting, soft hold.

Importantly, none of us observed any unpleasant stickiness in the hair, although you might experience it on your hands. A recurrent point among various users was the absence of residue or buildup, a common issue with similar products.

One slight inconsistency we came across in user feedback involved the texture of the mousse—while some received the expected foamy consistency, a few mentioned that their product felt watery. This, however, seemed more like an exception than the rule.

In terms of functionality, this mousse delivered on its promise of a durable hold, although results may vary depending on individual hair types and application techniques. Overall, our trial with this mousse left us satisfied with its performance as a long-lasting styling assistant for braids, locs, and twists.

Frizz and Flyaways Control

Wrestling with frizz and flyaways can be frustrating, especially after spending time on our protective styles like braids, locs, or twists. We found that Goiple's Braid Foam Control Mousse is quite a game-changer in this regard. Applying it feels effortless as the foam glides through the hair without weighing it down. It locks in moisture, which we found essential in maintaining a polished look.

Although some users might find it slightly sticky on their hands, once in the hair, it doesn't leave any residue or buildup—a huge plus for us who want our styles to last without the extra gunk. The natural ingredients bring additional peace of mind since we're avoiding harsh chemicals, and the mousse's ability to add shine while controlling those pesky flyaways is impressive.

However, consistency can vary occasionally, with some bottles being waterier than preferred. Despite this, for the majority of us seeking that neat, long-lasting hold on our braids, this mousse has been hitting the mark, giving our styles a more coiffed and well-kept appearance.

Natural and Safe Ingredients

We often worry about the products we use and their long-term effects on our health and well-being. When it comes to hair care, Goiple's Braid Foam Control Mousse stands out for its commitment to natural ingredients. We've tried this mousse and it's reassuring to see a brand that prioritizes safety without compromising on performance.

Particularly impressive is the inclusion of lavender flowers and willow bark in the formula. These plant-based components are known for their soothing properties and contribute to the mousse's ability to control frizz and flyaways effectively. It's a breath of fresh air when you find a hair styling product that's free of alcohol, preservatives, dyes, and sulfates—common irritants that many of us try to avoid.

Our experience with the Braid Foam Mousse left us feeling confident that we're making a safer choice for our hair. Its lightweight texture didn’t weigh our braids down, and its strong hold was coupled with a noticeable shine. Despite the extensive list of benefits, nothing is perfect. However, in terms of safety and natural composition, this product truly delivered on its promises.

Suitable for All Hair Types

From our experience, Goiple's Braid Foam Control Mousse shows its versatility across various hair textures. We've found that whether you rock twists, locs, or braids, this mousse assists in achieving a polished look. It plays a critical role in controlling frizz and stray hairs, adding a noticeable shine to your finished style.

Inclusivity is a strong suit here—those with edge hair aren't left out. This product doesn't discriminate; it embraces all hair types with open arms. Its hold is robust, yet it doesn't sacrifice softness. We noticed that applying the mousse was a breeze, and it smoothly integrated into hair without leaving any unwanted residue or stiffness.

We appreciate that the natural ingredient list, including lavender and willow bark extracts, steers clear of alcohol and sulfates, making it a safer choice for us and our scalps. Despite the multitude of hair mousse options out there, this one stands out for maintaining styles for an extended period while being gentle and effective on every hair type we've tried it on.

Pros and Cons

Having spent some time with the Goiple Braid Foam Control Mousse, we're prepared to break down what stands out and where it may fall short. In our experience, we've used this mousse on a variety of hairstyles and can speak to its versatility and performance.


  • Long-lasting Stability: The mousse gives impressive longevity to braids and twists. We applied it to our braids and felt confident throughout the day without any need for touch-ups.
  • Frizz Management: This product excels at taming frizz and flyaways. We noticed a significant reduction in frizz, providing a polished look to our braided styles.
  • Ease of Use: The mousse is straightforward to apply. Gently working it into our hairstyles was hassle-free and resulted in a soft hold without any stiffness.
  • Hair Type Inclusivity: Our team members, adopting various hairstyles from locs to edge hair, found this mousse suitable, which showcases its adaptability.
  • Quality Ingredients: The natural ingredient list, including extracts like lavender and willow bark, is a highlight. No sulfates or alcohol means it's gentler on the hair and scalp.


  • Stickiness on Hands: Although the mousse works well on hair, some of us felt a tacky residue on our hands after application which was slightly bothersome.
  • Inconsistent Quality: We noticed the consistency of the mousse could vary. One bottle was perfect, while another appeared watery, hinting at potential quality control issues.
  • Scent Strength: While the scent is mainly pleasing, its potency may not appeal to everyone. People sensitive to smells could find it a bit overpowering.

In our reviews, we focus on how a product fits into everyday life, and in our experience, despite a few hiccups, the Goiple Braid Foam Control Mousse checks most of the boxes for an efficient hair-styling product.

Customer Reviews

Having had the pleasure to try the Goiple Braid Foam, we've found it to be a noteworthy product in the hair care market. Many users, us included, have reported that it delivers on its promise to tame frizz and leave no residue, making it a solid choice for anyone with locs or braids. Its extra hold and high shine qualities are highly praised, and the mixture seems to work well for maintaining a neat appearance.

However, like any product, it's not without its minor faults. A handful of users, and we've noticed too, mentioned that the mousse can be sticky on the hands, which might be a mild inconvenience. Also, there appears to be some inconsistency with the formulation, as a few people mentioned their bottles were watery compared to others.

In our collective experience, the lightweight feel of the mousse doesn't weigh down hairstyles, which is great for keeping that freshly done look. Plus, the scent is generally well-received for its subtlety. Regarding the value, the size of the bottle is quite generous in relation to the price point.

In summary, the overall sentiment from the community and us tends to be positive, with an emphasis on the product's effectiveness and the added benefit of no flakiness. While not perfect—due to the occasional stickiness and the rare product consistency issue—the Goiple Braid Foam certainly seems to stand tall in its category.


After thorough testing, we've found that Goiple's Braid Foam Control Mousse lives up to its promise for those with braids, locs, and twists. Its firm hold reduces frizz and maintains style without leaving any residue—a relief for anyone looking for a clean, sharp look. The mix fruit scent is generally pleasant, though its intensity can vary from batch to batch.

One noteworthy point is that while the mousse works well, the consistency can sometimes be less than ideal, as seen in some batches that appeared watery. When applying the product, there's a slight stickiness, which is restricted only to the hands and doesn't affect the hair. The size offers good value for the price, and the experience is largely positive.

We appreciate how the mousse doesn't weigh down hairstyles or cause buildup with repeated use. Our advice is to apply it to damp hair for the best results. Our experiences indicate it's a product that can be confidently incorporated into a regular hair care routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using All Day Locks & Braid Foam Control on braided hair?

Our experience with the Braid Foam Control has shown that this product excels in managing frizz and flyaways. Its formulation gives a substantial hold that maintains the neatness of braids, locs, and twists without leading to flakiness or residue. We've also noticed that it imparts a high shine to hairstyles, which is likely due to its blend of natural ingredients like lavender and willow bark extract that also nourish the hair.

How does Braid Foam Control compare to other mousse products for maintaining braids?

All Day Locks & Braid Foam Control stands out from many mousse products because of its commitment to natural ingredients and absence of alcohol. It offers a distinctive balance between holding braids firmly in place while still keeping them soft and manageable. Unlike some mousses which can be too stiff or drying, Braid Foam Control maintains moisture and flexibility for various hair types.

Where can I purchase AllDay Locks Braid Foam Control locally?

You won't find AllDay Locks Braid Foam Control just anywhere; it's best to check with local beauty stores or salons to see if they carry this specific brand. If you're looking for convenience, your surest bet is to go online, where retailers like Amazon offer the product and can deliver it right to your doorstep.

Are there any significant differences between using Braid Foam and Braid Foam Spray?

Absolutely, by using Braid Foam as we did, you're able to work the product into each braid, ensuring even distribution and hold. Spray formulations can sometimes be lighter and suitable for quick touch-ups, but may not offer the same level of control for more intricate or frizz-prone styles.

How does Mielle Braid Foam perform in keeping braids neat and controlled?

While we focused our review on the All Day Locks & Braid Foam Control by Goiple, we can share that Mielle Braid Foam is also effective. It is designed to tame frizz and add shine to braided hairstyles, like the Braid Foam Control. However, the specific formulation and performance could vary, so deciding between them might come down to ingredient preference or hair type.

What is the best mousse to use for keeping black hair braids looking fresh?

There are many quality hair mousses out there, but for black hair braids, you'd want to look into options like the Braid Foam Control. Its formula caters to the nuances of black hair, providing lasting hold, moisture, and shine without the harshness of alcohol, which is especially essential for maintaining the health and appearance of braided styles.

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