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3 Professional Loc Styles to Try At Work

Equality is the social state of every getting the same thing, no matter what. Fairness is when everyone gets what they need to succeed according to their needs.

The world is a lot of things - but it is neither equal nor fair.

For example, did you know that black people with dreadlocks can legally be discriminated against, fired, and denied employment for having dreadlocks?

We are going to show you three dreadlocks hairstyles that are acceptable in the workplace. We should not have to do this. You should be able to wear any hairstyle you want - but that is not the world we live in.

Not enough people know about this phenomenon. Or the fact that white people with dreadlocks are hardly exposed to the same treatment.

But before we show you these three styles, you should understand why we must show them to you. A recent court decision makes it perfectly legal to discriminate against black people with dreadlocks.

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Dreadlocks in the Workplace

In 2010, a black woman named Chastity Jones applied for a job in Alabama at a company called CMS. Jones was deemed qualified for the position and was invited for an interview. 

And during the interview, the hiring manager noticed Jones had dreadlocks and told her she would have to cut them off to get the job.

The hiring manager told Jones that dreadlocks are a "messy" hairstyle and violate the dress ethics of the workplace. And Jones was given an ultimatum; cut the locs or forfeit the job offer.

Jones sued CMS instead for discrimination. And by 2014, the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit sided with CMS against Jones.

The court ruled that dreadlocks are not an "immutable characteristic" of black culture. 

In other words, you have the right to wear dreadlocks, but you also forfeit the right to be hired for certain jobs if the employer bans dreadlocks in the workplace. And since anyone can wear dreadlocks, one can't say dreadlocks are inherently a part of black culture.

It's a ridiculous legal argument. The term "dreadlocks" was coined by western culture and white people terrified by the aesthetics of African and Rastafarian people who wore the style.

English scientists in 1843 wrote a medical essay trying to irrevocably tie anyone who wore dreadlocks with symptoms of insanity and madness. 

Until very recently, the word "dreadlocks" was an automatic byword for black culture, and especially Reggae music culture. The average person who knows nothing about dreadlocks or reggae music will automatically think of stereotypical and offensive things to say about black people when asked. 

And that is because dreadlocks are an inherent and irrevocable part of black culture and history, no matter what a court says.

  A black Reggae musician playing guitar.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission argued on behalf of Jones that this decision violated the Civil rights Act of 1964. There are federal anti-discrimination laws that exist to prevent employers from job discrimination, like on the basis of race.

Worse, this ruling will give racist and unscrupulous employers an excuse to employ non-black people with dreadlocks if they choose to do so. After all, it's their workplace, and they can make the rules as they see fit and get legally protected by federal courts.

And many legal experts say that the decision does not discriminate based on race but should be illegal. 

Meanwhile, celebrities like Justin Bieber can rock dreadlocks without consequences. Any social media uproar only increases his fame.

In 2016, a white student with dreadlocks gained online sympathy and condolences when he was accosted by a black student who challenged his social right to wear them. No one approves the attack or harassment - anyone should have the right to wear dreadlocks. 

A white skateboarder with dreadlocks.

The point is that unless you are a black celebrity, non-black people will encounter fewer problems with rocking dreadlocks than black people. In other words, while white privilege may not necessarily make one's life easier, it certainly does not make it harder to endure relative to other races and ethnicities.

And it goes without saying, while the world has embraced dreadlocks socially more now than in the past, it is also more likely to accept non-black people rocking them than not.

The world is a lot of things - but it is neither equal nor fair.

Don't lose hope. If you wear dreadlocks, we commend your courage and style to wear your hair naturally on your terms.

We encourage you to apply for jobs strategically and carefully. Ask about their dress codes and policy on dreadlocks. Don't take anything for granted or make assumptions when it comes to your hair and applying for a job.

And now, here are three professional loc styles you can wear in the workplace.

Bun/French Braid Combination

Separate the dreadlocks on your scalp in sections and dynamically create some cornrow braid tracks that flow into a French bun style on the back of your head. 

Part your scalp and craft two French bun braids on either side of your head.

It's an undeniably regal and professional look that would be welcome in any workplace.

Halo Braid

Braid, roll or wrap your dreadlocks in a pattern around your scalp that makes your dreadlocks look like a halo bun sitting on your head.

It's a clean and fun look that is also non-provocative for the workplace.

Cornrow Braid Tracks

Braid rows of cornrow tracks on your scalp that go backward. The locs on the back of your head can flow freely, or you can tie them into a large braided ponytail

(Bonus) Side-Swept Braid

Fashion your dreadlocks to flow over one shoulder. You can also braid the locs flowing over that shoulder into a massive braid as well.

The easiest thing you can do when you are in a rush is to wrap your locs into a bun and put on a stylish scarf or wrap to cover them. 

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