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Baby Shower Hairstyles: 10 Beautiful Styles to Wear Locs to Your Shower

There are about 3.6 million babies born in the United States annually.

And so it goes to assume that almost an equivalent number of baby showers are being celebrated.

However, most women invited as guests worry about their appearance and looking their best as much as impressing the guest of honor with their gifts.

So, why not pull out the stops, aesthetically speaking, by trying out a new hairstyle with your dreadlocks.

Here are ten hairstyles you can use as inspiration to coif your dreadlocks in a new manner.

Remember that your dreadlocks should be long before attempting most of these hairstyles. And whatever you do, don't twist or braid your locs too tight to accommodate any hairstyle.

Constantly twisting or pulling your hair to accommodate a hairstyle will cause a medical condition called traction alopecia. Years of hair twisting and torsion can induce traction alopecia, a fancy term for hair thinning, damaged hair follicles, and permanent baldness.

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1. Tree Stumpers/Bantu Knots

Two children with Bantu-styled pigtail locs.

Bantu knots, which resemble braided tree stumps, are golf-ball-sized braided loc balls covering the scalp.

This look is perfect for professional and casual situations and is just as suitable for a baby shower.

For added aesthetic effect, dye your hair a vibrant hue beforehand.

2. Dyed and Colored Curly Locs

Use a large or small curling rod or rollers to create your desired size and length of curls. 

You could use regular sponge rollers as well. Make sure they are large enough to accommodate the width, thickness, and length of your locs. And don't use sponge rollers covered with satin or any other material, as they may stick to your locs.

Apply some hair-setting lotion or spray on your locs before curling them on rollers. And style and roll them in a way that allows you to sleep. 

For added style, dye the lower half-length of your locs a dynamic color. Go full Harley Quinn style and dye each half of your hair a different but color-coordinated color. 

3. Braided and Side Swept Locs

The beauty of the side-swept hairdo is in its simplicity. Coiffing and combing the hair to flow down one shoulder instead of both draws more attention to the hairstyle, accentuates the natural shape of your head, and brings any jewelry you wear into sharp contrast.

And all of those aesthetic benefits are augmented when you style your locs into a side-swept hairdo. After all, the people you know are probably most used to seeing you wear your locs over both shoulders or in a bun. 

The side-swept gives your facial features a new aesthetic dynamic that will draw eyeballs. Braid your dread non-tautly for extra style and to maintain the side-swept aesthetic.

4. Dreadlock Halo

You are going to need to have long-length dreadlocks to pull off this look. Your dreadlocks should be at least eight inches or longer. Or you will have to invest in loc extensions and time in a hairstylist's chair. 

It is a tightly interwoven (not braided) tubular coil of loc curls and swirls that are stylistically manipulated to look like a circular tube of dreadlocks resembling a halo.

This hairstyle is regal, provocative, and will have everyone female with similar locks in the vicinity wondering how to copy your hairstyle.

5. Mickey Mouse Ears/Yarn Bundle Locs

A woman sitting in a field with yard bundle knots.

Since you are going to a baby shower, why not wear an adorable loc hairstyle that will fascinate and impress the adults and children in attendance?

With this hairstyle, you are styling two massive ball-sized loc braids in the middle of your scalp's back half. The loc braid balls will resemble yarn bundles or Mickey Mouse ears. 

Try to develop a stylistic symmetry between the loc braid balls. Each loc braid ball should be symmetrically distant on top of the head or directly over each earlobe, for example, for maximum aesthetic effect.

The locs around your head should be closely interwoven and braided against your scalp so as not to take away from the hairstyle's effect. For added effect, let one thinly braided dreadlock flow from each temple.

6. Dreadlock Mohawk

You don't need to shave the sides of your hair to achieve the mohawk look with dreadlocks.

Interweave and braid the locs on the sides of your head, going towards the back of your head. Now, the braids on the side of your head braiding closely to the scalp. 

You can then coil or braid the dreadlocks on the top and back of your head in a way that resembles dreadlocks. Or layer your dreadlock braids and locs and halve them in the middle. 

Coif the locs on the top of your head to flow forward and the locs on the back of your head to flow backward.

7. Half-Dyed Swirly Loc Bun

Wrapping your locs in a bun is not exactly a trendsetting hairstyle. But here is a way to invigorate the style and get some compliments at the baby shower.

Dye half to two-thirds of your dreadlocks blond. You can dye your dreadlocks any color you like, but blond-dyed ones will be a great contrast against the natural color of your hair and skin tone.

A neon or muted fuchsia, purple, blue, or green hair dye can work too.

The dyed half of dreadlocks should hang from your brow to the ear and then connect to a braided bun at the back of your head, and the entire bun should be dyed.

There should be a swirling color contrast between the dyed and undyed locs as they aesthetically flow into the dyed bun.

8. Waterfall Dreadlock Roll

You will need long dreadlocks, or dreadlock extensions, to pull off this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is a variant of the mohawk dreadlock style. The locs on the sides of the head are braided tightly against the scalp in an upward-directed pattern.

The locs on the top of the head are then braided and wrapped into a roll or pipe shape and directed to one side of the head. 

The aesthetic centerpiece of this hairstyle is that the braid roll on top of the head has dreadlock strands near the front of the scalp flowing out of it like a waterfall.

9. X-Tracks

This is another variation on the dreadlock mohawk style.

Braid three large sections of dreadlocks on the top of your head, going backward with "X" like braids throughout.

And then let the loc strands on the sides of your head flow downwards naturally for a unique aesthetic contrast.

10. Curly Loc Bun

This hairstyle will style your locs in a variation of the traditional bun.

As previously mentioned, you will use sponge rollers to curl your locs for several hours or overnight. Then, just wrap your locs in a bun. 

The added loc coils and curls in the bun will breathe new aesthetically ruffled life into an old hairstyle.

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