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5 Loc Styles You Can Master in Minutes

5 Loc Styles You Can Master in Minutes

Some say that your hair is a crown you can't take off. But even if that is true, we still try to adjust that crown as often as possible aesthetically.

Did you know that the average woman changes her hair color over 100 to 150 times over one lifetime? And the average woman visits a hairstylist four to six times a year.

However, these statistics usually apply to people with straightened hair. And most people mistakenly assume that those with dreadlocks suffer from an inability to craft their locs into various hairstyles.

But nothing can be further from the truth.

Here are five loc styles you can master in a matter of minutes to wear in professional or casual settings.

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1. Cornrow Locs

  Smiling model with cornrow locs

Cornrow dreadlocks are just a braided variant of the traditional braided cornrow style. However, you can also use your dreadlocks to create multiple variations of cornrow locs.

Depending on the width and length of your dreadlocks, you could make three, four, or five corn row braided tracks on your scalp.

You can also use the cornrow braided method to build upon variations of the dreadlock mohawk style as well.

Braid one or two cornrow dreadlock tracks on the sides of your head, which hew closely to the scalp. And then fashion a roll-shaped interwoven dreadlock braid on your head. 

If you braid it towards the back of your head, you can fashion the large braid to have the locs on the back of your head look like it is flowing out of it.

Or you can braid the large braid on the top of your to flow to either side of your head for the same effect.

Braid cornrow loc tracks that start on one side of your hair and go horizontally or in curved angles across the top of your head to the other side. 

And then let your dreadlocks flow down the other side of your head to create the aesthetic hybrid effect of cornrow loc braids and the side-swept hairdo

If your dreadlocks are thin enough to braid into cornrows, then there are a multitude of hairstyles you can create in a matter of minutes.

2. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots, also known as "Tree Stumpers." The Bantu Knot is a hairstyle that allegedly has its origins in southern Africa. It was probably originated as a hairstyle by the Zulu people and nations of southern Africa. 

To create the Bantu Knot, all you have to do is wrap, stack upon, and twist a section of dreadlock strands into a tree stump-like knot. The height and width of each Bantu Knot will correspond to the width, thickness, and length of your dreadlocks.

Depending on the same previously mentioned factors will also determine the number of Bantu Knots that you can form on your head. You could wrap six to a dozen individual Bantu Knots on your head, depending on how thick or thin your dreadlock strands are.

Bantu Knots are an attractive, eye-catching, and provocative dreadlock hairstyle. And they can take minutes to style before you leave the house.

To add variation to the traditional Bantu Knot style, you can curl your locs overnight before wrapping them up. Or you can dye your locs your favorite color before wrapping them into Bantu Knots.

You could wrap the dreadlocks on the top of your scalp into Bantu Knots only and leave the locs on the sides of your head to flow naturally for some variation as well. 

3. Dreadlock Bun

Wrapping your dreadlocks into a bun looks simple but looks stylistically complex and dynamic when you style them correctly. 

A dreadlock bun looks both regal and casual, depending on how you style them. The bun is a convenient way to wrap your locs, but you can also use this style to create some adventurous styles in minutes.

Wrap your locs into a bun on the top of your head and let multiple loc strands flow out from the top of the bun.

If your dreadlocks are long enough, you can create a massive side bun on the side of your head above or behind one earlobe. Braid horizontal cornrow braid tracks that travel across your head and then culminate into your side braid.

You can also go with the time-tested "Princess Leia" double bun look. To create variation, craft vertically bisected cornrow loc braid tracks that feed into each bun.

Try crafting a tighter and thinner-shaped loc bun at the top of your head with more vertical reach and heft. And braid or wrap it in a way that allows the locs on the top of your scalp to flow out of the top of the thinner bun.

You can also wrap or braid your dreadlocks in a circular loop around your head to create a massive crown-like bun on the top of your head.

4. Side-Swept Locs

 Woman with side-swept dreadlocks using laptop.

There are many variations of the side-swept hairstyle that you can create with your dreadlocks. And these are not complicated, time-consuming hairstyles either. You can craft these hairstyles with your dreadlocks within minutes.

You can use a few dreadlock strands to act as a natural hair tie or ribbon and then let your locs naturally flow over one shoulder.

Or you can craft some cornrow loc braids that feed into one large, massive dreadlock braid that flows over one shoulder.

Use multiple dreadlock strands to create a mini-bun with the rest of your locs flowing out of it and down one shoulder.

Curl your dreadlocks overnight, use organic hair stiffening or locking gel, and let your curled locs flow over one shoulder.

The only styling limitation for crafting a loc side-swept hairstyle is your imagination.

5. Loc Pigtails

There is nothing simpler than pigtails when it comes to hairstyles. Just part your locs equally down the middle of your scalp and tie them into pigtails.

Use the same technique to create cornrow track braids that feed into two loc pigtails that flow down freely.

Or create two mini-buns on the sides of your head with loc strands flowing out of them for an exciting hybrid variation.

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