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Woman with curly dreadlocks.

10 Beautiful Bridal and Wedding Dreadlock Hairstyles

With more people embracing their beautiful, natural hair, it makes sense that we also see more dreadlocks on brides, bridal parties, and wedding guests. Although some people may view dreadlocks as an unkept, less-than-hygienic hairstyle, they are so much more (and better) than that. Dreadlocks are a gorgeous, edgy, even exotic way of rocking your natural hair. They're more than a hairstyle, they're a lifestyle, and they're positively associated with the strong identity and self-acceptance of the wearer. Dreadlocks are worn with pride all over the world by every race. What's not to love?  

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10 Beautiful Bridal and Wedding Dreadlock Styles

Let's look at how you can wear your dreadlocks for your wedding or to attend someone else's.

1 Curly Dreadlocks with Colors

Dreadlocks take a little longer to curl than loose hair, but when they are curled, they can hold it for days (or even a week or two). You can curl your locks by several methods, depending on how tight you want the curls and the length of your hair. 

For tight coils, you may use either pipe-cleaners or flexible curling rods. These will produce firm spiral curls that look soft, feminine, and attractive. To up the attraction factor, you can consider coloring your locs. You can choose a natural color or something more outstanding like blue, green, purple, or pink. As long as you think about the effect of the dye on your loc's health and take measures to protect your hair - have fun with it. 

2 Bantu Knots

 A woman with Bantu knots.

Bantu Knots originated with the Bantu people in Zulu, Southern West Africa. It's a protective hairstyle that can help maintain moisture levels in your hair, and when you take them down, they create gorgeous, large spiral curls. 

After you've cleaned and moisturized your locs to avoid the damage of dry twisting, you'll create small or medium-sized sections of your locs. Then make two-strand twists from each loc section. Next, take the twisted locs and start wrapping them around the base of the section as you move upwards. Finally, tuck the ends into your base securely. Do this with each section. 

For the wedding and added glamor, you can adorn your knots with jeweled accessories.  

3 Elegant Bun Styles

Woman with dreadlocks in braided bun.

The elegant bun is a classic bride hairstyle. Dreadlocks can take this traditional classic and add the texture and volume to take it to a new level. You can have it high and tight with slicked-down edges. The height of the bun will accentuate your neck length and create a regal look. 

The bun can be created with a series of twists and tucks and the occasional hairpin for added hold. Be creative - there aren't any rules.

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4 Dreadlocks and Two-Strand Twists

A person with their locs in two-strand twists.

If your locs are long, you can wear them in two-strand twists of varying sizes. Depending on your locs' thickness and the volume you want to create, two-strand twists are a way to wear your locs out without looking plain. The twists add a twist to a daily hairstyle! 

Twisting your locs will also create more volume and texture. If your locs are thinner, this could make them appear thicker and fuller on your special day. 

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5 Side-Swept Braided Dreads

Woman with her locs in side-swept single braid.

This simple, yet classic look is achieved by bringing your locs to one side of your head and forming a gentle, sweeping fishtail braid. A simple braid can look just as lovely if the fishtail is too ambitious or complex for you. Add small flowers to adorn your braid and tie it off with a ribbon or something creative and pretty.

This single braid can look just as beautiful down your back. 

6 Waterfall Dreads

Woman with long, thick dreadlocks.

If your locs are long and your headpiece won't cover up the back, you can pull your locs together in what may appear like a high ponytail. But instead of having all of your locs in one ponytail, you can put it in two - one on top of the other to give a waterfall effect. The beauty of this style is the volume and interest in the 'waterfall.' 

The front and sides of your locs should be smooth and recently groomed. You may even braid them back to add interest to the sides.

7 Pearl-Studded Bun

Woman with elegant pearl-studded dreadlock bun.

A high, pearl-studded bun is a sure show-stopper for an incredibly regal appearance. The bun can be created in any number of ways, but it should be controlled and creative. Adorn the locs before you sweep them up with jeweled accessories, pearl-like beads, or other tasteful pieces. And remember to slick down those edges!

8 Brightly-Colored Locs for Short Hair

Woman with short dreadlocks dyed bright red.

If your locs are short and none of these styles suit you, you may prefer to do something simpler with them. Instead of creating a special occasion look with a hairstyle, you can do it with colors. If you have a bold personality, consider bright blue, hot pink, or even a mermaid blend! Another exciting color could be bleached blond if you're usually a brunette. 

9 Creatively-Decorated Locs of All Lengths

Woman with thick dreadlocks wrapped in colorful threads.

No matter the length of your locs, they can look fantastic if you creatively decorate them. You can use inexpensive items to create an unforgettable look:

  • Brightly-colored embroidery threads or yarn
  • Gold metallic threads
  • Seashells
  • Dreadlock jewelry
  • Beads
  • Elastic bands
  • Feathers
  • Flowers
  • Barrettes
  • Necklaces

The threads can be wrapped around your locs, and the other items can be worn any way you wish. There are no rules restricting just how creative you can be. 

10 Mohawk Dreads

Woman with dreadlock mohawk and lines shaved in her sides.

A mohawk may not seem wedding-ish, but it can be stunning, stylish, and head-turning. You can commit all the way by shaving your sides and arranging the center row of your locs in some fantastic way. Or, if you aren't that committed, you can pull your locs back and smooth them while the mohawk part is heightened and volumized with curls, crinkles, or braiding.

This will look good for long or short locs, but mature locs are the best! 

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Final Thoughts

Your wedding is an excellent opportunity to show off your gorgeous locs in traditional or non-traditional ways. Be creative and try lots of styles leading up to the day. If you decide to dye your locs, seek professional help, so you don't do any lasting damage to your hair. 

Are you considering the loc journey or are you already on it? We know that your locs are more than just a hairstyle or look, it’s a lifestyle. Bring us on your journey. Check out Lion Locs to learn more. 

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