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Two women with dreadlocks - one black and one white.

The Benefits of Having Locs

It’s a real shocker to find that some people still have negative beliefs about dreadlocks. We can’t think of even one of the myths about locs that are even close to accurate. Despite the misunderstanding and falsehoods, locs continue to grow in popularity. They are gorgeous and have an edgy and exotic look that wearers love! 

More than the beauty of locs, there are several other benefits that loc wearers swear by. When you read these, you’ll want to grow a beautiful mane of dreadlocks as well! 

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Locs are Low Maintenance

Once your locs are established, maintenance becomes minimal. Of course, you keep your locs clean and moisturized, but you don’t have to do much more than that. Your locs will hold their shape so they can be minimally styled each day. You don’t have to worry about moisture levels in the air because your locs won’t be affected by humidity. And even if they do get a little frizzy, it adds to their charm. 

No More Bad Hair Days

Remember having bad hair days? You know, the inconsistency of your hair from day to day, causing it to look amazing one day and terrible the next. Kiss all of that goodbye when you have locs. Once your locs are established, they maintain a consistent appearance. You can, of course, style them in various ways (depending on length), but you don’t have to contend with bad hair days - just good ones!  

Protective Hairstyle & Promotes Growth

Locs are a protective hairstyle. This means that because of the nature of locs, your hair is protected from tugging, breakage, and drying out. Unlike other protective hairstyles, you don’t have to keep re-doing it. Your locs are permanently protective. 

Due to the protective-ness of your locs, they also promote growth. You don’t comb them, and the binding together of your hair strands into locs means there is no breakage or shedding. Since your locs are spared constant manipulation, they are left to grow healthy and strong. Most people with locs find that their hair grows much faster than when it was loose. 

Locs are Economical

Dreadlocks are an economical hairstyle because you don’t have to spend much money to maintain them. Depending on how you choose to start your locs, you may have to pay a loctician for a while, but you don’t have to pay again after that. Of course, how much you pay later depends on how you choose to groom your locs. Some wearers want to maintain a meticulously groomed appearance, which may require the services of a professional. This means professional fees - so these wearers may not find locs so economical.  

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Locs are Fashionable

Locs are certainly en vogue right now. They have a relaxed yet edgy look that even celebrities love. They stand out in a crowd and tend to catch the eyes of onlookers. 

Often, people choose to grow locs because they admire someone else’s, only to find that they look entirely different when they grow out. Dreadlocks have their own mind, with a tendency to take on a unique look for every wearer. 

Locs can be styled to look as dressed-up or dressed-down as you like. Their versatility is a huge benefit.  

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 Young man with short dreadlocks with two dyed green.

Locs Signal Acceptance

Growing your hair out in dreadlocks signals that you have achieved a level of self-acceptance that is uncommon in most people. By accepting and loving your natural hair in this form, you’re making a statement that the opinions of others aren’t your priority or even consideration. This makes way for you to be more accepting of other aspects of yourself. 

As your dreadlocks grow, you might find that so does your confidence, patience, and appreciation of others’ differences. Feeling good about yourself will inevitably lead to feeling good about your life.  

They Look Good on Most People

Dreadlocks look different on everyone - regardless of hair texture, length, or stage of maturity. Every person’s hair is different and so are their locs. But the thing they all have in common is that locs seem to look good on everyone. However your locs ‘choose’ to grow, they will favor you and bring out the best in your appearance. That’s just what they do. 

So, when you decide to have locs, you’re also deciding on a hairstyle that will capture your essence. 

Deepened Relationship with Your Hair

To some, it may seem odd to speak of a deepened relationship with your hair, but that’s what you get with locs. You’ll know your hair like you never have before. Instead of tending to your hair as a unit, you’ll get to know each of your locs. You’ll know which locs are strong, which need a little TLC, and how each is growing. 

When you wash and care for your locs, you may connect to them more completely, and you’ll almost certainly grow to love and appreciate your hair on a far deeper level. It is an expression of you, after all.  

Gender and Race Neutral

Unlike most hairstyles, dreadlocks are gender and race-neutral. No matter your hair type or race, they look equally as good. We’re not saying that they all look alike. They don’t. But they do look equally as gorgeous on everyone. Locs don’t look feminine or masculine; they simply enhance the wearer and who they are. 

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Final Thoughts

Dreadlocks are beautiful and don’t really require a hard sell. But if you’re considering getting them, hopefully, the above points encourage you to e take the leap. You won’t regret it! 

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