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A dreadlocked man wearing a metal dreadlock bead prominently.

5 Popular Accessories For Your Locs

A dreadlocked man wearing a metal dreadlock bead prominently.

Someone once said that you should invest heavily in taking care of your hair since it is the one crown in life you can't take off. (Unless you shave it or are bald anyway.

The point is that if you got it, in this case, the "it" being dreadlocks, then you should flaunt it resplendently.

It cannot be argued that dreadlocks are an ancient hairstyle borne of black culture and historical struggle. In the 20th century, dreadlocks were considered a fringe and fearsome-looking appearance. This was when the "dread" was added to the name.

However, dreadlocks are now a widely popular hairstyle that people of all races and ethnicities sport. Even Canadian pop star Justin Bieber made international headlines for sporting dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks are becoming so popular that people are resorting to crime or paying big bucks to wear dreadlock extensions or "faux locs."

In 2013, there was a rash of dreadlock-related robberies, believe it or not. Drunken revelers with dreadlocks who had passed out in clubs would wake up to find their locs completely shorn from their heads.

Because of the faux and natural locs craze at the time, a headful of long natural locs could sell for $277 USD.

Many people In the United States buy faux locs out of style or necessity. Some people are paying $230 to wear faux locs as an extension of their natural hair.

The point is that people without dreadlocks are going to criminal or expensive lengths to flaunt them stylistically.

So, if you have natural dreadlocks, flaunt them like a natural crown. 

Wear dreadlock accessories that will accentuate and enhance the natural style of your hair.

Here are five accessories for your dreadlocks that you should be wearing.

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A dreadlock tam is a round-shaped, roomy, fulsome, baggy, slouching, or elongated knit cap. A tam is made out of fabrics and is usually knitted, crocheted, or woven by hand.

Dreadlock tams can be tightly woven or feature looser mesh weaving for enhanced air circulation around the scalp.

Tams usually completely cover the head and dreadlocks. Or they can be designed to feature a central hole that allows the dreads to flow out the top or back of the tam. And in such cases, the tam is a hybrid of a tam and headwrap.

A tam can be knitted to feature a baseball-like brim or bill.

Tams are also known as beanies, knit caps, dread crowns, headbands or head wrap, or a dread hat.

A dreadlock tam can be knitted in a variety of comfortable and colorful styles. The design, color, size, and aesthetic style of the tam are only limited by the creator's imagination.

So, if you elect to wear dreadlock tams, look over as many options as possible. Buy tams that match your style and personality and allow you to wear your dreadlocks in attention-grabbing style.

Dreadlock Glass Beads

Dreadlock glass beads are cylindrical glass shapes that you can slide dreadlocks into to wear as hair jewelry.

The best way to describe dreadlock glass beads is to compare them to a glass ring that you wear on your dreadlocks.

A dreadlock glass bead can be tall, wide, and cylindrical or short, flat and thin, or many other shapes. 

You can order a dreadlock glass bead based on your dreadlocks' width, thickness, or thinness.

So, you may have to measure the width of your dreadlocks or the ones you wish to adorn with glass beads to get a good fit. 

Dreadlock glass bead sizes are usually measured in millimeter (mm) increments.

Dreadlock glass beads can be colorful, eye-catching, and a great way to accentuate your dreadlocks or the style in which you wear them.

The most quality-looking dreadlock glass beads are crafted by hand by expert artisan glassblowers.

Be sure to remove dreadlock beads and accessory jewelry before washing your locs so they won't become tangled with your hair jewelry. And mind how you move your hair so that your dreadlock beads don't shatter or break.

Dreadlock Beads

While we highlighted dreadlock glass beads for their beauty, dreadlock beads can be crafted from many kinds of materials.

Dreadlock beads can be made from:

  • Clay
  • Bone
  • Amber
  • Metal
  • Seashells
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Coral
  • Glass

Dreadlock beads are also known as loc beads or loc cuffs as well.

Dreadlock Ties

Dreadlocked woman wearing dreadlock tie.

Dreadlock ties, also known as loc ties, are dreadlock ponytail holders. Dreadlock ties are accommodating and open-ended to allow you to fit in all of your locs so they can be tied off in style.

The dreadlock tie is a better ponytail holder for dreadlocks. Most utilitarian ponytail holders or scrunchies are impractical for dreadlocks because they are designed to tie straight hair follicles into a ponytail, not dreadlocks.

You can use a dreadlock tie holder to accommodate and fit long and thin or long and thick dreadlocks.

Dreadlock ties feature one or more beads and a cloth cuff above the bead featuring a colorful design.

Dreadlock Cuffs

Dreadlock cuffs are usually made of metal but can be made of a variety of materials.

Dreadlock cuffs are a thinner form of dreadlock beads that you can use to accentuate your locs.

While most dreadlock beads are cylindrical and usually made of glass or wood, dreadlock cuffs can give you the appearance of metal like ring jewelry in your locs.

Knitted Dreadlock Bead Tubes

A knitted dreadlock bead tube is the knitted fabric variant of the dreadlock bead. Knitted bead tubes are small, colorful, and fashionable cylindrical sleeves that you can wear on your locs.

Bonus Loc Accessory Ideas

Here are two more dreadlock accessory ideas that you can consider using to accentuate your locs.

Dreadlock Jewelry

Dreadlock beads can be categorized as jewelry, but dreadlock jewelry is metal jewelry designed to be worn on dreadlocks.

Dreadlock jewelry can be silver or a golden coil that you can slip a loc into, for example. You can use dreadlock jewelry to accentuate your dreadlocks in the same way rings, and earrings emphasize fingers and earlobes.

Dreadlock Extensions

Dreadlocked woman wearing wooden dreadlocks bead prominently on top of the forehead.

Also known as "faux locs," you can use dreadlock extensions to make your dreadlock look longer than they are.

Dreadlock extensions are optimal for people impatient with the growth of their locs or who would like to see what they will look like when their dreadlocks fully grow out.

If people can use extensions for straight hair, why not for dreadlocks as well?

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