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Woman with black butterfly locs.

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

While they don't look precisely like butterflies, butterfly locs are a gorgeous variation of faux locs. They add volume and dimension to an already stunning protective hairstyle and are easy to install if you know what you're doing. Butterfly locs are also known as Distressed locs or a version of Bohemian locs. Whatever you choose to call them, they're a welcome and refreshing take on temporary faux locs. 

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What Are Butterfly Locs

As already explained, butterfly locs are a variation of distressed locs intended to provide a more authentic look and feel than the usual perfectly smooth faux locs. Butterfly locs are distinguished by curly loops that appear randomly down the length of each loc. These loops are how they get their intriguing name and what makes them so natural-looking and easy to maintain. 

What Hair to Use for Butterfly Locs

The distinguishing curly loops of butterfly locs are created by the type of hair used. The hair you use will depend on your budget and method for installing the butterfly locs.

If you use the crochet method on hair that is already loc'd, you won't have to wrap it, so you can use one of these three types of hair:

If you use a wrap butterfly locs method, you can use one of these types of hair: 

For the braids

Use either:

For the wrapping

Use one of these:

A female hand holding up a bunch of wavy hair for butterfly locs.

Source: Un-ruly.com

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Do Butterfly Locs Damage Your Hair?

Many protective hairstyles can be, ironically, very damaging to your hair. Enthusiastic friends or hairstylists can over-tighten your roots and cause breakage, or a lack of proper maintenance can also cause problems. If your butterfly locs are installed well, they will not harm your hair at all. They can protect your natural hair from environmental and handling damages, and give it a chance to grow unhindered. 

Note: Butterfly locs have more surface area, so they hold more water when wet. You may experience a little more tension in your roots after a shampooing or a shower.  

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How to Take Care of Butterfly Locs

The key to this intentionally 'messy' hairstyle is regular maintenance. It doesn't take much to keep butterfly locs looking good, but they do require a little attention. To ensure that your scalp is kept clean and healthy, begin the process with a well-washed and deep-conditioned head. Make sure you moisturize because your hair can quickly become dry in protective styles. 

Here are a few other maintenance tips:

  • Oil and gently massage your scalp regularly.
  • Keep your hair hydrated.
  • Flyaways may be managed with a foam mouse - it will keep your look polished.  
  • Be prepared to re-wrap any 'loose' locs from time to time. 
  • Try not to leave in the butterfly locs longer than 8 weeks.      

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

For the wellbeing of your natural hair and the best appearance for the entire time, butterfly locs should stay in for up to 8 weeks or two months. If you weren't able to keep up with washing, moisturizing, and hydrating the locs, then it might be better to remove them earlier, at around 5 weeks. Although, one stylist has said that it's not the end of the world if you can't take them out in 2 months. The style is one of a distressed look already, so it can only look a little more distressed. But know that the longer your hair is in the butterfly locs, it may cause some damage and be more difficult to remove.   

Can You Make Butterfly Locs Last Longer?

Here are a few tips to make your style last a little longer:

  • Don't shampoo hair too thoroughly or too often; it will cause the loops to unravel. 
  • Use dry shampoo from time to time to make the washings last longer.
  • Keep your locs covered at night. Those lovely little butterfly loops can become snagged on things, so they can collect bits of debris
  • Dry the locs thoroughly after a washing. 

How to Take Down Butterfly Locs

When you're ready to remove your beautiful butterfly locs, you'll need to be patient. To maintain your new growth, you should never rush the take-down process. 

  • Unravel each loc, then unbraid each braid underneath.
  • If the locs are longer than your hair, carefully cut the locs near to the end of your own hair. This will cut down the time and help in the undoing.
  • Have oil and rosewater spray on hand to moisturize and hydrate your natural hair immediately to soften up any dusty buildup
  • Take frequent breaks so you don't get frustrated and begin to yank your hair. 

The most important rule when taking down your butterfly locs is to be gentle with your hair.

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The Last Word on Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs are an effective way to protect your natural hair while looking fantastic. It's a variation of faux, distressed locs and, when installed correctly, can last up to 8 or more weeks in your hair. If you carefully maintain your butterfly locs with moisture, hydration, and regular cleaning, not only will they continue to look impressive until you take them down, but they will allow your hair to thrive and grow without interference. If you're looking for a fresh look or hairstyle for a special occasion, try butterfly locs.   

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