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Short Hair, Young Looks: The Connection Explained

Have you heard that short hair can make you look younger? Well, it’s true — for the most part. From bobs and pixies to short locs, changing up your style is a surefire way to help you look younger (when done right, at least).

If you think your hair is making you look older than you’d like, maybe it’s time for a change. 

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Will Short Hair Make Me Look Younger?

Our hairstyle plays a significant role in our appearance, including how others perceive our age. But can switching to a short style genuinely make you look younger? Yes! However, it depends on how you style your hair — a shortcut could also make you look older if you style it in certain ways.

For example, a short and tight bob can make you look older than you are, while a loose and wavy hairstyle can help you look younger. Unique styles like short dreadlocks are also an amazing way to look younger!

Finding a style that fits your aesthetic and face shape is the key to looking younger with a shorter hairstyle.

How Short Hair Affects Your Appearance

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Unfortunately, our hair changes over time as we age, often becoming thinner (among other things). Not to mention that we tend to lose our hair faster than ever — yikes. And all of these changes affect our appearance, often making us look older than we’d like.

One option to combat this aging look is switching to a short hairstyle! Short hair is not only highly trendy at the moment but also a flattering style for many people. 

Shorter haircuts are also great at hiding thinning hair. And if you don’t want to make too big of a change, you can start with a long bob; it’s an exceptional middle ground between short and long styles that can still help you look younger! Plus, it’s an easy-to-maintain style with many different styling options.

Another way is to change the hair care products you use. You can find many high-quality hair care products to choose from designed specifically for your hair type and style. The right products also help nourish and hydrate your hair and scalp, fighting against things like thinning hair that can make you look older.

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How to Rock Shorter Hair and Look Younger

It’s always important to look and feel confident, especially as we age. We believe short hair is an excellent and attractive way to style your hair to look younger without being challenging to manage.

However, some short styles can highlight signs of aging (wrinkles, sagging skin, etc.), and they might also have less volume than if you went for a longer style. So if not done correctly, getting your hair cut short could make you look older — the opposite of what we want.

Follow these tips to rock your short hairstyle, look younger, and feel amazing!

Find the Perfect Length

Shorter styles like locs tend to be the best for making you look younger without sacrificing your fashion sense. Long, flowing styles can appear lifeless if you don’t have the thickness and volume to go with them.

The ideal length is between your chin and lower ears to help you look younger and more stylish. With this length, you still have enough hair to change your style regularly and not worry too much about maintenance.

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Layer, Layer, Layer!

Many people seem to be scared of layers, worrying that a layered cut will make them look older by accentuating their wrinkles and other features that they don’t love. However, they can do the complete opposite if you find the right cosmetologist or loctician!

Adding layers is a great way to enhance your hair’s texture and keep things interesting. If you can get your hair layered in a way that frames your face in the right way, you’ll likely be surprised at how much younger it can help make you look!

Try Short Locs

You might not think that dreadlocks are versatile as a short hairstyle, but there’s a lot you can do with them — and they also help you look (and feel!) younger. You can style short locs in various ways to create your own style. Some of our favorite short loc styles include:

  • Undercut locs: This hairstyle is the perfect short do for those wanting a young, fresh look. And it’s relatively simple to style: Sweep your short locs slightly to the side and shave the sides close to your head.
  • Buns with bangs: Another great way to rock short locs is with two small buns on the sides, and a few locs hanging in the front of your face to create bangs. It’s easy to achieve and cute, although you may need to have your loctician’s help creating bangs that frame your face well.
  • Curly colors: If you want to make a serious change and look younger than ever, try pairing tight locs with a new vibrant color! Dark browns and reds look amazing with short locs — and to get the perfect curls, you can braid your hair while still slightly damp and take them out after they’ve had time to dry.
  • Half up, half down: This short loc style is a timeless, youthful look and a staple for locs of any length. The style consists of a high bun on top with the rest of your locs hanging down the back of your neck. You can even spice it up by adding some hair accessories in your bun!

Looking for the best hair products to keep your short style in place? Try our organic loc products to keep your hair strong, healthy, and happy!

Are You Ready to Go Short?

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So yes, if you decide to rock a short hairstyle, maintain it well, and keep your hair healthy, it can help make you look younger. And with the right products, you can keep your hair, scalp, and skin looking its best for amazing results; it’s a combination of happy, healthy skin and a flattering hairstyle that can help you keep looking youthful well into your later years.

Is transitioning to short locs the right choice for your new hairstyle? Learn all about locs and get everything you need for a healthy, happy, young-looking look!

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