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How Often Should You Retwist Locs for Optimal Health and Growth?

Maintaining your locs is crucial to keeping them healthy and looking amazing — and regular retwisting is an essential part of your maintenance routine.

However, many people struggle with their retwist schedule; how often do you really need to retwist them, anyway?

Retwisting too often can damage your locs, but not retwisting often enough can lead to a mess. We’ll discuss how to determine the ideal retwist schedule for you and your lovely locs!

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How Often Do You Need to Have Your Locs Retwisted?

Unfortunately, there’s no one answer — your hair and locs are unique. For example, you may only need to retwist your locs every six weeks, but you might have a friend whose locs require retwisting every four weeks.

Ultimately, it’s down to which loc phase you are currently in, the qualities of your hair, and what your daily routine looks like — diet, exercise, activity level, etc.

However, a typical retwisting schedule falls around the 4-6 week mark.

Some factors that affect how often you’ll need to have your locs retwisted include:

How Quickly Your Hair Grows

Determining your retwist schedule will be much easier if you know how quickly your hair grows. For example, if your hair grows faster than average, you’ll have to retwist your locs more often than someone with hair that doesn’t grow as quickly.

As your hair grows, you can’t control its direction very well, resulting in the need for retwisting more often to train your hair to grow out properly.

So if your hair grows more slowly, you can go longer between retwists — typically around two months if your locs are established already.

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How Often You Wash Your Locs

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Another factor affecting your ideal loc retwisting schedule is your washing routine. Everyone’s schedule is different, depending on the products they use, their activities, how much they sweat, etc.

For example, someone who works out frequently or who uses loc products often enough that it builds up in their hair quickly will have less time between washes.

This routine affects how often you’ll need to have your locs retwisted — along with whether your locs are mature or in the starting phase. So while there isn’t a single rule that rules them all, there are some ways to help determine how frequently you need to retwist your locs.

How Can You Go Longer Between Retwists?

Did you know there are ways to help your retwists last longer? With the right routine, your locs could last for months between retwists!

Here are some methods to help you lengthen your retwist schedule:

  • Cover your locs in the shower. Wearing a shower cap (preferably not plastic on the inside) while you shower is one way to help keep your retwists lasting longer. You don’t want plastic because it will steam your locs, doing more harm than good. The more you wash your locs, and the more often you get them wet, the sooner you’ll need a retwist appointment. The same goes for taking hot showers — the steam will make your locs begin to unfurl faster.
  • Wrap up your hair at night. Another way to ensure you can go longer between retwists is to wear a scarf or bonnet at night while you sleep. We prefer ones made of silk, and you can find various sizes to keep your locs covered without making you uncomfortable while you try to sleep.
  • Keep your hair dry. Any time your locs get wet — walking in rainy weather, forgetting your shower cap, sweating during activities, etc. — you need to dry your locs completely and immediately. Even if they look dry on the outside, the inner parts of your locs might still be damp. You can squeeze them gently to check if there is any moisture left that you missed.

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    Can You Retwist Your Own Locs?

    Many people visit a loctician when it’s time to retwist their locs. And while that’s the ideal way to go, it’s not always feasible. Or maybe you want to keep your locs personal and do everything yourself.

    Luckily, with these tips and some practice, you can retwist your own locs as needed!

    Prepping Your Locs for Retwisting

    You want your locs to be clean before retwisting: Shampoo your roots a couple of times before you start.

    Then, you want to ensure your locs are hydrated using moisturizer or oil, separating your locs so they don’t become matted.

    Next, you’ll want to rinse and let your locs dry for a few hours before adding a nourishing oil and starting the retwisting process.

    Getting Ready to Start Retwisting

    However, before we start, you’ll need a few things.

    You’ll want to get a loc retwisting product and clips to keep your locs in place while you separate and retwist them. Ideally, you’ll also have a hooded dryer; you can use a regular blow dryer, but the retwisting process will take much longer.

    Successful retwisting starts with using the right products — Get yours here.

    Starting the Retwisting Process

    Ready to retwist? Let’s get started.

    You can start retwisting from anywhere if your locs are in the starter phase. Retwisting is as simple as using your twisting product on any new hair growth, twisting it with your fingers, using your clips to hold your locs in place, and drying your hair completely.

    The process looks slightly different if you have longer, more mature locs. You’ll need to start at your nape, working towards the top of your head. After applying your twisting product all over, you’ll also add it directly to your roots, ensuring it covers all of your new growth. After that, simply twist, clip, and dry as mentioned above.

    What Should Your Retwisting Schedule Look Like?

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    Ultimately, how long you wait between retwists is your decision. We’ve discussed what affects the ideal length of time, how you can stretch out the period between your retwists, and even how you can retwist your locs at home.

    The most important aspect is focusing on self-care; make your loc retwisting schedule one that makes you and your hair happiest!

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