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A black woman with braided faux dreadlocks looking somberly into the camera.

Popular Headwrap Styles For Locs

Have you noticed how popular dreadlocks are becoming?

Celebrities like Zendaya and even Lady Gaga have made headlines in recent years for rocking faux dreadlocks.

Better beats the real thing. Human beings have been wearing dreadlocks since the dawn of recorded history. Dreadlocks were first aesthetically described in ancient Sanskrit scriptures dating back over 4,500 years ago.

But that is just the first recorded description of dreadlocks, inferring that they may have existed long before that.

And if you are taking the time to wear an ancient natural hairstyle, why not style it up with some fashionable headwrap styles?

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Preparation Steps for Wearing Head Wraps

Don’t just absent-mindedly grab any scarf or head wrap nearby to wrap your dreadlocks. It took time and sacrifice to grow your dreadlocks, so don’t rush developing your headwrap styles.

Take the time to buy and amass several scarves and head wraps of varying lengths, colors, pattern designs, fabric types and textures, and styles. You want to buy scarves of the right length to aesthetically match the length and width of your dreadlocks. 

After all, you don’t want your headwrap to be too big or too small relative to your dreadlocks and head size.

Always dry out your dreadlocks thoroughly before you wrap them in a headwrap. You will have to tie up or wrap your dreadlocks close to your head before applying your headwrap. Damp and densely wrapped dreadlocks covered under a headwrap will result in dread rot or deep-penetrating hair mold.

And play around with different kinds of headwrap styles. With enough practice and imagination, you can also find a way to tie a basic head wrap style in a slightly different way every time.

The Two Scarf Twisted Turban

A black woman wearing a head wrap and laughing under a canopy of plants.

One of the most popular head wrap styles for dreadlocks is the Two Scarf Twisted Turban style. It’s a style of turban that features strategically placed folds that aesthetically resemble traditional African headdress folds. 

You use two scarves to create artistic folds of varying widths that evoke a majestic and regal style of headdress. Depending on the length or width of your dreadlocks, you can completely wrap all of your locs under the turban to play off the style of the scarves. 

Or you can strategically allow some of your locs to flow out from under the scarves for additional style effect. Model both styles yourself to see which one aesthetically favors your dreadlock-empowered style the most.

To rock the Two Scarf Twisted Turban style, you will need two scarves, a base scarf, and the second style scarf. Both scarves should be large and wide to accommodate stylish folding and knotting aesthetics.

Take the time to choose the colors and design aesthetics of the scarves that you decide to wear. If you use scarves with different colors and designs, make sure they complement each other aesthetically.

You will use the base scarf to protect and wrap your dreadlocks. Start by folding the base scarf first along its longest width. Use the folded base scarf to cover up the nape of your neck and your ears if desired. 

The two sides of the base scarf should be resting over your shoulders. Now, take the second scarf and fold it the long way and then wrap it around the back of your head around the center circumference of your head. 

Then, unite and tie the four arms of both scarves toward the front of your forehead. Depending on your style preference, you should be able to tie one or two tubular knots. Tie and style one tubular knot for the base and the second scarf.

The separated scarves can then be shifted, twisted, knotted, and tucked into each other. Make sure to remember to fold the scarves into tubular shapes to round out aesthetically turban-like features on the headdress. 

Half Head Loc Wrap

A Beautiful black woman wearing a half head wrap and smiling into the camera.

This is a more simplistic wrap style that does not require you to worry about practicing and mastering origami folding styles if that is not your thing.

With the half head loc wrap, you can use scarves to wrap the sides of your head while displaying your regal crown of dreadlocks at the top.

Start out by tying or wrapping up your dreadlocks almost beehive-style on the top of your high. We are not suggesting that you mimic your dreadlocks in the old-school beehive style hairdo. What we mean is that you should wrap your dreadlocks in a manner and style where it is centrally wrapped on the top of your head.

Then, choose a colorful or design-attractive long headscarf that matches your style personality. You may want to choose a scarf with bright and vibrant colors that will aesthetically contrast with your dreadlocks. Or you can choose a scarf with muted but noticeable earth tones and color hues. 

Start by laying the scarf at the back of your head or the front if you wish. 

And then start wrapping the scarf in criss-cross patterns and motions around the sides of your head. 

You can then tie the head wrap into a bow or knot in the front or back of the head.

Or you can fold the bow or knot over to maintain the aesthetics of the wraps and scarf folds. And then tease and arrange your dreadlocks in a manner that fashionably suits them, crowning the top of the half head wrap.

There is no one style in which you can stylistically manipulate the half head loc wrap style, so play with it. Flesh out a look that works for your and your dreadlocks. After all, there is more than one way to style your dreadlocks at the top of a half head wrap.

Bow Tie Wrap

The Bow Tie Wrap style is basically the half head loc wrap but accentuated with a large bow tie style wrap.

Follow the previous directions for tying the half head loc wrap style. Wrap up and tie your dreadlocks at the top of your head. After wrapping the middle section of your head, you should have two ends to tie up. 

And it could practice to end up with similar lengths of scarf ends to wrap into a bow shape, so keep practicing.

Take the two ends and practice tying a bow shape that is small or large enough for your style preferences. And you don’t have to tie the bow in the front of your head. You could place the bow at the side or the back of your head.

Remember that your dreadlocks are always the star of the headwrap show. Style and arrange your dreadlock-wrapped tops in a manner that benefits the accentuation of the bow tie wrap. 

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