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Maximizing Hair Growth with Vegan and Organic Dreadlock Products

Maximizing Hair Growth with Vegan and Organic Dreadlock Products

There’s no denying that dreadlocks look incredible. However, there’s one annoying part to deal with: growing them. Growing locs can take months or even years to see real progress for some people. 

So are there any secrets to achieving maximum hair growth? As we’ll see, there are numerous things you can do to increase the rate at which you grow hair. 

However, one of the best things you can do is invest in quality vegan and organic dreadlock products. In this guide, we’ll help you find dreadlocks products that are specifically formulated to help your hair grow. Let’s dive into the issue.

Get Shampoos Designed Specifically for Locs

There are tons of great loc shampoos out there. However, if you need a recommendation for hair growth, look at our 2 in 1 Co Shampoo. This vegan product contains many helpful ingredients, including aloe vera juice which promotes hair growth. 

What’s more, hydrolyzed wheat protein acts as food for your hair. This allows it to bulk up and grow much faster. 

To learn more about dreadlock shampoos, consult this helpful guide here

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Use Oil That Promotes Hair Growth

With hair growth, you need to get to the root of the problem. Luckily, our Lion Locs’ Growth Oil does just that. It targets your scalp by penetrating it with a unique blend of natural oils. These oils can strengthen your hair and promote more growth. 

Moreover, they also reduce itching and dandruff, two things that can lead to more hair loss. 

Other Ways to Maximize Your Hair Growth

Are you just starting with your locs? Read this guide to learn everything you need for a successful first growth. 

Improve Your Diet

The great news is that junk food isn’t responsible for your lack of hair growth. However, one of the culprits might be a lack of specific vitamins in your diet. Certain vitamins are needed for hair growth. 

And when we get older, our bodies gradually stop producing these substances. That’s why we need to get them from our food or supplements. Some good vitamins that can help with hair growth include things like:

  • Vitamin C
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Zinc

If you want more information about how these vitamins can help with your hair, check out this resource here

Cover Your Hair When You Sleep

Sleeping without a hair cover can lead to a lot of pulling and tugging throughout the night. This can rip your hair from your follicles. Wearing a sleeping cap, scarf, or blanket when you sleep can help protect your dreads. This, in the term, promotes growth over a long time. 

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Massage Your Head

Besides the fact that they feel great, scalp massages can also be good for hair growth. How? For starters, when you massage your head, you clear out dead skin cells that are building up. This makes room for new hair growth. 

The massage will also stimulate blood flow to the area. Not only does this result in faster hair growth, but you’ll get more thick hair. Lastly, scalp massages reduce your stress. Stress can cause hair loss, so this is one more benefit for your hair growth. 

Get More Sleep 

Hypercortisol is one of the chemical compounds that our bodies produce to grow our hair. As such, low hyper cortisol levels would be associated with a low rate of hair growth. So what affects these levels? 

One study discovered that things like lack of sleep and stress could affect the amount of hyper cortisol in our bodies. 

Reducing stress can be challenging, though it is possible with meditation and exercise. However, getting a little more sleep every night is an easy thing that people can do to improve their hair growth rate. 

Keep Your Locs Dry

Keeping your locs dry is crucial during the first few months of growing. News dreadlocks tend to suck up water like plants. 

This can cause them to puff up over time. Of course, you can still wash your locs. You just need to make sure that you completely dry them after each wash. This will promote growth and prevent the dreaded dread rot accompanying new growth. 

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How to Find Vegan and Organic Dreadlock Products for Hair Growth

The best way to find vegan and organic dreadlock products is to look for companies that specialize in these sorts of products. At the very least, this will ensure that they’re at least vegan and organic. 

However, if you get lucky, you’ll find a company like LionLocs that provides products designed to help your hair grow. 

Do you have any questions about LionLocs’ vegan and organic hair products? Contact us when you can, and we’ll do our best to answer any inquiries. 

The Importance of Maximum Hair Growth

For some people, their hair naturally grows like weeds. Sadly, not everybody is as lucky. For many people, it can take over a year before real dreadlock growth is seen. Sadly, this can make many people impatient. 

When this happens, people tend to get stressed out, which further impedes their hair growth. Or they ditch their dreadlocks altogether. 

Before you get to this stage, consider investing in vegan and organic dreadlock products formulated to increase growth. This will help you get to your hair goals much faster, which in turn gives them the best chance of surviving in the long run. 

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