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Why Choose Vegan and Organic Loc Hair Products?

Vegan products aren’t going anywhere. By 2027, the vegan cosmetic industry will be worth $21.4 billion. More consumers are choosing vegan hair products than ever, yet most still select animal-based products. 

Why should you start buying vegan and organic loc hair products? The answers may surprise you. Here is your guide on the benefits of vegan and organic loc hair items. 

No Harsh Ingredients

Non-vegan products contain harsh ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Manufacturers say that SLS is a terrific ingredient for hair and skin care. In reality, continuous exposure to SLS can cause skin irritation. 

Vegan products do not have artificial chemicals that cause skin problems. Manufacturers carefully select all-natural ingredients that soothe and moisturize the skin and promote hair growth.

You can find ingredients like rose water in vegan and organic products. Rose water reduces dandruff and oil and eliminates frizz. Whether you have curly or straight hair, you can use rose water in a shampoo, conditioner, or spray.\

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Environmental Friendliness

Vegan and organic products help the environment in several ways. 

Less Energy

Lab-tested, artificial ingredients require more energy to create than organic ingredients. Many ingredients are made at high heat with natural gas or electricity derived from fossil fuels. Companies can gather natural ingredients and integrate them into their products without needing fossil fuels or excessive electricity. 

Less Waste

The artificial ingredients in many products cause a lot of waste. While manufacturing their products, companies may throw out expired ingredients or use too much of a particular item in their formula. A consumer may find the ingredients too harsh or abrasive to use and throw the products out. 

Vegan and organic ingredients do not produce waste when companies harvest or integrate them into formulas. You are less likely to throw out vegan products because they are far less abrasive than non-natural products. Rose water and other organic items are biodegradable, so if you throw them out, they have a minimal impact on soil and water.


Non-vegan products promote deforestation because farmers must cut down trees to create grazing fields. Vegan products do not require trees or plants to be cut down. The plants that farmers harvest to make natural hair products can grow back. 


Many people assume that organic products are more expensive than non-organic products. You can find organic and natural hair products for less than $30, and you can find ways to save money. You can order subscriptions, receiving discounts on your items every time you get something delivered to your home. Unlike other products that expire or dry out within weeks, a four-ounce spray can last for months.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to spend hours using our hair care products. It takes only a few minutes to put our dreadlock shampoos in your hair, and it takes even less time to use our sprays and gels. You can experience results within a few days of transitioning to our products, and you can permanently shift away from non-organic items.

You can also integrate your new products into your old hair care routines. You can transition into using our products over time, which can help you determine what items you should use and avoid skin irritation. 

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Non-organic products may have ingredients that come from animals, and most companies test them on animals. Vegan products are cruelty-free, involving no harm to animals whatsoever. Vegan products conform to all dietary and ethical codes in world religions, so people of all faiths and cultural traditions can use them. 

Keep in mind that a plant-based or fiber-based product isn’t necessarily a vegan product. Wool comes from sheep, so any item that uses chemicals derived from wool is non-vegan and potentially abusive. Lanolin is a chemical common in plant-based hair products, but scientists make it from wool. 

Health Benefits

Vegan products have many health benefits due to their wide range of all-natural ingredients. 

Hair Growth

Cysteine is an amino acid that reverses hair loss and grows your current hair longer. It transports iron and zinc to your scalp, replenishing your hair. You can find cysteine in many vegan products, as it is an amino acid in seeds, beans, and oils.

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Hair Damage

Natural plant oils can stimulate and hydrate your hair follicles, helping you avoid dry hair and tangles. Look for items like hempseed oil containing fatty acids, which your hair can absorb and restore. You should also use aloe vera, which can help with acne and wounds on your scalp.

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A 2022 study found that coconut oil reduced wrinkles and skin recovery time after just two weeks of use. If you have aging skin or hair, you can use a vegan product with coconut oil to smooth your skin. You can find items with coconut oil in them, and you can apply the oil after washing your hair with vegan items.

Premature Graying

Several factors can cause premature graying. If your parents had prematurely gray hair, you are more likely to have it. Conditions like alopecia, vitiligo, and a lack of nutrients like vitamin B-12 can also cause gray hair. 

Natural products can mitigate the effects of pre-existing conditions and add nutrients to your skin and hair. Many plant milk and soy products contain vitamin B-12; some manufacturers add them to their formulas. 

If you want to use dye for your dreadlocks, you can find many options for vegan dyes. Try to find a dye that complements your skin tone and clothes. If your hair is damaged, you should apply some hair care products first so your dye doesn’t dry your locs out.

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