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As I Am Double Butter Cream Review

As I Am Double Butter Cream Review

Ever wondered how to keep your curly locks well-nourished and manageable? We've recently taken to using As I Am's Double Butter Cream and it certainly didn't disappoint.

Our hair felt rejuvenated with the cream's ability to lock in moisture, enhancing both softness and shine. The inclusion of pro-vitamin B5 had a substantial impact, especially for those of us with dry and coily hair types, which often yearn for extra TLC.

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Its natural, organic ingredients are a boon, not weighing down hair but instead leaving it feeling soft and smelling pleasant without overpowering the senses. We were especially glad to see that the hair feels well-hydrated without any greasy residue, maintaining that fresh look between washes.

Bottom Line

We can confidently say the As I Am Double Butter Cream is a reliable companion for anyone wishing to inject life back into their curly hair.

The balance of natural ingredients and lasting hydration is reason enough to consider adding it to your hair care regimen.

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As I Am Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer Overview

Recently, we got our hands on the As I Am Double Butter Cream, and its performance on dry, curly hair left us impressed. With its rich formula, this cream locks in moisture effectively, providing a noticeable softness and manageability that our hair often craves. One of the main ingredients that stood out to us is pro-vitamin B5, known for its hair benefits.

Talking about its texture and application, the product has a creamy consistency that doesn't feel heavy, which is a plus for those who are averse to weighed-down curls. We also noticed a natural shine post-use that didn't look artificial. For those with coily or curly hair, managing tresses can be a tedious task, but this moisturizer simplifies the routine without leaving any greasy residue.

Users with beards have also shared positive feedback, mentioning the softness it imparts. An added bonus is the fragrance; subtle and pleasant, it's suitable for those sensitive to strong scents. Although the price point is on the higher side, the consensus is that the benefits justify the cost. Overall, it's a reliable option for keeping hair nourished.


  • Effective moisture retention
  • Enhances softness and manageability
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Pleasant scent


  • Price may be a consideration for some

In terms of usage, a small amount goes a long way, contributing to the product's longevity, even with daily use. And, unlike some products that require frequent reapplication, this moisturizer's effects can last for days. However, as we always encourage, it's essential to consider individual hair needs and preferences when selecting hair care products.

Key Benefits

Recently, we had the chance to try out the Double Butter Daily Moisturizer by As I Am, and we were quite impressed with the hydration it offered. It's clear that when you're trying to enhance your hair's health, moisture is a non-negotiable—particularly if you struggle with dryness. Below, we're going into detail about what makes this moisturizer stand out among the rest.

Moisturizing Magic

The standout feature of this hair cream is undoubtedly its superior moisturizing properties. We noticed that it doesn't just sit on the hair; it penetrates the strands effectively. Its rich formulation locks in moisture, revitalizing our hair and leaving it feeling wonderfully soft to the touch. It's a relief for anyone struggling with dull, dry hair, as it infuses life and a noticeable shine that doesn't fade quickly.

Enhanced Manageability

Another benefit we appreciated is the way this moisturizer makes hair more manageable. There's a marked difference in how easily a comb glides through hair after application. This can be a big advantage during mornings when you’re pressed for time and need a hassle-free styling session. The product doesn't leave a sticky or heavy residue, which means that your hair remains light and ready for any hairstyle you aim to achieve.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

For many of us, the quality of ingredients is pivotal, and As I Am doesn't disappoint in this regard. The Double Butter Daily Moisturizer harnesses a blend of natural and organic components, including pro-vitamin B5, known for its hair-strengthening properties. It's reassuring to know that the product we're using daily doesn't contain harsh chemicals that could damage our hair over time.

Based on our latest experience, this daily moisturizer lives up to its claims. It doesn't pretend to be a miracle worker—no product should—but it does deliver on its promise of softer, shinier, and more manageable hair thanks to its moisture-rich formula and quality ingredients.

Specific Product Features

Having recently had the pleasure of using the Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer by As I Am, we've noticed some notable features that contribute to its effectiveness. This cream has become a part of our daily hair care regimen, and we're excited to share our thoughts on its specific features.

Pro-Vitamin B5

As we've applied this daily moisturizer, it's evident that the inclusion of Pro-Vitamin B5 is a game changer. This powerful nutrient doesn't just coat the surface; it penetrates the hair, providing long-lasting hydration. From our experience, you can feel the difference as it helps to lock in moisture, leaving your hair with a noticeable softness and manageability that lasts throughout the day. It adds a lovely shine to dull hair, revitalizing its appearance in a way that doesn't feel heavy or greasy.

Here's what we've found about Pro-Vitamin B5 in the moisturizer:

  • Locks in moisture: Our hair retained moisture better, resulting in a healthier look and feel.
  • Adds Shine: A natural sheen was imparted on our hair, not just a temporary glossiness.
  • Softens Hair: There's a noticeable softness, which we particularly enjoyed on days when our hair otherwise felt quite dry.

Suitable for Multiple Hair Types

Whether you have curly, dry, or coily hair, the versatility of this moisturizer is one of its strongest aspects. We believe that this inclusivity in hair care is essential, and As I Am seems to have taken this to heart. The cream's formulation is enriched with natural and organic ingredients, emphasizing its universal appeal. Our experience has shown that it doesn't matter if your curls are tight or waves are loose; this moisturizer adapts to different hair textures and conditions, smoothing and softening without discrimination.

Our takeaway on its suitability includes:

  • Curly Hair: It defines and moisturizes, helping to keep frizz at bay.
  • Dry Hair: It brings vitality and moisture back, without making hair feel weighed down.
  • Coily Hair: It works to deeply nourish and enhance the natural texture.

In conclusion, this moisturizer by As I Am is easy to incorporate into any hair care routine. Its Pro-Vitamin B5 enriched formula and suitability for various hair types make it a dependable choice for maintaining healthy and hydrated hair. We've seen our hair transform with its use, and that's why we're confident in recommending it.

Application & Use

When we reached for the Double Butter Cream, the first thing we noticed was its rich texture. Applying it to dry, curly hair, it didn't take much to feel the difference. The cream spreads easily, making application a breeze. Despite the richness, it doesn’t leave hair feeling greasy; instead, hair appears rejuvenated with a healthy shine.

We found that the best results came from using it right after washing our hair. It seemed to lock in moisture effectively, leaving hair soft to the touch throughout the day. For those with coily textures, it improves manageability, making detangling less of a chore.

While it's targeted for daily use, we noticed that on particularly dry days, you might want to apply a little extra to keep your hair feeling moisturized. On the flip side, if you have fine or oily hair types, this might be a bit too heavy, so use it sparingly. The presence of pro-vitamin B5 is a plus for hair health, but remember, individual results can vary.


In our quest for the perfect hair moisturizer, we've stumbled upon the Double Butter from As I Am, and it's safe to say it's made quite the impression. After trying out numerous products, it's refreshing to find one that stands out for its hydration and lasting impact on our hair's health and appearance.

Hydration Without Greasiness

Our experience with this creamy moisturizer was nothing short of delightful. It glides onto the hair effortlessly, bringing a noticeable difference in softness and manageability, without leaving any unwelcome oily residue. What we particularly appreciate is how the moisturizer locks in the needed moisture, giving life back to dull, dry strands. Its formulation, rich in pro-vitamin B5, is the secret behind this non-greasy hydration.

  • Touchably Soft: We've found that our hair feels softer to the touch after use.
  • Shine Enhancer: It adds a natural shimmer to the hair without looking oily.
  • Manageable Locks: Post-application, our hair became easier to style and tame.

Long Lasting Effect

A common frustration with hair products is the need for frequent reapplication, but this moisturizer stands out with its enduring effect. We've experienced days of sustained hydration, suggesting a less is more approach works perfectly with this product.

  • Sustained Moisture: Even in dry conditions, our hair retained its moisture from the first use.
  • Reduced Frequency: The need to moisturize daily is curtailed, which is a big plus.
  • Value for Money: Given its long lasting effect, this product proves to be cost-effective over time.

From our trials, the scent of the product is pleasant, adding to the overall enjoyable experience. Users have noted its agreeableness and the added smoothness and richness it imparts to hair. And if you're a man looking to soften your beard, the evidence points to this moisturizer being an admirable choice. In our collective pursuit of hair health, finding a reliable product is a win, and the Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer has firmly placed itself in that category.


While the Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer has received high praise, there are a couple of aspects that we found worth considering before making a purchase.

Scent May Not Appeal to All

We've noticed that the scent of the moisturizer isn't universally adored. Some users might find it a bit too reminiscent of natural oils, which can be a turn-off for those expecting a neutral or traditionally perfumed fragrance. It’s a matter of personal preference, so if you're sensitive to how your hair products smell, you may want to sniff this one before committing to a full jar.

Price Point Consideration

It's important to talk about the moisturizer's price. Although many agree on the quality it delivers, the price tag is heftier than some alternative options on the market. When you're budgeting for your beauty routine, the price per ounce might lead you to weigh this product's benefits against its cost. It's a high-quality investment, but definitely something to think about if you're managing your finances closely.

Customer Reviews

As regular users of hair care products, we understand the importance of finding a moisturizer that truly nourishes. Many users of the Double Butter Moisturizer praise its effectiveness, particularly for those with curly hair types like 3B. One striking aspect is its ability to soften hair without the need for daily application. It's impressive how a small amount keeps hair moisturized even during dry winter months.

However, not every experience is perfect. Some users find the scent off-putting, describing it as similar to olive oil, an indication of the product's natural essence, although it may not appeal to everyone. Despite this, the feedback largely leans positive, with multiple mentions of the lotion's non-greasy texture and the fact that it leaves no residue – a common pitfall in hair moisturizers.

Those with beards have also discovered unexpected benefits, noting substantial softness after use. It's clear the moisturizer's rich formula is versatile enough to support not just a variety of hair types but also different uses. From the way it helps maintain hair luster to the scent that most find pleasant, this product generally stands out in the crowded field of hair care essentials. Our consensus? It seems to live up to its promises, with just a few dissenting opinions based on personal preference.


After spending time with the As I Am Double Butter Moisturizer, we've come to appreciate its strengths and recognize its few shortcomings. In our experience, this moisturizer works wonders on different hair textures, notably on curly patterns where it leaves the hair soft and well-nourished without the undesired greasy residue. The fact that it keeps hair moisturized for days is a huge plus, particularly through dry winter days when hair tends to get parched.

However, some of us found the scent to be less appealing, likening it to olive oil, which might not be everyone's favorite. Also, while it's on the pricier side, we feel the quality and effectiveness justify the cost, making it a solid investment for your hair care routine. It's also versatile enough to be used on beards, providing that same softening effect.

So, if you're on the hunt for a moisturizer that deeply hydrates and leaves hair and beards feeling revitalized, the As I Am Double Butter Moisturizer is definitely worth considering. Keep in mind the scent and price, but overall, it's a product that lives up to its promises.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our experience with this moisturizer, we've come across a few questions that pop up frequently among users. Below, we've outlined some of the key FAQs that may help inform your decision on whether this product is right for your hair care regimen.

What benefits does the Double Butter Cream from As I Am provide for hair?

This cream is a heavy-hitter when it comes to hydration, as we've found out first-hand. Our hair gained a notable boost in softness, manageability, and shine after consistent use—benefits directly attributed to its moisture-locking properties.

How should the As I Am Double Butter Cream be applied to achieve the best results?

Our best results came from applying the cream to freshly washed, still-damp hair. We used a moderate amount, spread evenly with our fingers or a wide-toothed comb, ensuring it was well distributed from roots to ends. Regular use, especially after a wash, seemed to maximize its effects.

Can the As I Am Double Butter Cream be used on different hair types, including curly and coily textures?

Absolutely. We found that it catered well to various hair textures, particularly excelling with curly and coily hair types. It provided long-lasting moisture without weighing the hair down, which is essential for maintaining natural curl patterns.

What are the main ingredients in As I Am Double Butter Cream, and how do they affect hair health?

Key ingredients include pro-vitamin B5, shea butter, and cocoa butter. In our findings, pro-vitamin B5 worked wonders to improve hair elasticity, while shea and cocoa butters deeply nourished and sealed in moisture, promoting overall hair health.

Is the As I Am Double Butter Cream suitable for daily use, and how does it fit into a hair care routine?

From our use, we deem it suitable for daily application, though for some hair types, a little goes a long way. It integrates seamlessly into a hair care routine as a moisturizing agent, ideal for use after cleansing and before any styling steps.

Where can the As I Am Double Butter Cream be purchased, and are there any retailer-specific formulations?

The product can be found on various retailers, including Amazon, with no unique formulations across different retailers. However, prices may vary, so it's savvy to check a few options before making a purchase. We did not come across any retailer-specific versions in our research and use.

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