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tgin Rose Water Curl Refresher Review

tgin Rose Water Curl Refresher Review

As someone with natural hair, it's not always easy to find the right products to keep our curls looking fresh. When we came across the tgin Rose Water Curl Refresher, it immediately caught our attention. The idea of reviving our hair on the go with a quick spritz sounded like a dream, especially on those days when time isn't on our side.

The tgin Curl Refresher piqued our curiosity, as it promised to bring life to dry and thirsty curls. Our experience with the product was interesting—it offered an immediate softening effect we appreciated, especially post-workout when our curls seemed exhausted and undefined. On the plus side, it did help in reducing frizz, a common enemy for us curly-haired folks. Yet, some of us were expecting a stronger rose scent, while others pointed out that the hands could feel a bit sticky after use. It's a matter of personal preference, but it's certainly something to consider.

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Bottom Line

Overall, the tgin Rose Water Curl Refresher stands out for its ability to quickly hydrate and define curls. While it might have its minor drawbacks, such as the scent not meeting everyone's expectations and potential stickiness, the benefits for a quick hair pick-me-up are numerous.

If you're looking to keep your curls in check, even on your busiest days, consider giving this a try. It just might become your new go-to for that instant curl revival.

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Overview of Tgin Rose Water Curl Refresher

Reviving our curls has been a breeze with this curl refresher. As soon as we spray it onto our locks, we notice an immediate transformation from dull to vibrant. It's versatile, working not just for curls but also for braids, locs, and protective styles. It even offers a moisturizing touch to men's facial hair without any greasiness.

The product is a game-changer after workouts, turning sweated-out curls back to their former glory. We find that it also simplifies our wash days, providing softness to our hair with just a few sprays after shampooing and conditioning. Those pesky frizz troubles? They're easily tamed, which is a relief because frizz can be an all-too-common foe.

Sometimes, curls can lose their bounce after a day or two, but we've noticed a remarkable revival, especially when we layer it with a bit of water and Sweet Honey Hair Milk. Dry, flaky scalp issues are also addressed due to the formulation's rose water and coconut oil, which offer cleansing and moisturizing benefits.

We appreciate the practicality of this product. No matter how hectic our days are, a quick spray and scrunch are all it takes for refreshed curls. There's something reassuring knowing that the brand behind this is predominantly women-run and Black-owned, reflecting a deep understanding of our hair care needs.

Summarizing the feedback we've seen, it garners high praise for its effectiveness, although some users would prefer a different scent and a non-sticky finish. Also, there have been suggestions for an improved delivery system for more even application. But overall, it's a standout product for rejuvenating curls, making daily hair care that much simpler.

Key Features

Instant Curl Transformation

After a spritz of the product on our lifeless curls, we noticed an immediate difference. The curls seemed to bounce back to vivacity, showcasing the product's promise of transforming hair with just a few pumps. Although it does not smell strictly of roses, the scent is pleasant enough. Despite some reports of stickiness, we found that using the product sparingly can help avoid this issue, still, achieving that quick curl revival so many of us need.

Moisturizing and Refreshing

We've observed that the coconut oil and rose water mix does more than just a surface-level touch-up. It seeps into the hair, providing substantial moisture without leaving a heavy or greasy residue. Post-workouts or on non-wash days, a few sprays manage to refresh our curls, giving them a softer and more hydrated appearance, challenging the frizz that tends to overthrow our hair's integrity on high humidity days.

Easy to Use for On-the-Go Refreshing

The beauty of this product truly shines in its simplicity and ease of use. Whether we're rushing out the door or caught between meetings, a quick mist, a scrunch of the curls, and it's as if our hair has been rejuvenated with minimal effort. It's a reliable go-to for midday touch-ups, and its fuss-free application helps maintain our hair's allure without disrupting our busy schedules.

Suitable for Different Hair Types and Styles

Our experience, aligned with user reviews, suggests that this refresher is quite versatile. It has proven to be just as effective on different curl patterns, from wavy to tightly coiled. Users with locs and braids also noticed enhanced moisture and manageability. While there are instances where the refresher has left the hands a bit sticky, mastering the amount to use seems to rectify this, allowing the product to serve a broad spectrum of hair needs.


Upon trying the tgin Rose Water Curl Refresher, we've discovered its ability to revitalize our curls with a simple spritz. It's impressive how quickly it can turn dry, lifeless curls into vibrant, moisturized locks. Using it after a workout provided our curls with a much-needed boost, and it was a breeze to incorporate into our post-wash routine for that extra softness without any fuss.

One aspect we appreciated was the versatility of the product, not only for curls but also for facial hair, providing moisture without any greasiness. Frizz, a common annoyance, was kept at bay with ease. The curl refresher also proved particularly beneficial for second-day curls, helping them spring back into action without weighing them down.

For those of us dealing with dry scalp issues, the infusion of rose water and coconut oil was a game-changer, tackling flakiness effectively. The convenience of this Curl Refresher cannot be overstated – just spray, scrunch, and go. Plus, it's from a brand we can feel good about supporting—96% women-run and 100% Black-owned.

When it comes to fragrance, while not everyone may find it perfectly rosy, it does leave hair smelling fresh. Moreover, despite a slight stickiness if over-applied, it shines as a hydrating refresher that's just a few sprays away from giving our curls and locs the love they deserve.


While we've enjoyed using the TGIN Rose Water Curl Refresher for its ability to impart moisture and rejuvenate our curls, there are a few drawbacks worth noting. Some of us expected a rose-scented experience, and were let down to find that the aroma didn’t quite match our expectations. If you’re sensitive to how your hair products smell, this aspect could be a bit disappointing.

Another hiccup encountered involves the product's texture. Occasionally, after using the spray, our hands felt sticky, which wasn’t particularly pleasant. It seems there's a fine line between the right amount and too much; it's easy to overdo it, leading to a bit of tackiness on both hair and skin.

Also, the nozzle design has room for improvement. The challenge of evenly distributing the product with a pump spray can be exasperating, especially when you're dealing with wet hands or trying not to disturb your styled hair. It can be a bit of a struggle to get an even mist without oversaturating any one area. That said, we appreciate the effort to avoid build-up and scalp irritation, achieving softer, more manageable hair.

Authenticity of the Brand

When it comes to hair care, the integrity of the brand is paramount. We've recently had the pleasure of using the Rose Water Curl Refresher by Thank God It’s Natural (TGIN), and it's clear to us that the brand stands up to its promise of enhancing natural hair. The 4.5-star rating on Amazon, attributed by an impressive number of users, indicates a general satisfaction among the consumers.

Despite the high praise, we also noticed some users found the scent not quite meeting their expectations of a rose water fragrance. Others mentioned the spray acted effectively on their braids, locs, and curls, providing the needed moisture without irritating the scalp or leaving residue. However, for some of us, if overapplied, the product did leave a perceptible stickiness that could feel uncomfortable.

The authenticity of TGIN shines through their commitment to meet the diverse needs of the natural hair community, focusing on quality and user experience. While not every product is perfect for everyone, the company shows a considerable understanding of their audience's demands, adopting a respectful and transparent approach, something we at our review site greatly value.

Customer Reviews

We've been listening to a chorus of opinions from users who've had their hands on the tgin Rose Water Curl Refresher, and there's plenty to unpack. Many are expressing genuine satisfaction, noting a significant improvement in how their curls feel and look after use. The refresher seems to be a blessing for various hair types, including naturally curly hair, braids, and locs, offering essential moisture and a desirable shine that's often hard to maintain throughout the day.

Yet, not all feedback is a bed of roses. Some have mentioned the scent doesn't hit the mark of genuine rose water as they had expected. While the majority are enjoying the fragrance and moisturizing skills of this spray, a few are candid about the tacky residue left on their hands—a minor hiccup, but noteworthy for those sensitive to texture.

In terms of ease of use, a stream of comments suggests a tweak in the delivery system would be welcome, with a fine mist preferred over the current pump spray, which can be challenging to manage for even coverage. Despite these few points of critique, the consensus is that this product often becomes a go-to in daily hair care routines, especially praised for hydrating and tidying up locs without building up or causing scalp irritation.

The product's ability to bring life back into hair that's a bit too familiar with dryness and frizz has won over quite a crowd. Our take? It's definitely worth considering for anyone looking to invigorate their hair with hydration and a hint of gloss—just remember to go light on the spray to avoid stickiness.


Having recently incorporated the Rose Water Curl Refresher into our daily hair care regimen, we've observed some distinct advantages and a few minor drawbacks. Its promise to revitalise curls holds true, infusing them with a noticeable bounce and moisture, which is particularly beneficial on days when our hair seems lifeless. Many of us appreciate the subtle scent and the moisture boost it provides to our locs without leaving any residue or scalp irritation.

However, not all is perfect. The fragrance doesn't quite meet our expectations of a rose water product, and the spray's consistency can feel a bit sticky on the hands. Although it's manageable, the application could be more efficient with a different spray mechanism to ensure an even mist, especially when our hands are already slick with other products.

In essence, this curl refresher from TGIN has earned a place on our shelf for its effectiveness, despite the minor hitches with scent and application. For those of us seeking a quick curl revival and hydration, it's worth a try, as long as you're mindful of how much you apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a week of using the TGIN Rose Water Curl Refresher, we've gathered the most common questions to help you determine if this product suits your needs. We've broken down our findings into several key subsections for clarity.

What are the benefits of using a rose water-infused curl refresher?

Using a rose water-infused curl refresher, we found that it can be a real game-changer for those looking for a quick and convenient way to breathe life back into their curls. It serves to hydrate, soften, and revive your hair throughout the day. The natural properties of rose water also lend a pleasant scent, making a refreshing experience for both your hair and senses.

How does the TGIN Rose Water Curl Refresher work for high porosity hair?

High porosity hair absorbs moisture quickly but loses it just as fast. Our trial showed that the TGIN Rose Water Curl Refresher offers a lasting hydration boost without weighing hair down. It seemed to seal in the moisture efficiently, which is crucial for keeping high porosity curls healthy and defined.

Can the TGIN Rose Water Curl Refresher be used on locs, and what are the results?

Absolutely, the Curl Refresher is not only for loose curls. We've noticed locs embrace this product just as well. By applying it to our locs, they felt refreshed and well-hydrated. Customers who use this on their locs have cited no buildup issues, and it's been helpful in reducing dryness and maintaining a clean scalp.

What is the difference between a curl refresher spray and a leave-in conditioner?

In our usage, a curl refresher spray like this one is lighter and meant for mid-day touch-ups to rehydrate and redefine curls without the residue. It differs from leave-in conditioners as those are typically more nourishing and used post-wash to detangle and condition the hair over time.

How do TGIN Rose Water Shampoo and Conditioner complement a curl refresher in a haircare routine?

Shampoo and conditioner from the same line prepare your curls by cleansing and hydrating them. When we paired them with the Curl Refresher, it felt like a comprehensive system that maintained our hair's moisture and vibrancy between washes. The refresher acts as an excellent upkeep tool, keeping curls lively and retaining the soothing scent from the shampoo routine.

What ingredients in TGIN Rose Water Curl Refresher contribute to hair hydration and definition?

From our assessment without diving too deep into the chemistry, it's the combination of rose water and coconut oil that does the heavy lifting. These ingredients are known for their moisturizing properties which contribute to hydration and curl definition. After a few sprays, our curls felt more hydrated and better defined without signs of greasiness or stickiness, unless over-applied.

Our time with the TGIN Rose Water Curl Refresher revealed its potential to be an asset for any curl-conscious regimen, consistently delivering on its promise of rejuvenated and well-hydrated hair.

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