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Loc N Loc Twists Braids Wave Edge Gel Extra Hold product review

Loc N Loc Twists Braids Wave Edge Gel Extra Hold Review

In our quest for perfect hairstyling products that don’t leave a sticky residue, we stumbled upon the Loc N Gel. Featuring a robust hold, it promises to keep your twists, braids, and waves in place without the usual fuss. What caught our eye was the claim of being infused with aloe vera and vitamin E, known for their hair-friendly properties that nourish while offering that much-needed extra hold.

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The gel's lightweight formula means you can say goodbye to that heavy, greasy feeling that often accompanies less refined products. We loved how it managed to moisturize and strengthen our hair throughout the day, keeping it healthy and well-defined. The non-greasy aspect also stands out, as it ensures you maintain that clean, natural look without the unwanted flakiness or residue.

Bottom Line

After our hands-on experience with Loc N Gel, we can confidently report that it delivers on its promise for an extra firm hold, nurturing hair in the process. Suitable for all hair types and free from sulfates, it's a reliable choice for anyone looking to achieve and maintain a neat, conditioned hairstyle.

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Unlock Your Hair's Potential with Loc N Gel

After recently trying out the Loc N Gel on a variety of hairstyles including locs, twists, and braids, we’ve noticed it offers an impressive extra hold without the unwanted buildup. The product's lightweight feel is a real game-changer, as it doesn't leave hair feeling sticky or weighed down, which is a common issue with many other gels.

A standout feature is its nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera and vitamin E, that contribute to healthier-looking hair. We've observed that the gel does more than just hold your style; it also moisturizes and strengthens your strands, which is particularly beneficial for all hair types.

Another plus is the nonslip, strong grip that maintains hair's neat appearance, which many users seem to appreciate according to their shared experiences. The application is straightforward, and you don't need much of the product to see results, so the 16 oz. jar lasts quite a while.

However, the price point might seem a bit high to some, but considering its efficacy, we think it can be justified. The non-greasy formula also means no residue is left behind, which, combined with the pleasant fragrance, provides a fresh and clean experience.

We've also considered feedback on the gel's performance on different hair textures, and it’s evident that it holds up well, even in more coarse hair types. Users have praised its flake-free finish, which is crucial for anyone who has struggled with dandruff-like specks after using hair products.

Overall, the experience with Loc N Gel suggests it's a reliable choice for anyone looking to maintain their hair's health while achieving a polished look.

Sculpt and Define with Ease

From our experience with the Loc N Gel, we've found shaping our hairstyles to be a simple task. This gel's consistency is commendable, easily applied and providing a stronghold without leaving any residue. When we first twisted our locks, the aloe-infused formula not only kept them firmly in place but also maintained a sleek look throughout the day. What makes this product stand out for us is its balance between firmness and flexibility, offering hold for braids and edges without causing flakiness or dryness—an issue we've faced with other gels. Though we appreciated the extra hold the gel provided, some may find it a bit too rigid for more delicate styles that require frequent restyling. However, the reliable hold ensures that once you've sculpted your hair, it's likely to stay as intended for an extended period.

Long-Lasting Hold for Twists and Braids

In our experience using Loc N Gel for twist and braid styles, we've found the extra hold formula to be a true standout. It's impressive how it manages to keep styles intact throughout the day without leaving behind any white flakes or residue—a common issue with many styling gels. We're particularly pleased with the smooth consistency that allows for easy application. There's no fighting with a clumpy or overly sticky product here.

A small dab is all it takes to achieve a polished look that lasts. While the gel is solid enough to hold styles like locs and twists, it doesn't weigh down the hair or give it that dreaded "crunchy" feel. And we must say, the subtle aloe scent is quite refreshing, making the styling experience even more pleasant.

If you have more coarse hair, take note that this gel is adept at slicking down those stubborn frizzies and flyaways, creating a smooth, refined finish. Just remember, moderation is key; using too much might lead to unwanted build-up. Overall, for maintaining twist and braid styles, this product has earned our trust—it performs well without compromising the health and appearance of our hair.

Natural Ingredients for Healthy Hair

In our quest for the perfect twist and wave, we often stumble upon products that promise a lot but deliver little. Our experience with this gel has been refreshingly different. Its aloe vera content, a natural moisturizer known for its soothing properties, works wonders on dry and brittle hair, which is a common issue we encounter. We appreciate how it locks in moisture without the heaviness typical of other gels we've tried.

Vitamin E is another gem within this formula, acting as an antioxidant that helps support scalp health and hair strength. We've noticed that with regular use, our hair feels stronger, and those of us with a sensitive scalp find this particularly beneficial. The hold is firm without flaking, a testament to its quality formulation.

The clear stand-out aspect for us has been the non-greasy nature that leaves no residue. It's a pleasant departure from the typical stickiness found in many other hairstyling products. Although we always look for that strong hold, we don't want to sacrifice the natural look and feel of our hair, and thankfully, this gel understands that balance.

Non-Greasy Formula for a Clean Finish

What we've noticed about the Loc N Gel is that it lives up to its non-greasy claim quite well. After application, there's a noticeable absence of any heavy or oily residue. We find that this is often a challenge with hair gels, which tend to leave a slick, uncomfortable feel, but our experience here was refreshingly different.

The gel settles into a matte finish, giving the hair a clean, well-groomed appearance that feels touchable and natural. This is particularly important for anyone who's keen on maintaining a polished look without the unwanted shine that some gels produce. Also, the hassle of dealing with sticky residue on hands after styling is entirely avoided, which is a big plus in our book.

We've also observed that it doesn't flake over time—a common gripe with many other hair styling products. Even after a full day's wear, the gel maintains a flexible hold without leaving any flaky evidence of a day's work. It's good to find a product that complements an active lifestyle without the need for constant touch-ups.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to holding our twists and braids in place, finding the right product is crucial. We've given the Loc N gel several tests and it's time to talk about what's to like and what's not.


  • The gel's consistency is thick and solid, ensuring that it doesn't feel too wet or slippery in our hands—a plus when we're aiming for precision.
  • It provides a stronghold similar to wax but without the accompanying residue or buildup, which we greatly appreciate for maintaining a clean look.
  • We've noticed that our locs stay shiny and neat, and our scalp thanks us for the reduced itchiness and flakiness.
  • The fragrance is subtle yet pleasant, complementing the hair without being overpowering.
  • It's versatile enough for different hair types, from curly to coarser textures, managing frizz well.


  • One thing we're less thrilled about is the price point, which can feel somewhat steep, especially if we're using the gel regularly.
  • Although it doesn't flake easily, if overused, there might be some buildup—a reminder that a little goes a long way.
  • Not suitable for every hair type; while it works great for some, those with finer hair might find it too heavy.

Overall, we've had a positive experience with this gel. It's been our companion for hair that looks neat and stays put without the dreaded flakiness or itch.

What Customers Are Saying

As we've used the LOC N GEL on various hair types, we've noticed it's become a staple for managing locks and twists effectively. Many users appreciate its solid consistency, which provides a wax-like hold without unnecessary buildup or residue, essential for a clean look and feel.

Interestingly, while some found the price point a bit high, the quality of hold and the product's ability to prevent itching and flaking seemed to justify the cost. Our experience echoes the sentiment that you don't need to use a lot, emphasizing its value in the long run.

Those with curly and more coarse hair textures have reported a slick look after using the gel for braids, appreciating its non-flaking quality and strong hold. The scent also receives praise for being pleasing without being overpowering.

We've also noticed the gel's versatility, with one testimonial highlighting its efficacy on 4 b/c hair type – a testament to its universal appeal. It's refreshing to find a product that caters to a wide range of hair needs, and the LOC N GEL seems to do just that, keeping frizziness at bay and promoting longer-lasting twists.


Wrapping up our experience with LOC N GEL, we've noticed it's a dependable choice for maintaining locs, twists, and braids. The extra-hold formula does an excellent job holding styles in place without leaving any residue or build-up—a significant plus. We found it to be particularly effective for coarser hair, providing a sleek look for braided styles. Our tests showed that it keeps frizzy hairs tamed and doesn't flake, even on various hair types and textures, which is a testament to its versatility.

On the flip side, we must point out that the cost can be a bit steep. However, considering the performance and the amount needed for each application, the value proposition is still strong. The light fragrance is another highlight, adding a fresh scent without being overpowering. It's important to use the product sparingly, as over-application might lead to less than desirable results.

In short, if you're looking for a gel that provides a solid hold without the unwanted flakiness and you're willing to invest a little extra for quality, the LOC N GEL is worth considering for your haircare routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to achieving the perfect twists or braids, we know that great styling starts with the right products. As someone who has tested various hair styling solutions, we understand the importance of finding a gel that not only holds styles effectively but also cares for the hair. So let's tackle some common queries regarding the LOC N GEL by Loc N.

What are the benefits of using LOC N GEL on natural hair?

Our experience with LOC N GEL has shown that it offers an impressive hold without leaving hair sticky or greasy, thanks to its lightweight formulation. The aloe vera content is a bonus, providing much-needed moisture, which is especially beneficial for natural hair that tends to be more prone to dryness. Also, as the gel is sulfate-free, it means fewer concerns about harsh chemicals stripping your hair's natural oils.

How can LOC N GEL contribute to hair growth?

While LOC N GEL directly promoting hair growth isn’t its primary feature, it does create an environment conducive to hair health. This happens as the product minimizes frizz and contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, which soothes the scalp and can reduce breakage. Less breakage and a healthy scalp, in turn, may support better hair growth over time.

What is the correct way to apply LOC N GEL to achieve the best results?

From our hands-on use, we’ve found that applying the gel to slightly damp hair works best. Start by spreading a small amount of gel evenly through the hair, focusing on one section at a time to ensure thorough coverage. Then, proceed to twist, braid, or style as usual, making sure not to overuse the product to avoid buildup.

Can LOC N GEL be used on both dry and wet hair?

Yes, it can be used on both wet and dry hair. However, as mentioned earlier, styling with the gel on damp hair can help maximize hold and manageability. If you opt to use it on dry hair, just be cautious of using too much, as this might lead to unnecessary buildup.

Is LOC N GEL suitable to use as a leave-in conditioner?

Although LOC N GEL excels in styling, it isn't primarily designed as a leave-in conditioner. It's structured to help in holding and defining your hairstyles. If you’re looking for hydration and conditioning benefits, it's recommended to use a product specifically meant for that purpose before styling with LOC N GEL.

What are the primary ingredients in LOC N GEL Twists Braids Wave Edge Gel?

Based on our inspection of the product labeling and use, we can confirm that the gel boasts natural ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E, which are known for their moisturizing and nourishing benefits. It is also sulfate-free, preventing any unnecessary hair or scalp dryness from chemical sulfates. These components align with the product’s claims of hair nourishment and strong hold styling without damaging the hair.

Finding the right styling product can make all the difference in your hair routine, and understanding these key aspects of LOC N GEL is crucial when considering it for your natural hair. It's about striking that fine balance between hold and hair health, and based on personal experiences with the product, LOC N GEL toes the line pretty well.

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