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best swim cap for locs

5 Best Swim Caps for Locs: Find Protection & Comfort for Swimming

Swimming is a popular activity for both fitness enthusiasts and those looking to relax. For swimmers with locs, choosing the best swim cap for locs is crucial for protecting their hair from the damaging effects of chlorine and keeping it out of the way. Traditional swim caps often don't provide enough space or the right kind of support for locs, which can leave swimmers struggling to find a cap that fits comfortably over their hair without causing damage.

When looking for a swim cap for locs, it is important to consider factors such as the size and design of the cap, with options available that are specifically designed to accommodate larger hair volumes. Durability, ease of use, and maintenance are also key, as a cap that is easy to clean and that maintains its elasticity over time will provide a better long-term investment.

Top Swim Caps for Locs

We have conducted thorough research and testing on a variety of swim caps to ensure that those with locs can find a product that will allow them to enjoy the water without worrying about their hair. Our findings aim to guide you in selecting a cap that not only fits well but also stands up to the rigors of regular swimming.

Dsane Extra Large Swim Cap

We found this swim cap to be a game-changer for those with voluminous hair, making swimming a hassle-free experience.


  • Spacious enough for even the thickest hair
  • Protects hair from harmful pool chemicals
  • Comes with earplugs and nose clip


  • Can be tricky to get on the first few tries
  • Not entirely leakproof
  • May be too large for those without voluminous hair

Our latest dip in the pool was worry-free, thanks to the Dsane Extra Large Swim Cap. Its extra roomy interior was a perfect fit for our thick, curly locks. We were relieved to not have to battle with a tight, constricting fit that often leads to hair damage. It provided our hair with sufficient protection against chlorinated water, meaning we could focus on our laps instead of fretting over our hair's health.

We were pleased to discover that the swim cap came with a bonus pair of earplugs and a nose clip, enhancing our swimming experience. The soft silicone construction felt durable and, after several uses, showed no signs of wear and tear. Our movements in the water felt unrestricted, a testament to the cap's thoughtful design aimed at comfort and efficiency.

The only slight inconvenience we noted was during the initial use; it took a little bit of maneuvering to get the cap on. However, with each subsequent swim, the process became smoother. Although it's not totally leakproof, which is to be expected with any swim cap, particularly for those with a lot of hair, it did significantly reduce the amount of water that reached our hair. Those with less voluminous hair might find the cap oversized, but for us, it was just right.

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If you value keeping your locs protected while swimming, this cap is a superior choice, combining comfort with practicality.


  • Tailored for voluminous hair, providing ample room for locs, braids, and afros
  • Crafted from durable, high-quality silicone for a long-lasting, snag-free experience
  • BPA-free material ensures a healthy swim without unwanted exposure to harsh chemicals


  • May not provide a snug fit for those with shorter or less voluminous hair
  • High elasticity requires careful handling to avoid damage with nails or jewelry
  • The larger size might be cumbersome for some, impacting swimming dynamics

We've tested the SOUL CAP XL in various conditions and were impressed by its performance. Designed specifically for swimmers with locs and voluminous hairstyles, the extra room in the cap accommodated our hair with ease. The silicone material felt robust, withstanding repeated use without losing shape or strength, a common pitfall with other caps.

During our swims, we noticed the cap did a splendid job of keeping hair dry and protected from chlorinated water—our hair remained tangle and damage-free. We also appreciated that the silicone used is free from latex and BPA, making our swim sessions worry-free regarding hair and scalp health.

It's important to note, however, for those with shorter hair, the cap might feel loose and less secure. Care is also necessary when putting on the cap to avoid tearing it with nails, given its high elasticity designed to fit all that hair. Moreover, the extra volume of material might be a bit too much for someone looking for a tight, hydrodynamic fit.

Our verdict is clear: the SOUL CAP XL is an excellent investment for swimmers with large hair volumes seeking to keep their hair dry and safe from pool chemicals. Its durability and healthy material composition make it a standout choice.

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Keary XL Swim Cap

We found this swim cap perfect for anyone with voluminous hair looking for a comfortable and secure swimming accessory.


  • Stretches comfortably to accommodate various bulky hairstyles
  • Keeps hair largely dry when properly fitted
  • The silicone material is durable and maintains its shape over time


  • May not provide a completely watertight seal for all head shapes
  • Slightly bulkier look may not appeal to all swimmers
  • Could be challenging to put on without snagging hair for some

We recently had the chance to take the Keary XL Swim Cap for Dreadlocks for a spin, and we're quite impressed. The cap is designed with an elastic silicone that stretches well, making it a breeze to slip on without pulling hair. Whether it's weaves, braids, or dreads, there's no struggle getting all that hair inside.

In the water, the swim cap performs admirably. It delivered a snug fit around the head and seemed to keep water at bay, leaving our hair relatively dry and well-protected from chlorine. After several laps, we noticed that the cap didn't budge, and it was equally easy to remove, without any of the usual hair-tugging.

Durability is another plus. We've used this swim cap multiple times, and it still looks and feels like new. The silicone is top-grade, and we appreciate how it's holding up despite frequent use and exposure to pool chemicals. It feels like a quality product that's going to last for countless swims.

$19.99 ON AMAZON ->

Alepo Swim Cap for Locks

After a recent swim, we can confidently say this cap is a fantastic choice for those with locs or any bulky hairstyle, offering a secure fit and protection while maintaining comfort.


  • Spacious enough for voluminous hairstyles
  • Constructed from durable, high-quality silicone
  • Comes with handy earplugs and a nose piece


  • Might allow some water seepage
  • Limited size options for extremely large hairstyles
  • Can be challenging to put on without assistance

From personal experience, finding a swim cap that can comfortably accommodate locs or heavy, thick hair without sacrificing protection can be a challenge. The Alepo Locs Swim Cap, however, rises to the occasion. It's evident the design has considered those of us with more hair to manage. The cap boasts ample room, ensuring hair is packed away neatly, preventing tangles and snags in the pool.

The high-quality silicone is both a blessing and a bit of a curse. On one hand, it's durable and maintains its shape swim after swim. On the other, some of us did notice a very minimal amount of water managed to work its way in, particularly during rigorous activity. It's a slight niggle, but something to be aware of if you're aiming for a completely dry hair experience.

One cannot overlook the added convenience of having earplugs and a nose clip included. No more scrambling for these essentials before a swim. Plus, the cap's hydrodynamic design cuts through water, allowing us to swim unencumbered by drag. Overall, our trials with the Alepo Swim Cap were positive, and we'd recommend it to swimmers who need a cap that understands and meets the needs of larger hairstyles.

$11.99 ON AMAZON ->

Geltvilra Swim Caps for Locs

We believe these swim caps are ideal for individuals with voluminous hairstyles who need a secure and spacious option for water activities.


  • Accommodates a wide range of hairstyles without difficulty
  • Non-slip texture that stays in place during vigorous swimming
  • Durable, flexible silicone for repeated usage without losing shape


  • Limited color options may not appeal to everyone
  • May be too large for individuals with shorter or less voluminous hair
  • Some users may find the cap difficult to put on by themselves

Our recent swim session was a breeze with the Geltvilra Swim Caps for Locs. We found they provided ample room for our locs and braids, making a world of difference compared to regular caps. The cap slipped over our hair with ease, and not once did we feel any uncomfortable tugging.

The non-slip texture inside the cap gave us a sense of security; it clung to our heads without slipping once we dived into the pool. We swam several laps, confident that the cap would stay firmly in place, and it did not disappoint.

After multiple uses, we noticed that the durability is as promised. The silicone material of the Geltvilra Swim Caps flexed and stretched to accommodate our hair without any signs of wear and tear. It sprang right back to its original shape after each use, ready for the next swim session.

$23.99 ON AMAZON ->

Buying Guide

The best swim caps for locs are typically made from durable and stretchable materials like silicone or latex, which can accommodate the volume of locs while still providing a snug fit to minimize water entry. Silicone caps, in particular, offer a balance of stretchability and gentle compression, ensuring that your locs are safely tucked away and less prone to snagging or pulling.


When selecting a swim cap for locs, the material is a crucial aspect to consider. We look for durability and elasticity to accommodate larger hair volumes.

  • Silicone: Durable and stretchy, good for different sizes.
  • Latex: Less durable but provides a tighter fit.
  • Lycra: Gentle on hair, but less effective at keeping water out.

Size and Fit

Adequate size and fit are essential to accommodate locs comfortably without causing damage.

  • Stretchability: Ensures the cap covers all locs.
  • Snugness: A cap that's too tight may cause headaches or damage to the locs.


Comfort is non-negotiable, as it affects the overall swimming experience.

  • Check for non-slip interiors to keep the cap in place.
  • Seek out ergonomic designs that reduce pressure around the head.


We emphasize durability to ensure the swim cap withstands regular use without tearing.

  • Thickness of the material: Thicker caps tend to last longer.
  • Seam construction: Caps with fewer seams may have enhanced durability.


While cost is a consideration, we prioritize value—what offers the best combination of the above features for a reasonable price.

Feature Importance
Material High
Size and Fit Critical
Comfort High
Durability Essential
Price Variable

We believe that by focusing on these attributes, you can select a swim cap suited for locs that will deliver a satisfactory swimming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering swim caps for dreadlocks, it's important to choose options that provide ample space and ensure the longevity of the hair style. Below, we address common queries about selecting the best swim cap for your needs.

What types of swim caps are recommended for protecting dreadlocks while swimming?

We recommend looking for swim caps that are oversized or specifically designed to accommodate voluminous hair such as dreadlocks. Silicone caps are often preferred for their durability and snug fit.

How can I find a swim cap that accommodates long hair without causing damage or discomfort?

Seek out swim caps labeled as “extra-large” or “long hair” designed with added space. The use of soft and stretchable materials like silicone or Lycra helps reduce pressure around the head and minimizes hair damage.

Are there swim caps available that are designed specifically for black hair textures?

Yes, there are brands that cater to black hair textures, creating caps that take into account hair volume and texture. Some companies design caps with unique shapes to hold natural hair without compromising its maintenance.

What are some features to look for in a swim cap that is suitable for braids or locs?

Look for swim caps made from hypoallergenic and non-latex materials if you have sensitive skin. Caps with a soft fabric lining can help prevent snagging and pulling of your braids or locs.

Can swimming caps effectively keep hair dry, and what materials are best for this purpose?

No swimming cap guarantees completely dry hair, but caps made of thicker silicone or latex can help significantly reduce the amount of water that reaches the hair. Opt for a snug fit to minimize water seepage.

Where can I purchase a high-quality swim cap for long hair that is also black-owned?

We recommend supporting black-owned businesses that specialize in swim caps for long hair. These can be found through online marketplaces, specialty swim shops, and directly from black-owned brand websites.

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