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10 Best Loc Gels: Top Picks for Strong Hold and Frizz Control

Quality loc gels tend to boast lightweight formulas that don't weigh down the hair, while also offering a stronghold to keep locs styled throughout the day.

Given the diverse needs of different hair types, the best loc products are those that retain moisture, enhance loc formation, and prevent breakage – all without leaving behind residue.

When shopping for loc gel, attention should be given to ensuring the product is suitable for your hair’s porosity, density, and overall health.

It's important to select a gel that aligns with personal preferences, whether that's for all-natural ingredients or a specific fragrance.

The consistency of the gel, its longevity, and the ease with which it can be washed out also play a significant role in the selection process.

Top Loc Gels for Perfect Hold and Shine

Through comprehensive research and hands-on testing, we've examined several loc gels to determine which options best serve the needs of loc enthusiasts.

We sought to identify products that not only provide impeccable hold and moisture but also contribute to the long-term health of locs.

Lion Locs Gel

$23.49 ON AMAZON ->

We find that our Loc Gel is a stellar option for anyone committed to maintaining healthy and well-groomed dreadlocks.


  • Offers excellent hold without residue
  • Infused with natural ingredients for healthier locs
  • Suits various loc styles and hair types


  • May not offer enough hold for some hair textures
  • Scent may not appeal to all users
  • Slightly pricier than some alternatives

After applying Lion Locs Gel, your locs will feel secure and well-shaped.

The gel is easy to work through hair, imparting a softness that's often missing in other loc products.

Notably, there is no flaky residue, which is a common issue with many gels.

The ingredients are top-notch, featuring a blend of aloe vera, argan oil, and jojoba oil, among others.

Your locs will feel hydrated and had a healthy sheen.

You'll love that our oil is made from organic and vegan compounds, keeping your hair and scalp free from harsh chemicals.

Some might find the hold isn't firm enough for very fine or silky textures. And although the scent is fresh and pleasant, those with sensitivity to fragrances should be aware.


Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Gel

$13.49 ON AMAZON ->

We believe this lock gel is a solid choice for anyone seeking a healthy and well-groomed look for their twists and locks due to its effective hold and pleasing scent.


  • Provides a lasting hold without any flakiness
  • Leaves hair smelling like tropical mango which is quite pleasant
  • Resists buildup, keeping twists and locks neat


  • Might not offer the stiff hold some users are looking for
  • Its fruitiness may not appeal to everyone's scent preferences
  • In some cases, may not solidify dreads as effectively as desired

After twisting my hair with this Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Gel, the initial impression is how manageable my hair becomes.

The absence of any heavy, greasy residue is notable, and the aromatic mango scent is a refreshing departure from the typically chemical smells of other hair gels.

It's a delightful experience opening a jar that hasn't leaked all over, a testament to the thoughtful packaging.

A week in, and the twists are still nicely defined.

It's clear the product promises a good hold—my hair hasn't needed a retouch as frequently as with some other products.

The lack of buildup is an excellent benefit, as it means that I can use it regularly without worrying about the tedious process of removing residue.

Wrapping up nearly a month of use, this locking gel continues to impress.

Despite some users saying it doesn't provide the stiffest hold, in our experience, it strikes the right balance between holding the hair in place and maintaining flexibility.

Flyaways are tamed without the dreaded "crunch."

The hair feels nourished, bounces back from twists, and hasn't exhibited any signs of flaking, which can often be a deal-breaker with such products.


EdgeBooster Styling Solution

$12.99 ON AMAZON ->

We believe this product is a solid choice for anyone needing a reliable styling gel for twists, locks, and braids.


  • Provides a strong, lasting hold without flaking.
  • Enhances shine while managing frizz effectively.
  • Comes with different ingredient options to cater to various hair care needs.


  • May not be ideal for non-textured hair types.
  • Shipping delays can be frustrating if you need the product urgently.
  • The scent may be too strong for some.

Upon trying EdgeBooster, the first thing we noticed was the pleasant scent that greeted. Not too overwhelming, but certainly noticeable, it made the styling experience rather enjoyable.

As we worked a small amount through my hair, it was clear that this gel meant business. The hold was apparent immediately, making it easy to twist and sculpt our hair into the desired style. Our locks looked polished, and the shine was undeniable.

This is a game-changer for those of us who've been through many 'sure things' that fell short. EdgeBooster didn't promise more than it could deliver, and it managed to keep our hair looking freshly styled throughout a busy day.

We've heard others with straight hair may not have the same experience. Just a heads up in case your hair isn't as textured – this might not be the 'miracle' product you're looking for.

Also, we've noted that patience is key when ordering online, as there were a few grumbles about shipping times. But once the product was in our hands, it was well worth the wait.


AllDay Locks Braid Gel

$19.95 ON AMAZON ->

We recommend this gel for its strong hold and frizz-taming abilities, especially if you're after a sleek, polished look for your braids and locs.


  • Provides an extreme hold that keeps styles intact longer
  • Infused with herbal ingredients for scalp health
  • Leaves a noticeable shine, enhancing the hairstyle's appearance


  • May leave a white residue if too much is applied
  • Could be too greasy for some hair types
  • The texture is sticky, which some may find challenging to work with

Braiding our hair with AllDay Locks Braid Gel, we immediately noted the gel's robust consistency. Its tackiness confirmed the product's promise to control frizz.

As we styled, the lavender and tea tree scents were a refreshing change from the typical chemical smells of other gels.

Our braids held up impressively, laying flat and maintaining their aesthetic without the need for frequent touch-ups.

After a full day's wear, our hair still had that freshly styled look, but without the stiffness that some gels cause.

The shine was evident as promised, and we didn't notice any flaking, a common issue with other styling products we've tried.

However, we did learn quickly that a light hand is essential. Applying too much led to a white residue, although this was remedied by reducing the amount we used the next time.


Magic Fingers Shine n’ Jam

$23.99 ON AMAZON ->

We believe that Magic Fingers Shine n’ Jam is a worthy purchase due to its superior hold and hair nourishing qualities.


  • Provides a strong, non-greasy hold
  • Packed with silk protein to strengthen hair
  • Infused with Abyssinian oil for conditioning


  • May not work equally well for all hair textures
  • Some users might find the formula too heavy
  • Scent could be overpowering for sensitive noses

When using Magic Fingers Shine n’ Jam, you're likely to notice right away how its weighty formula brings control to even the most unruly edges.

This gel isn’t just about hold; it enriches your locks with silk protein, which we find works wonders in reinforcing hair right where it's needed, especially along the hairline.

Applying this product feels like a treat for your hair, thanks to the Abyssinian oil that keeps your tresses soft and well-conditioned.

We've found that it blends seamlessly into locks, braids, and twists without leaving that dreaded white residue.

Although most users will revel in the gel's holding power, some may discover it’s a bit too robust for finer hair types, potentially leading to stiffness.

And if you're keen on lighter fragrances, be aware that the scent here is on the stronger side, which could be a deal-breaker for those with a sensitive sense of smell.


LOC N GEL for Strong Hold

$24.99 ON AMAZON ->

We find that LOC N GEL delivers on its promise for strong hold without the flaking, making it an essential for maintaining locs or styling edges.


  • Formulated without beeswax, alcohol, and grease which is gentle for our hair
  • Provides a maximum hold that manages to stay flexible without hardening
  • Adds a noticeable shine to the hair, elevating the style's finish


  • The strong hold could feel sticky, which might not be preferred by everyone
  • Depending on your hair type, the gel could weigh down finer strands
  • The container can potentially crack during shipping based on customer experiences

Over the years, we've tried numerous gels for our loc maintenance, but LOC N GEL stands out as a favorite.

From the use of natural ingredients to its impressive hold, it's clear this product is tailored for styles that demand precision.

The fact that it's free from common irritants like sulfates only augments its universal appeal, suitable for practically any hair type.

The first thing we appreciated is how a small amount goes a long way with this gel.

Whether we're retwisting locs or laying down edges, it secures the hair without the need for constant touch-ups.

Versatility is another highlight; it's not just a one-trick pony for twists but doubles as a sleek solution for edges, without any pastry-like crustiness.

Scent is often a deal-breaker, and thankfully, the aloe fragrance here is subtle, never overpowering the senses.

Even as we sport the style all day, we've never experienced any flakiness or dreaded white residue – it's the confidence in a bottle.

As an all-rounder, this gel delivers the tenacity and aesthetics we need for our hair, with a healthy dose of scalp-soothing aloe to boot.


Joie Naturals My Gel

$38.99 ON AMAZON ->

We think you'll appreciate this loc gel for its ability to nourish while holding styles with supreme ease.


  • Locks in moisture and revitalizes the scalp
  • Produces a radiant sheen on twists and locs
  • Furnished with a styling comb for convenient application


  • May be pricier than some alternatives
  • The packaging can arrive damaged during shipping
  • Unscented formula might not appeal to those who enjoy fragranced products

After applying Joie Naturals My Gel to my locks, I immediately noticed how it enhanced the luster of my hair.

The accompanying styling comb made even application a breeze.

It's clear that the blend of plant oils and extracts in this gel does more than just hold hair in place; it acts as a treatment that brings out the best in your hair's texture and vitality.

In my experience, it maintains hairstyles well, and I didn't encounter any flaking or the dreaded white residue that some other gels leave behind.

Considering its nature-inspired ingredients and the extra nourishment they provide, it seems to prioritize hair health alongside styling, which is a significant plus for me.

While using this hair gel, I appreciated that my hair felt stronger and looked healthier.

If you are someone who likes to keep your hair grooming natural and effective, this might become your go-to product.

Just be mindful that while the gel is worth every penny, it does lean towards the higher end of the price spectrum, and I would caution that care should be taken when receiving the package to avoid any spills from potential cracks.


Bellatique Braiding Gel

$11.99 ON AMAZON ->

We think Bellatique Braiding Gel will meet your styling needs with a strong hold that lasts without flaking or whitening.


  • Maintains a clean look with no flaking
  • Provides a strong hold for up to 48 hours
  • Quick to dry and leaves a high shine


  • May leave a white residue if overapplied
  • Potentially less effective for very thick hair textures
  • The 1-ounce size might be quickly depleted with regular use

If you're seeking a reliable gel for your locs, Bellatique's Braiding Gel is a game-changer.

As someone who's particular about hair care products, we've noticed that it spreads effortlessly across the hair without leaving any flakes behind.

It's especially impressive in how it quickly secures edges and braids in place without the need for constant touch-ups.

The shine this gel imparts is notable as well; it left our hair with a glossy finish that didn't look greasy.

The gel's consistency isn't too heavy either, which means it doesn't weigh down the hair like some other products tend to do.

Fast-drying, it helps us speed up our morning routine without sacrificing quality.

However, attention to the amount used is crucial with this gel.

In our experience, applying too much product can lead to a white cast on the hair, which isn't ideal.

Although it advertises a maximum hold, those of us with particularly thick or unruly hair might find ourselves needing more than the recommended amount, leading to the smaller container sizes running out quickly.

But for the most part, this gel delivers on its promises and could easily become a staple in your hair care regimen.


Taliah Waajid Lock It Up

$9.99 ON AMAZON ->

We recommend this gel for the perfect hold on locks without any unpleasant buildup or dryness.


  • Firm hold without flaking
  • Pleasant scent and maintains color-treated hair
  • Alcohol-free formulation for healthier locks


  • May not suit all hair textures
  • Hold might not be long-lasting for some
  • The 6-ounce size can be too small for frequent use

After trying Taliah Waajid's Lock It Up Tight Hold, we were quite impressed by how well it maintained locs and twists. The absence of alcohol in the ingredients is a definite plus, ensuring that our hair remained hydrated throughout the day.

It's such a relief to find a product that holds our hair without causing flakiness, which is a common issue with other gels.

We were pleasantly surprised by the rosemary scent; it's subtle and not at all overpowering. For those of us with color-treated or gray hair, this gel has proven to be effective at holding without stripping the hair of its vitality.

Application is straightforward and the gel defines natural curl patterns quite nicely.

However, it's important to note that while it worked wonderfully on our hair, some people with different hair textures might not get the same results.

The gel gives a good hold initially, but for very active days, you might find the need to touch up to maintain that crisp look.

In addition, the size of the jar could be bigger. If you find yourself retwisting often, you might go through this product more quickly than anticipated.


Stylin' Dredz Mouldin' Gel Wax

$15.99 ON AMAZON ->

We believe the Stylin' Dredz Mouldin' Gel Wax is a solid choice for anyone needing a stronghold for their dreadlocks without the unwanted flakiness.


  • Resists flaking and sets styles firmly
  • Moisturizing tea tree oil soothes the scalp
  • Offers a pleasant, minty fragrance


  • May leave residue if overused
  • Large container could be unwieldy
  • Limited to one size option

After using the Stylin' Dredz Mouldin' Gel Wax, we've noted the ease with which it can be worked into the hair. Its formidable hold is perfect for initiating and maintaining dreadlocks.

Perhaps most impressive is its resilience. Despite a full day of activity, it resists flaking and keeps locs looking sharp.

The tea tree oil in this gel wax has quite the soothing effect on the scalp. We found that it helps with dryness, especially for those of us with itchy or irritated skin.

It's like a two-in-one treatment - not only does it hold the hair, but it also conditions the scalp.

One trait that stands out in this product is its fragrance. The hint of mint is refreshing without being overpowering. It is a welcome departure from the often chemical smell of other hold products.

Our experience with Stylin' Dredz has been largely positive, with long-lasting results and a refreshing feel.


Buying Guide

When selecting the ideal loc gel, it's essential to weigh several key features that will affect the performance and health of your hair. We'll guide you through these considerations.


We focus on the composition of loc gels because it's imperative for hair health. Look for natural ingredients that nourish the hair, such as aloe vera, and be cautious of harsh chemicals that may cause buildup or damage.

Desirable Ingredients Ingredients to Avoid
Aloe Vera Sulfates
Natural oils Parabens
Vitamins Mineral Oil

Hold Strength

The hold of the loc gel determines how well the style will be maintained. We assess the hold strength without compromising hair health.

  • Light hold: Ideal for fine hair or those who prefer a natural look.
  • Firm hold: Suited for thicker hair or styles needing extra hold.


Analyzing residue is crucial, as some gels leave behind flakes. We opt for residue-free formulas which maintain a clean look.

  • Residue-Free: Gels that evaporate or absorb without flaking.
  • Moisture-Rich: Gels that also hydrate while providing hold.


We consider scent because it contributes to the daily hair experience. Fragrance preferences are personal, so unscented options might be advantageous for sensitive individuals.

  • Unscented: No added fragrance, reducing potential irritation.
  • Lightly Scented: Subtle fragrance to enhance the experience without being overpowering.

Price Point

Price is an important factor, and we aim to find products that offer the best value. We compare cost in relation to product quantity and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to address common queries to help you make an informed decision on the best loc gel for your hair needs.

What type of loc gel is best for preventing buildup in dreadlocks?

The best type of loc gel for preventing buildup is one that is water-based and free of heavy waxes, petroleum, or parabens. Products with natural ingredients tend to minimize residue.

Which loc gel is recommended for someone starting their locs?

We recommend using a lightweight and residue-free gel designed for starter locs. These gels provide hold without causing buildup that can impede the locking process.

What products are ideal for maintaining thick hair in locs?

For thick hair, opt for loc gels with strong, but natural hold ingredients such as aloe vera or flaxseed. These gels maintain the locs' structure and keep them moisturized.

What are the best loc gels for 4c hair type to maintain dreadlocks?

Loc gels with nourishing oils like castor or coconut oil work well for 4c hair, providing excellent moisture and hold while keeping the dreadlocks well-defined.

How can one choose the proper gel for retwisting locs?

Selecting the proper gel for retwisting locs involves checking the ingredient list for natural moisturizers and avoiding harsh chemicals, to ensure your hair stays healthy and well-maintained.

At what stage in the loc process should gel be applied for optimal results?

Gel should be applied during the retwisting stage. This helps to define the shape of the locs and keep new growth under control.

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