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10 Best Oils for Locs: Find Healthy Hair Growth and Luster

Maintaining healthy hair is a cornerstone of personal grooming. But when it comes to locs, the approach to ensuring their health is more nuanced. Locs demand specific attention; they thrive on minimal manipulation and prefer a different set of products to remain healthy.

Lightweight oils like jojoba and almond oil are often recommended. They mimic the natural sebum produced by the scalp, reducing build-up and maintaining the locs without weighing them down. These oils have the added benefit of absorbing easily, providing hydration without leaving residues that require frequent washing—a process that can sometimes be detrimental to locs.

When selecting an oil, attention should be paid to the ingredients. Products with natural ingredients are usually preferable. It's important to avoid oils that contain petroleum, sulfate, or parabens, which can cause build-up and irritate the scalp.

Considering the individual’s scalp and hair type is also important. For instance, thicker oils like castor oil might be beneficial for those with coarse hair, while lighter oils are better for a naturally oily scalp.

Top Oils for Maintaining Healthy Locs

In our quest for the perfect products to maintain and nourish locs, we've narrowed down the field to the most effective oils available on the market. Our selection caters to various needs, from scalp health to hair strength.

Each product on our list stands out for its ability to hydrate and strengthen hair, ensuring your locs remain in pristine condition. Join us as we reveal our top picks for the best oils for locs, each promising to support your hair care routine with their unique blend of ingredients and benefits.

Lion Locs Hair Growth Oil

$24.99 ON AMAZON ->

We believe our loc oil is a true game-changer for anyone nurturing locs. It provides exceptional moisture and promotes healthier hair growth.


  • Enhances growth with all-natural ingredients
  • Moisturizes without leaving hair heavy or greasy
  • Versatile for all loc and hair types


  • Bottle opacity makes it hard to see the remaining amount
  • Dropper may not fill completely, making application tricky
  • Earthy scent may not be to everyone's liking

After incorporating Lion Locs Hair Growth Oil into your routine, the thirst of dry locs is quenched, leaving your hair feeling revitalized. Its light consistency ensures our scalps aren't overwhelmed by greasiness, which is a common issue with other oils.

The product's nutrient-rich composition not only fosters swift growth but also fortifies the hair.

Its natural scent is refreshing compared to unscented or traditionally perfumed hair products. During use, the dropper provides convenience and a small amount of this oil goes a long way in nurturing locs and maintaining their health.

Our loc oil's formulation excludes harsh chemicals and focuses on organic substance, which we believe is healthier for your hair and scalp in the long run.


Mielle Organics Hair Oil

$9.99 ON AMAZON ->

We believe this oil is a solid choice for anyone seeking to improve the health and appearance of their locs, with its natural ingredients and noticeable results.


  • Promotes stronger and shinier hair
  • Soothes and nourishes dry scalp
  • Lightweight and doesn't leave a heavy residue


  • The scent may be overpowering to some
  • Could be pricey compared to other oils
  • May not work equally well for all hair types

After using Mielle Organics Hair Oil, we've noticed our locs feeling revitalized. Its rich blend certainly plays a role in strengthening and adding a healthy sheen to hair.

Whether used before shampooing or as a daily treatment, it seems to bring out the best in our locs.

We've experienced how well it soothes the scalp, addressing issues like dryness and itchiness. For us, it's been a reliable option for maintaining scalp health, which is crucial for the overall well-being of our hair.

Admittedly, the rosemary scent is potent. Some of us find it refreshing, while others think it's a bit much.

Regarding its price, we consider it an investment in our haircare routine, although it's worth noting that there are more affordable alternatives out there.


Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength

$13.99 ON AMAZON ->

We think this oil is a great choice for nurturing and strengthening locs, thanks to its blend of natural ingredients and evident results.


  • Intensively moisturizes the scalp and locs without heaviness
  • Promotes hair strength and significantly reduces breakage
  • Pleasant scent that adds a fresh feeling post-application


  • May require frequent application for those with extremely dry scalp
  • Not suitable for individuals sensitive to ginger or turmeric scents
  • The oil’s viscosity might not be preferred by everyone

After incorporating Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength oil into our routine, we noticed a remarkable reduction in breakage.

The mix of castor oil and Black Cumin Seed feels luxuriously creamy and not at all greasy, which is quite impressive for its hydrating capabilities.

The scalp applicator is a game-changer for us, ensuring that we target those hard-to-reach areas and massage the oil directly into the scalp for the full strength-enhancing benefits. It's a small detail, but it makes daily application so much easier.

Besides the evident hair benefits, the ginger and turmeric scent is subtly invigorating. It's a pleasure to use not just because of the results but the whole sensory experience. However, we do acknowledge that scent is a personal preference and might not appeal to everyone.

The blend works wonderfully on our locs, ensuring they're well-moisturized and look healthy. Even those of us with fine hair didn't experience any unwanted greasiness.

Consistency is paramount with this product, but when used diligently, the difference in your hair's texture and strength is palpable.


African Pride Miracle Oil

$9.98 ON AMAZON ->

We found this oil to be a game-changer for nourishing locs and encouraging healthy hair growth without heavy buildup.


  • Imparts a radiant shine without weighing hair down
  • Infused with a blend of natural oils and vitamin E that truly rejuvenates
  • Free from common harmful additives, fitting for health-conscious users


  • Unscented, which might not appeal to those who prefer fragranced hair products
  • The oil can pour out quickly if not careful, possibly leading to waste
  • Some may find it too light if they are accustomed to heavier oils

Our experience with African Pride Miracle Oil has been impressive, especially considering how it leaves our locs feeling thoroughly moisturized without a trace of greasiness.

The nourishing properties of castor and grapeseed oil seemed to penetrate deeply, reinforcing the hair's natural strength.

In using this oil, we noticed it doesn't just sit on the surface – it gets right to the scalp, where loc care is vital. The blend of argan and coconut oils brought out a luster in our hair that we hadn't seen from other products.

It was as if each loc received a mini spa treatment, resulting in healthy, glowing hair.

The natural formulation is a significant benefit for us. We're all about clean beauty, and steering clear of parabens, sulfates, and other harsh ingredients not only aligns with our values but also seems to benefit our hair.


Locsanity Refresh & Revitalize Spray

$21.99 ON AMAZON ->

We think you'll appreciate this spray's ability to promptly moisturize locs while leaving a refreshing scent that's hard to resist.


  • Offers instant hydration for locs, ensuring a healthy looking shine.
  • Comes with a pleasant peppermint and rosewater scent that is invigorating.
  • Versatile use for various loc styles and also suitable for protective hairstyles.


  • The spray nozzle may emit a stream rather than a mist, which can be less efficient.
  • Some users may find the scent too strong if they prefer unscented products.
  • Despite the high quality, the price might be a bit steep for budget-conscious individuals.

After our first use, we were immediately impressed by the way this spray left our locs feeling well-nourished and less frizzy.

The burst of peppermint was both cooling and soothing for our scalps, and we noticed a reduction in itchiness, which can be a common annoyance.

The lightweight formula didn't leave any residue; instead, our locs felt rejuvenated and looked visibly moisturized.

Engagement with different loc care products can be hit or miss, but this rose water and peppermint moisturizer hits the mark for daily loc maintenance.

Its natural ingredients are a big plus, especially for us who are cautious about chemical buildup that can come from other hair care products. We feel our locs have found a new best friend for daily care and maintenance.

During the course of the day, we often reach for this bottle.

Aside from the obvious benefits of keeping our locs healthy, the scent is an instant pick-me-up.

It has a certain allure that is difficult to find in the more utilitarian loc products on the market. However, we've had to be careful not to over-spray, as the potent aroma can be overwhelming if used in excess.


Botanic Hearth Hair Elixir

$12.99 ON AMAZON ->

We recommend this Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Oil blend for its invigorating effect on the scalp and its ability to improve hair texture.


  • Alleviates scalp itchiness and dryness effectively
  • Hair feels more hydrated and smooth after usage
  • Contributes to the reduction of dandruff


  • May leave hair oily if too much is applied
  • The scent may be too strong for some people
  • Glass dropper can be risky if the package is handled poorly

Our recent use of Botanic Hearth's Tea Tree Oil concoction has left us with a sense of true refreshment for our locs.

The first thing we noticed was a soothing relief across our previously itchy scalps.

Its blend of tea tree with nourishing oils like argan, jojoba, and grapeseed left our hair feeling deeply moisturized.

After a few applications, our hair not only felt smoother but also had a rejuvenated appearance.

The mix of essential oils didn't just lie idly on our hair; it seemed to have been proactive in making our locs more manageable.

We appreciated that we could run our fingers through our hair without friction, a testament to the product's conditioning effect.

We've also been monitoring the ongoing battle against dreaded dandruff – a problem that many with locs face.

Even in this arena, Botanic Hearth's hair oil is proving to be a strong ally. We found the flaky foes retreating with each consecutive use, leaving us with a cleaner-looking scalp.


Tropic Isle Living's JBCO

$15.95 ON AMAZON ->

We find this oil to be a game-changer for anyone looking to revitalize their locs with a natural, nutrient-rich solution.


  • Imparts noticeable strength and moisture to hair
  • Versatility for hair, skin, and nail care
  • Free from silicones, favoring a more natural approach


  • The nutty scent may not be preferred by all users
  • Texture can be too heavy for some hair types
  • May require shampooing twice to remove thoroughly due to its richness

After trying out Tropic Isle Living's Jamaican Black Castor Oil on our locs, we noticed a significant improvement in the texture and health of our hair.

Its rich blend of Vitamin E, Omega Fatty Acids, and essential minerals seems to deeply nourish the scalp and strengthen each strand from within.

As a regular part of our hair care regimen, we feel confident in its ability to promote thicker, healthier growth.

The versatility of this oil is impressive.

Not only has it become a staple for our loc maintenance routine, but we've also integrated it into our skin and nail care practices.

The castor oil enhances the skin's moisture barrier and has been a pleasant addition to our nightly routine to keep our cuticles and nails strong and healthy.

Despite its many benefits, we must admit that the oil's dense texture took some getting used to.

Its thickness means it's best applied in small quantities, so there's a bit of a learning curve in figuring out the perfect amount for your locs.

Nevertheless, once we nailed down the right quantity, the results were nothing short of luscious, well-moisturized hair.


Jamaican Mango & Lime Sproil

$7.91 ON AMAZON ->

We believe this spray oil is a fantastic choice for maintaining healthy locs, thanks to its lightweight formula and rejuvenating properties.


  • Infuses locs with a healthy shine without a greasy feel
  • Supports scalp health with essential nutrients, including Vitamin E
  • Formulated without sulfates or parabens, making it safe for various hair types


  • The scent might be overpowering for some users
  • It has been discontinued by the manufacturer, which might affect availability
  • Its lightweight nature may require more frequent application for very dry hair

Our experience with the Jamaican Mango & Lime Sproil is largely positive.

Once we got the hang of how much to use, a couple of spritzes were all it took to give our locs a vibrant sheen and much-needed moisture.

The spray nozzle made targeting those thirsty, dry areas a breeze, and a quick massage worked wonders, leaving the hair feeling revitalized.

This product stood out by not only making our locs look good but also feel softer and healthier.

The addition of Vitamin E was noticeable as it seemed to nourish right down to the scalp, keeping it and our roots in great shape.

It's a relief to find a product that's free from harsh chemicals, and that commitment to natural ingredients is something we always appreciate.

Although the Jamaican Mango & Lime Sproil is no longer produced by the manufacturer, our experience with it has been so rewarding that we'd suggest grabbing it while it's still available.

Its nutrient-rich formula has been a boon for our hair care routine, and we've noticed a substantial improvement in the condition of our locs.

The scent is potent, evoking tropical vibes that linger pleasantly, though some may find it a tad strong. Overall, it's a product we've come to rely on.


Difeel Peppermint Hair Oil

$12.99 ON AMAZON ->

We think this oil is a must-try for anyone with locs looking for a refreshing scalp treatment and hair nourishment.


  • Provides quick relief for itchy, dry scalp
  • Hair feels softer and shines after use
  • Free from harmful additives like petroleum and alcohol


  • The scent may be too strong for some preferences
  • Not everyone favors soybean oil as a base
  • Some users may anticipate a higher peppermint oil concentration

After incorporating Difeel's Peppermint Hair Oil into our routine, we've come to appreciate its invigorating effects on the scalp.

It's such a relief to find an oil that tackles dryness and flakiness without the wait. Feeling that instant cooling sensation really makes a difference, especially on demanding days.

What's refreshing is how the hair instantly feels more manageable and visually appealing as well.

Accolades to the formula for keeping nasty ingredients at bay, our locs felt nourished without the concern of adding any toxins to our scalp and hair.

It's nice to know that a product can provide such luxury to our locs without comprising on health.

And while the peppermint scent is a notable pick-me-up, it's worth considering your personal preference and those around you who might be sensitive to stronger fragrances.

Furthermore, if you're particular about the oil base, soybean might not be your top choice.

Last but not least, if you expect a more intense peppermint oil experience, you may find this blend a bit subdued.


Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl

$12.12 ON AMAZON ->

We believe this oil is a must-have for anyone with locs looking for a product that hydrates and adds a healthy sheen without heaviness.


  • Doubles as a skin moisturizer, offering great versatility
  • Infused with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Olive Oil
  • Non-greasy formula that leaves hair soft and shiny


  • The scent may be overwhelming for some users
  • Packaging may leak, so it requires careful handling
  • Those with a sensitive scalp might find the fragrance irritating

After applying Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl, our locs felt remarkably soft and had a noticeable sheen. The oil distributed easily throughout the hair without leaving any greasy residue, which can be a concern with other hair oils.

It’s a pleasure to have one product that can be used on both hair and skin, saving us shelf space and money.

The versatility of this product impressed us; whether used as a hot oil treatment or a quick scalp massage, it delivered consistent results.

The presence of natural ingredients like Olive Oil and Vitamin E ensures that our hair receives the nourishment it needs. This adds a layer of protection against dryness that’s essential for maintaining healthy locs.

We appreciate that the oil is paraben-free and designed for dry hair types, aligning with our commitment to using health-conscious products. It isn't just about keeping locs healthy—it's about embracing an all-around self-care routine, and Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl fits into this routine seamlessly.


Buying Guide

When selecting the best oil for locs, we must take into account several key criteria to ensure that our hair receives the proper nourishment and care.

Oil Type

There are various types of oils, each with its own benefits for locs. We consider these types:

  • Moisturizing Oils: These oils provide essential hydration to our locs.
  • Sealing Oils: These are applied after moisturizing to seal in the moisture.
  • Essential Oils: These oils are not used alone but are great for adding to a carrier oil for their therapeutic properties.


We should look for natural, organic ingredients without harmful additives, which are healthier for our scalp and locs:

  • Natural Oils: Prefer oils that are cold-pressed and unrefined as they retain more nutrients.
  • Additives: Avoid oils with sulfates, silicones, and parabens, which can cause build-up and dryness.


The purity of an oil impacts its effectiveness:

  • Pure Oils: These oils are not blended with other oils and offer the full strength of their natural properties.
  • Blends: Some products combine oils to offer a balanced mix of nutrients. Ensure the blend is appropriate for loc maintenance.

Hair Porosity

Understanding our hair's porosity can guide us in choosing an oil that best penetrates and benefits our locs.

  • Low Porosity: Lighter oils are typically better as they won't create build-up.
  • High Porosity: Heavier oils can be more beneficial for retaining moisture.

Absorption Rate

Oils with a fast absorption rate prevent our locs from feeling greasy and heavy:

  • Low absorption rate might lead to build-up.
  • A high absorption rate is suitable for a non-greasy feel.

Using the table below, we can evaluate which features align with our loc care needs:

Feature Why It Matters
Oil Type Determines the primary benefit to the hair
Ingredients Impacts health and wellness of hair and scalp
Purity Affects potency and impact on locs
Hair Porosity Guides selection for optimal absorption
Absorption Rate Influences the feel and weight of the hair

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering oils for locs, we prioritize their nourishing properties and their ability to support hair growth and health. Here are some common questions and our insights on how different oils can be used effectively with locs.

Which natural oils promote the growth of dreadlocks?

Coconut oil, peppermint oil, and jojoba oil are among the natural oils known to support the growth of dreadlocks by stimulating the scalp and providing essential nutrients to hair follicles.

How can olive oil affect the health of my locs?

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and can deeply moisturize locs, which helps reduce breakage and improve their overall health and luster when used in moderation.

Is it better to apply oil to the locs or directly to the scalp?

Applying oil to the scalp can foster a healthy environment for hair growth, while applying it to the locs helps to seal in moisture and maintain their health. We recommend a balance of both.

Can castor oil improve the condition of dreadlocks?

Yes, castor oil is known for its ability to strengthen strands, promote growth, and add a healthy sheen to dreadlocks. It's especially beneficial for those with dry or thinning locs.

How do you properly moisturize dreadlocks?

To properly moisturize dreadlocks, you should lightly mist them with water. Then, apply a small amount of oil such as jojoba or argan oil. This helps to lock in moisture without causing buildup.

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