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Carols Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Scalp and Hair Oil

Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Scalp and Hair Oil Review

Navigating a sea of haircare products, we recently stumbled upon Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend. Tailor-made for wavy, coily, and curly hair types, this treatment promises a robust defense against breakage while offering a superbly moisturizing experience.

During our use, we noted its effectiveness; with multiple thoughtful ingredients like castor oil and black cumin seed, it seemed to fortify hair as promised. It contains a blend of seven oils which we found to be lightweight and non-greasy, a boon for those who dread that weighed-down feeling.

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Upon application, the first thing we noticed was the scent—a pleasant and not overpowering fragrance that gave us a luxurious sensation. The pointed-tip applicator got the oil directly to our scalps effortlessly, an essential feature for spot-on hydration. However, it's not without its niggles; a few of us with fine hair had to be extra careful with the quantity to avoid a greasy appearance.

Bottom Line

Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend could be your hair's next secret weapon. It scores points for its moisturizing capabilities and strength-enhancing properties—resulting in less breakage between washes. While it may require a careful hand for those with finer hair textures, the overall benefits are quite impressive.

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Overview: Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Scalp and Hair Oil

We've recently had the chance to incorporate the Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend into our routine, and it's designed for those of us with wavy, coily, and curly hair looking for a treatment to minimize breakage. Enhanced with castor oil, Black Cumin Seed, and ginger, this product aims to hydrate while reinforcing weak strands.

In our experience, the oil is light enough to avoid weighing down our hair, a common concern with such treatments. It softens and adds moisture, and in terms of strength, when used in tandem with other products from the Goddess Strength range, it's shown to mane the hair feel significantly stronger.

Applying this oil with its pointed tip directly to the scalp is straightforward, and we find that it absorbs well without leaving a greasy residue. For daily use, it's as simple as massaging a small amount into hair and scalp and going about your day.

However, a few of us did notice that overuse could lead to a bit of frizz for those with finer hair textures, indicating that moderation is key. A vast majority appreciate the scent, which is subtly invigorating due to the ginger and turmeric notes.

Founded by Lisa Price, a black woman who started Carol's Daughter in her kitchen, the brand reflects a commitment towards natural hair care that many of us value. It doesn't have parabens, silicones, petroleum, mineral oil, or synthetic colors, which is reassuring for us who are mindful of the ingredients we use on our body.

While not everyone adores the fragrance and consistency, the general consensus is a thumbs up for the healthful impact it has had on our hair, making it a noteworthy staple in our hair care regime.

Key Features

Hydrating Hair Treatment

In our experience with Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength hair oil, we've found that its hydrating properties truly show after consistent use. Designed for curly hair, it aims to address breakage and split ends. Following every application, the scalp felt more moisturized, and our hair appeared stronger without feeling heavy.

7 Oil Blend Hair Oil

The product's blend includes Sunflower Seed, Olive, Jojoba, Coconut, Black Cumin Seed, Linseed, Castor, and Soybean Oils, which together contribute to the health of various hair types. We noticed that this mix helped give our hair a noticeable boost in strength, especially during growth stages.

Anti-Breakage Benefits

Upon testing it alongside the full system of shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in cream, we saw a substantial reduction in hair breakage--as promised by the product. It's impressive how just one use can make hair feel 15 times stronger when integrated into a daily hair care routine.

Ease of Use

The applicator design truly sets this hair oil apart when it comes to ease of use. Applying directly to the scalp and hair couldn't be simpler, and it's been a breeze to work it into our hair care routine. Plus, it's versatile enough to use on either damp or dry hair, which adds convenience for those of us with busy lifestyles.

Product Benefits

After regular use, we've discovered that Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Hair Oil offers notable improvements to hair health. This oil is a blend of nourishing ingredients like castor oil, black cumin seed, and ginger that work together to strengthen hair from roots to ends. Notably, users experience a dramatic reduction in breakage, promoting length retention.

The product is designed for easy application, with a tip applicator that directly targets the scalp, ensuring efficient use and minimizing waste. Despite its rich formulation, the oil doesn't weigh hair down, making it suitable even for fine hair that's prone to greasiness.

Our community feedback highlights the oil's effectiveness in hydrating and moisturizing coily and curly hair types, revealing a noticeable difference in hair softness and manageability after application. Although it's exceptionally beneficial for curly hair, all hair types and protective styles can gain strength and vitality from the 7 Oil Blend.

However, some might find the consistency too oily, and its fragrance, while generally pleasant, might not appeal to everyone. The oil's performance may vary, with a few finding that it does not completely absorb into their scalp or hair, potentially leading to frizziness.

Overall, our hands-on experience confirms that Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Hair Oil is a robust treatment for reinforcing weak strands and promoting a healthier scalp, contributing to stronger, more resilient hair.

Pros and Cons


After integrating the Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend into our hair care routine, we've observed some significant benefits. Our hair feels more hydrated, which is a boon for those of us with curls tending towards dryness. We've noticed a reduction in breakage and split ends, attributing it to the nourishing properties of the blend of oils, including Sunflower Seed, Olive, and Castor oils, among others. The targeted applicator is a convenient touch, enabling us to apply the oil directly to the scalp with minimal fuss.

  • Hydration without heaviness: Our hair remains bouncy and doesn't feel weighed down.
  • Strengthens hair: There's a notable improvement in our hair's resilience.
  • Frizz reduction: The oil seems to effectively tame frizzy strands.
  • Easy application: The pointed tip allows for precise application without waste.
  • Pleasant aroma: The scent adds a subtle, enjoyable fragrance to our hair care experience.


However, there are a few drawbacks worth mentioning. While the oil offers a plethora of benefits, some of us have experienced issues. Not all hair types have responded well to the oil's consistency, with some feeling it was too heavy or greasy. And even though the smell is generally pleasing, it's subjective and might not be everyone's cup of tea.

  • Greasiness: For those with fine or less porous hair, the oil could lead to a greasy appearance.
  • Fragrance: Potentially overpowering for certain individuals.
  • Absorption issues: Some of us noticed that the oil does not fully absorb into the scalp, leaving a residue.
  • Packaging woes: A few reports mentioned defective packaging that led to leaks.

In sum, while the Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend provides considerable hydration and strength to hair, individual experiences may vary. Mindful application and quantity adjustment can mitigate some cons, but it’s clear that the product might not suit every hair type or preference.

Customer Reviews

We've spent time with Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Oil and found a wide array of feedback from the community. A majority of users celebrate the product for its pleasant scent and effective moisturizing properties. People with curly hair seem particularly pleased, noting that it aids with hair softness without leaving a greasy residue. One standout point is its ease of application, which parents find useful for their children's hair care routines.

However, the experience isn't universal. A few users mention that the oil didn't absorb well into the scalp, sometimes leading to undesired frizziness. Some also express disappointment over its heaviness and the strong perfume, which might not be suitable for sensitive individuals.

Our takeaway is that while this hair oil has been a game changer for many, especially in terms of promoting hair health and growth, those with fine hair or sensitivity to fragrances should approach with caution. Users have creatively experimented with the quantity used to find their perfect balance.

Founder's Story

When we recently got our hands on Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend, we were intrigued not just by the product itself, but by the story behind it. The brand was birthed from the humble beginnings of Lisa Price's Brooklyn kitchen in 1993, where Price, a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, began crafting hair care products.

Her intent was straightforward and heartfelt: to create high-quality, natural hair products that cater to the needs of women with curly, coily, and wavy hair. We've seen firsthand the results of such thoughtfulness; this hair oil treatment embodies the brand's ethos of empowering women through strength and self-care.

Testing the Goddess Strength oil, we felt the commitment to maintaining hair health without the weighty feel that some treatments have. It's a balancing act of hydration and strength, and we admire how this product supports hair as it grows, aiming to minimize breakage. It's a testament to Lisa Price's vision, which was, and still is, about fostering confidence and celebrating individual beauty. Her dedication is now a solution for anyone dealing with weak, prone-to-breakage hair, seeking not just to repair but also to fortify their hair.


If you're in search of a hair oil that tackles dryness and promotes healthy hair, Goddess Strength by Carol's Daughter might be worth a try. In our experience, the pleasant fragrance adds to the appeal, creating a lovely hair care ritual. While the oil's consistency is rich, it doesn't weigh hair down. We've noticed it makes hair quite soft and manages breakage effectively, which is a significant plus for those with wavy to curly hair types.

However, some of us felt the oil was a bit too heavy, occasionally leaving hair looking frizzy instead of smooth. It seems like finding the right amount for your hair type is key. This was especially true for those of us with finer hair textures concerned about greasiness. It's all about balance and usage—too much and you might not achieve the desired effect.

Overall, Goddess Strength serves as a convenient all-in-one oil blend. Its nurturing properties have been a game-changer for some, improving overall hair health and softness without leaving a greasy residue when used in moderation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered some common questions about Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Scalp and Hair Oil to help you understand what to expect from this product.

What benefits can be expected from using Goddess Strength Scalp and Hair Oil?

When using this hair oil, we noticed several benefits. It hydrates curly hair effectively, making it a good choice for managing breakage and split ends. The scalp also felt more nourished without weighing down the hair. Over time, hair appeared stronger and healthier, able to resist breakage between washes.

How does Goddess Strength Oil compare to other hair growth oil products?

Compared to other oils we've used, Goddess Strength stands out for its unique blend of multiple oils that work together to strengthen the hair. While individual results can vary, this product brings together the benefits of castor, black cumin seed, and more in a single formula, supporting hair strength and providing moisture without causing buildup.

Can Goddess Strength Leave In be used in conjunction with the scalp and hair oil for better results?

Absolutely, we recommend using the full system, including the leave-in conditioner. The product line is designed to complement each other, enhancing overall hair strength and moisture. After incorporating the leave-in treatment with the oil, we noticed an improvement in softness and manageability.

Is the Goddess Strength Scalp and Hair Oil suitable for all hair types, including 4C?

Yes, it is. Our experience with 4C hair showed that the oil provided needed moisture without being too heavy. The product description also indicates its suitability for all hair types and styles, so those with coily to wavy textures can benefit from its use.

What ingredients in the Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend contribute to stronger hair?

The 7 Oil Blend includes powerful ingredients known for their benefits to hair health. For example, castor oil is lauded for its ability to enhance hair strength and moisture. The sunflower seed, olive, and jojoba oils bring softness and shine, while black cumin seed and ginger are known for their stimulating properties. These contribute to overall stronger, more resilient hair.

How often should Goddess Strength Hair and Scalp Oil be applied for optimal benefits?

The product suggests daily use or as often as needed for best results. Frequent application ensures continuous moisture and reinforcement against breakage. We followed this recommendation and did indeed see a notable difference in hair strength and appearance when used regularly.

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