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10 Best Rose Water for Locs: Find Soothing Hair Hydration

Rose water has been celebrated for centuries for its versatile uses and benefits, spanning culinary, cosmetic, and therapeutic applications. Its gentle floral scent and anti-inflammatory properties have made it a favorite in hair care routines, especially for those with locs.

The natural hydration and pH-balancing effects of rose water can soothe the scalp, reduce dandruff, and add a soft fragrance to hair, without the harsh chemicals found in many commercial products.

Through our research and hands-on testing, we're dedicated to identifying the best rose water options that can refresh and revitalize your locs. We’ve narrowed down the field to those that not only nurture hair health but also enhance the sensory experience of your hair care routine.

Top Rose Water Selections for Locs

Our rigorous search for the finest rose water options suitable for locs has led us to pinpoint products that stand out for their purity, benefits for hair health, and positive user feedback. We place importance on rose water's ability to hydrate hair, soothe the scalp, and maintain locs without residue.

The selections we’ve chosen cater specifically to these needs, ensuring that you can maintain your locs with a product that is both effective and gentle.

Lion Locs Hydrating Spray

$18.49 ON AMAZON ->

We find the Lion Locs Rosewater Spray is an excellent choice for those needing a refreshing boost and frizz control for their locs.


  • Provides excellent hydration without heavy buildup
  • Contains organic, vegan ingredients for natural care
  • Dual-purpose as a heat protectant, promoting less damage


  • The fragrance, while pleasant, may be too subtle for some
  • 4 oz bottle size could be small for those with long, thick locs
  • Premium ingredients mean a higher price point

You'll be reaching for this spray regularly, impressed by its versatility and performance on various hair types. The mixture of rosewater and glycerin stands out as not just a refreshing spritz but also a critical step in protecting our locs from the dreaded split ends.

The inclusion of essential oils brings a lightweight shine and vitality to your hair, fostering healthy loc growth. This product has genuinely upped our game, making daily care a simple, quick ritual.

The price reflects its quality and organic formulation, a small investment for top-notch loc care.


Locsanity Rose Water Spray

$21.99 ON AMAZON ->

We found that the Locsanity Rose Water Spray is a breath of fresh air for loc care, offering hydration without heavy build-up.


  • Hydrates locs while promoting a healthy scalp
  • Lightweight formula that doesn't leave residue
  • Soothing peppermint scent adds a refreshing touch


  • The spray function may not produce a fine mist
  • Some users may find the peppermint scent too strong
  • The spray nozzle may malfunction when the bottle is half-empty

Harnessing the power of nature, Locsanity's Rose Water Spray has been a game-changer in maintaining our locs. Its hydrating properties have transformed our previously thirsty locs into moisturized and vibrant locks of hair.

With consistent use, the dreaded itchy and flaky scalp has become a thing of the past.

The cooling sensation provided by the peppermint is invigorating—it's like a spa treatment for the scalp every time we use it. It's not just the functionality that's impressive; the scent lifts our spirits each morning. It's a refreshing start to the day, and it keeps our locs smelling fresh in between washes.

Despite its stellar performance, we have encountered some quirks. The spray nozzle could use some improvement—it sometimes jets out liquid instead of a mist, which isn't ideal. A gentle mist would provide a more even application without drenching the locs in several spots.

Nevertheless, it's the efficacy of the spray that keeps us coming back. With each use, our locs remain soft and well-nourished, truly embodying the rejuvenating essence that Locsanity promises.


tgin Rose Water Curl Refresher

$9.99 ON AMAZON ->

We believe this curl refresher is an essential buy for those in need of revitalizing their locs and curls without the greasiness.


  • Provides significant moisture without a heavy feel
  • Enhances curl definition and adds a soft touch to hair
  • Versatile for use on hair and beards


  • The scent might be too strong for sensitive users
  • May not complement all rose-based hair care routines
  • Can become sticky if over-applied

After a long day, our locs often need a quick pick-me-up, and reaching for the tgin Rose Water Curl Refresher has proved to be a game-changer. Its light mist embraces our hair with just enough moisture to refresh our style without any buildup.

By incorporating it into our morning routine, we've noticed our natural hair feels much softer and our curls maintain their bounce and shape throughout the day.

Given its multipurpose nature, it's not just our hair that reaps the benefits. Applying a small amount to facial hair leaves beards feeling well-hydrated and easily manageable. It's a staple in our gym bags too, effectively breathing life back into our bedraggled post-workout curls.

We appreciate that it's crafted by a predominantly women-run and Black-owned company, adding a layer of trust and community support that resonates with us.

However, while the fragrance is generally pleasant, those of us with a sensitive nose find it a tad overbearing at times. It's a subtle reminder that a little goes a long way – a few spritzes are sufficient to dodge any stickiness.


Heritage Rosewater for Hair & Skin

$12.49 ON AMAZON ->

We believe this rosewater is a stellar pick for its simplicity and effectiveness, especially for those nurturing locs.


  • Freshens up locs with a pleasant, subtle rose scent
  • Adds moisture without leaving residue or buildup
  • Versatile use, beneficial for both skin and hair


  • The bottle doesn't come with a spray top
  • It might not deliver the deep clean some prefer for their scalp
  • A rare few may find the scent too subtle

Opening the bottle of Heritage Rosewater, our locs felt revived the moment the delicate mist settled. The light scent of roses wafts gently, not overpowering, and the moisture it brings is just right—not weighing down the hair but leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated.

We incorporated it into our daily hair care routine, adding a spritz in the morning for a refreshing start to the day.

In our experience, this rosewater doubles as a skin hydrator. A quick application left our skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Especially under makeup, it acted as a primer, giving a dewy canvas without any sticky aftermath.

Its minimal ingredient list was a relief. We felt good about using a product free of harsh chemicals on our scalp and face.

However, we did miss the convenience of a spray top. Pouring it out and then finding another bottle to repackage it for misting was a bit of a hassle.

Also, for those of us who prefer a more radiant scent or a deeper cleaning feel, this rosewater might fall slightly short. Despite these minor setbacks, the Heritage Rosewater is a product we appreciate for its day-long hydration and the subtle floral essence that rejuvenates locs and skin alike.


Lockology Loc Refresh

$16.95 ON AMAZON ->

We believe the Lockology Loc Refresh is a must-have for maintaining healthy and revitalized locs thanks to its natural ingredients and effectiveness.


  • Infuses locs with quick hydration
  • Leaves no residue or buildup
  • Pleasant, delicate rose scent


  • The quantity may be less than expected
  • The scent might not appeal to everyone
  • Bottle size can be too small for frequent users

The refreshing sensation after applying Lockology Loc Refresh is immediate. The dryness in our locs vanishes, replaced by a comforting moisture that suggests a deep, nourishing soak.

It's as if each loc gets a quick spa treatment—revitalized, softer, and more manageable.

Even as frequent users, we've noticed a distinct absence of residue. This is a big deal; too many sprays promise no buildup but fail to deliver.

With Lockology Loc Refresh, our locs remain lightweight and airy, allowing us to maintain a clean scalp and locs without the irritation that comes from heavy products.

We also appreciate the scent. It's not overpowering but carries a subtle hint of roses that feels upscale.

It's a welcomed change from the more artificial smells in other hair products. However, some might find the fragrance reminiscent of vintage perfumes, which can be off-putting to certain noses.

On the downside, while the bottle is sleek and fits perfectly in our grooming kit, we wouldn't mind if it came in a larger size.

We go through it quickly, as the refreshing effects have become a cherished part of our daily routine. A smaller volume means more frequent purchases, which is less than ideal.

In our experience, the hydration Lockology Loc Refresh provides makes it stand out from other products. Yet, we suggest you weigh the volume and potential scent concerns.

Nevertheless, its benefits are substantial enough to give it a strong recommendation for anyone looking to rejuvenate their locs.


Locs Refresher Spray

$14.95 ON AMAZON ->

We highly recommend this spray for those seeking to rejuvenate their locs with a delightful scent and effective hydration.


  • Infuses moisture, keeping locs soft and healthy
  • Soothes the scalp and helps prevent dandruff
  • Adds a lustrous shine and improves manageability


  • The fragrance may be strong for some users
  • Occasional pump malfunctions reported
  • May not be suitable for those with fragrance sensitivities

After misting my locs with MFL MADE FOR LOCS Vegan Rose Water Refresher Spray, they felt instantly revitalized.

The aromatic blend of pomegranate and pear offered a fresh and pleasant scent, which was an instant mood lift.

My scalp felt soothed thanks to the rose water, and I could tell that the rice water was beginning to strengthen my hair strands.

Using this spray daily has made a noticeable difference – my locs have a shiny and vibrant look now.

Their manageability has also seen a significant boost, making styling them less of a struggle in the morning.

It's great to have a product that works well without leaving any greasy residue or heavy feeling.

I did encounter a minor hiccup with the pump not working smoothly, but this was a small inconvenience compared to the benefits.

Just a small heads up, the scent can linger, which is wonderful unless you're sensitive to fragrances.

Overall, our locks are definitely happier, and we would consider this product a staple in our loc care routine.



$19.99 ON AMAZON ->

We think anyone looking for a nourishing mist for locs should try LOCLICIOUS Hydrating Rose Water for its lightweight, organic hydrating properties.


  • Intensely conditions without leaving residue
  • Organic ingredients with a delightful fragrance
  • Manufactured in the USA adhering to quality standards


  • May not suit those sensitive to fragrances
  • Priced higher than some alternatives
  • Bottle size may be small for those with voluminous hair

Infused with organic rose water and aloe, the LOCLICIOUS Hydrating Rose Water Mist has been a game-changer for us.

After just a few spritzes, it feels like a breath of fresh air for our locs, providing the kind of hydration that revitalizes from root to tip.

The lightweight formula is a major plus; it absorbs quickly and doesn't weigh hair down or leave any sticky feeling behind.

The scent is another high point. It leaves a subtle, fresh aloe aroma that lingers pleasantly without being overpowering.

It's not just about smelling nice, though—the blend of essential oils and glycerin noticeably strengthens and nourishes our hair, making breakage less of a worry for us.

And for those of us looking to steer clear of harsh chemicals, the all-natural ingredient list is reassuring.

Free from sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, it's a healthy treat for locs.

Always supporting local production, we're fans of LOCLICIOUS being made in the USA, ensuring that quality standards are met with every bottle.

Despite these benefits, we should mention a few considerations. The enchanting scent might be a tad strong for those with sensitivities—something to keep in mind before purchasing.

Also, the cost is a bit steeper compared to some other products on the market, but the quality justifies the price for us.

Lastly, if your locs are particularly dense, the 8-ounce bottle may run out quickly—but a little goes a long way.


Pride and Beauty Restoration Spray

$11.99 ON AMAZON ->

We believe this restoration spray is a fantastic addition to any loc maintenance routine for its natural conditioning properties and hair strengthening benefits.


  • Natural conditioner that promotes loc growth and helps maintain scalp health
  • Light consistency that prevents product buildup
  • Infused with green tea to strengthen hair and reduce shedding


  • Smaller bottle size may not be sufficient for those who require frequent use
  • Some concerns about product packaging and dispenser quality
  • Refrigeration requirement can be inconvenient

Emerging from the shower, we appreciate the light mist of the Pride and Beauty Restoration Spray settling on our locs, the scent of roses subtly enveloping us.

Its application feels nothing short of a spa ritual; the spray bottle delivers a gentle, even mist that's instantly refreshing.

We've noticed after consistent use, our locs seem invigorated, with a noticeable reduction in dryness and brittleness.

The green tea extract appears to support hair health, contributing to less breakage as we style our locs daily.

Critically speaking, we were less than pleased with the bottle's size — a larger option would certainly be more practical for those of us who make rose water a staple in our loc care routine.

Additionally, some of us were taken aback when the delivery included a different sprayer than the one pictured — an oversight that could easily disappoint.

Despite these criticisms, our collective experience suggests that the Pride and Beauty Restoration Spray could be a beneficial addition to your loc care regimen, especially if you value natural hair care solutions.


LE SHEA Hibiscus & Rose Water Spray

$16.99 ON AMAZON ->

For those with locs seeking a natural moisturizing product, we find the LE SHEA Hibiscus & Rose Water Spray to be a refreshing choice due to its all-natural composition and multi-use benefits.


  • Infuses each strand with the hydrating properties of aloe vera and vegetable glycerin
  • Offers a pleasant fragrance that doesn't overwhelm the senses
  • Perfectly versatile for use on both hair and skin


  • Limited availability might restrict prompt access to it
  • With only two reviews, broader feedback is desirable
  • Potential sensitivity to rose oil for some users

When we used LE SHEA's spray on our locs, the first thing we noticed was the sensation of enhanced moisture.

The fine mist delivered a non-greasy hydration that penetrated deep into our hair, leaving it feeling revitalized.

Its versatility impressed us too; a few spritzes on the skin worked wonders for hydration levels.

Unlike some toners that can be harsh, this one felt soothing, and it’s promising to see the same level of care extended to our skin.

The dreadlock community often seeks products that won't cause build-up or residue, which is why we appreciated the spray's clean feel.

It managed to alleviate itchiness without leaving behind any stickiness, making it a fantastic daily companion.


Orientdreads Rose Mist

$18.99 ON AMAZON ->

We believe this hydrating mist is key for locs that crave moisture and a refreshing glow. It delivers a promise of hydration and aromatic bliss.


  • Offers multi-use flexibility for hair, face, and body refreshment
  • A formulation combining rose water and glycerin for superior hydration
  • Vegan and cruelty-free, with eco-friendly packaging


  • The fragrance may not appeal to everyone's taste
  • Bottle size and price might not meet everyone's value expectations
  • Potential issues with the spray nozzle on the bottle

After a long day, your locs often lose that morning moisture and might start to look a little dull. A quick spritz of the Orientdreads Rose Water Hydrating Mist can change all that. Its rose extract infuses life and moisture back into the hair, offering a much-needed pick-me-up.

Incorporating this mist into your loc care routine leaves a noticeable difference, with locs feeling more supple and vibrant.

On top of its potency for hair, this mist doubles as a skin refresher. After using it post-cleansing, our skin feels replenished and has a subtle, healthy shine. Balancing the PH of your skin is an added bonus, contributing to its multitasking prowess.

There's a distinct feeling of freshness that persists, a quality loveable in any skincare product.

Even when it's not about hair or skin hydration, this product comes handy. Its castor oil ingredient is great for setting makeup with just a light mist. It offers a glow without the heavy greasy feel.

Yet, it's worth mentioning, some of us were not completely sold on the rose scent. If you're particular about fragrances, it might take some getting used to.

Despite that, when our locs and skin needed a hydrating touch, this rose water mist answered the call beautifully.


Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When selecting rose water for locs, we should look at several key aspects to ensure we choose a product that nourishes and maintains the health of our hair.

  • Purity: Ensure the rose water is pure, without added chemicals or preservatives that could harm your locs.
  • Origin: Consider the source of the rose water; traditionally, roses from specific regions are renowned for their quality.
  • Distillation Process: Opt for steam-distilled rose water, which tends to retain more beneficial properties compared to other extraction methods.

Understanding Your Needs

Each person’s hair is unique, and understanding our specific needs is crucial. We must assess whether we require rose water for hydration, scalp issues, or fragrance.

  • Hydration: If it's for dry locs, look for rose water that promotes moisture retention.
  • Scalp Care: For scalp health, we would prefer options with anti-inflammatory properties.


We should closely examine the ingredient list for added elements that might enhance or detract from the rose water's effectiveness.

Ingredient Type Purpose
Essential Oils Added for fragrance & benefits
Glycerin For extra hydration
Alcohol Avoid if present, can be drying


The type of packaging can influence the quality and shelf-life of rose water.

  • Dark Glass Bottles: These protect the integrity of rose water from sunlight.
  • Spray Nozzle: Provides convenience for evenly distributing rose water on the locs.


We must be prudent with our budget and consider cost-effectiveness. While not opting for the cheapest option, we should find a product that offers a good balance between price and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we cover some of the top questions concerning the use of rose water for maintaining healthy dreadlocks.

How does rose water benefit dreadlocks?

Rose water is known for its natural conditioning properties. It helps to soothe the scalp, reduce dandruff, and moisturize dreadlocks to prevent brittleness and breakage.

Can I use rose water on my locs daily, and what are the potential effects?

Yes, you can use rose water on your locs daily as it is typically gentle and hydrating. Daily use helps maintain moisture and can promote a healthy scalp environment, but it is important to observe how your locs respond to ensure it does not cause over-moisturization.

What should I look for in rose water to ensure it's suitable for my locs?

When choosing rose water for your locs, look for pure and organic products without additives or preservatives. The fewer ingredients, the better, to ensure that your locs get the most natural care.

Are there any specific techniques for applying rose water to dreadlocks?

For best results, apply rose water to the scalp and dreadlocks with a spray bottle. This allows for even distribution. You can gently massage the scalp after application to ensure the benefits reach the skin beneath the locs.

How does the quality of rose water impact the health and appearance of locs?

High-quality rose water is free from additives. It provides essential vitamins and minerals to the hair. It supports the integrity of the hair cuticle.

This results in locs with enhanced shine and less frizz. It also reflects the overall health of the hair.

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