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Best ACV for Locs

6 Best ACV Rinses for Locs: Find Top ACV Rinse Products

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinses have grown increasingly popular as a natural hair care solution, particularly among individuals with locs. This is because ACV is known for its ability to cleanse the scalp deeply, remove buildup, and restore pH balance without stripping hair of its natural oils. Utilizing an ACV rinse for locs can help maintain the health and aesthetic of the hair, combatting issues like dandruff, itchy scalp, and excessive oiliness, which are common with locs.

Selecting the best ACV rinse for locs entails considering a few key factors. The quality of the apple cider vinegar is paramount. Organic, unfiltered, and unpasteurized varieties contain the "mother" of vinegar – a cobweb-like amino acid-based substance that harbors beneficial enzymes. Additionally, the concentration of the rinse should be suitable for hair; too strong of a solution can irritate the scalp, while too weak may be ineffective. Complementary ingredients such as essential oils can also enhance the benefits, offering soothing, moisturizing, or stimulating properties.

After examining a variety of ACV rinses and taking note of their sourcing, formulation, and user-friendliness, we have identified options that stand out for their effectiveness in promoting a healthy scalp and radiant locs. Our findings aim to streamline the selection process for those seeking the top ACV rinse for their hair care routine.

Top ACV Rinses for Locs

We've researched and curated a list of the most effective apple cider vinegar rinses that cater specifically to the needs of loc'd hair. These products aim to cleanse the scalp, maintain the pH balance, and ensure the locs remain healthy without any build-up. Our selection reflects the best options available, designed to give your locs the care they deserve.

Natural First Mango & Ginger ACV Rinse

Natural First Mango and Ginger ACV Rinse product image

We believe this ACV rinse could be a game-changer for maintaining healthy, shiny locs due to its blend of natural ingredients and nutrients.


  • Infusion of mango and ginger lends a refreshing scent and antioxidant properties.
  • The ACV base effectively removes buildup, promoting a clean and invigorated scalp.
  • Vitamins A, C, and E enrich the hair, aiding in strengthening and protecting against environmental damage.


  • The prominence of vinegar could be off-putting for some due to its strong aroma.
  • For those who prefer a more DIY approach, the product may seem unnecessary.
  • There have been comments about the product turning bad fairly quickly.

Using the Natural First Mango & Ginger ACV Rinse for the first time, we were immediately struck by the potent, earthy scent characteristic of apple cider vinegar, complemented by a subtle hint of mango and ginger. The liquid felt nourishing as it worked its way through the locs, and it was easy to apply directly to the scalp. The tingling sensation post-rinse was an indicator of its deep cleansing properties.

Rinsing it out was a breeze. The water ran clear quickly, suggesting that residues and oils were indeed being lifted away. After drying, our locs felt lighter and more vibrant. Our scalp had a refreshed, almost zesty feeling, hinting at the antiseptic qualities of the product.

Continuous use over several weeks revealed a marked improvement in both the health of our locs and the comfort of our scalp. The product's natural antioxidants seemed to bestow a protective sheen, even as we spent time in the sun. Given these experiences, those who prioritize convenience, as well as the health of their hair and scalp, would likely find this ACV rinse to be a valuable addition to their hair care regimen.

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dpHUE ACV Rinse Lite

dpHUE ACV Rinse Lite product image

We recommend the dpHUE ACV Rinse Lite for anyone seeking a gentle and effective alternative to shampoo for fine hair, especially if maintaining vibrant color and healthy oils is a priority.


  • Enhances hair softness without adding weight
  • Soothes scalp irritations with natural botanicals
  • Locks in color and boosts shine


  • May not lather as well as traditional shampoos
  • Could leave hair with a different texture compared to regular conditioners
  • Price point may be high for some budgets

After incorporating dpHUE ACV Rinse Lite into our routine, we noticed a significant improvement in the feel and appearance of our locs. Even with fine hair, it effectively cleansed without stripping away natural oils. Our scalp felt refreshed, and there was no heaviness after use, which is often a concern with rinse products. The infusion of lavender extract and aloe vera provided an additional conditioning effect that left our hair soft to the touch.

Its color-locking technology stood out for us. We found it sealed our cuticles, which kept our colored locs looking vibrant and fresh. More so, this product helped to balance the scalp's pH, giving a natural shine that’s difficult to achieve with standard shampoos.

As long-term loc wearers, maintaining strength and integrity is essential. dpHUE ACV Rinse Lite's protein-rich formula, coupled with argan oil, felt nourishing and reinforced our hair’s resilience. The rinse also served as an excellent detangler, making overall hair management a breeze.

In summary, dpHUE ACV Rinse Lite is a standout choice for those wishing to maintain healthy, vibrant locs without the weight of traditional products. Its balancing and strengthening properties ensure that hair care is a soothing and beautifying ritual.

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G+H ACV Rinse

G+H ACV Rinse product image

We find the G+H ACV Rinse to be a game-changer for loc care, promoting a healthy scalp and lustrous hair without harsh chemicals.


  • Efficiently removes buildup while preserving natural oils
  • Enhances shine and volume, which is crucial for healthy-looking locs
  • Supports scalp health and helps prevent itching and flakiness


  • The liquid consistency may require careful application to avoid waste
  • Some users might not favor the natural scent of apple cider vinegar
  • May not provide the desired results for all hair textures

Using the G+H ACV Rinse feels like hitting the reset button for our locs. The lightweight liquid removes product buildup effortlessly, leaving behind a palpable sense of scalp detoxification. Our hair felt not just clean, but visibly refreshed and as if it could truly breathe again.

The way this rinse boosts shine and volume is remarkable; our locs had a noticeable vibrancy post-use. Additionally, it's been a relief to have a no-foam cleansing option that's both gentle and effective. It really stands out as a weekly treatment that maintains our hair's pH balance and overall health.

We appreciate the scalp care benefits this rinse provides. Dryness and itchiness are common concerns for us, and the G+H ACV Rinse combats these issues with ease. The alleviation of flakiness and the promotion of a healthy hair growth environment unequivocally earn this product a spot in our regular loc maintenance routine.

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Creme of Nature ACV Rinse

Creme of Nature ACV Rinse product image

We believe that Creme of Nature's ACV Rinse should be considered due to its ability to deep clean locs without moisture loss, adding a healthy shine.


  • Maintains hair's natural pH and seals cuticles
  • Effectively removes product build-up
  • Infuses hair with softness and an exotic shine


  • The scent might not appeal to everyone
  • Pull top cap design may be inconvenient
  • May not be suitable for all hair types, as some users reported dryness

Having tried out Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, the first thing we've noticed is how it effortlessly cleansed our scalp and locs, removing the build-up from the week. It doesn't have the usual harsh vinegar smell; instead, it carries a hint of argan oil which pleasingly masks the vinegar, making the rinsing routine much more enjoyable.

The feel of the locs after the rinse is noticeably softer, and there's a sheen to them that we'd attribute to the argan oil infusion. We find it's conducive to the health of the hair, maintaining the natural pH balance and keeping the cuticles sealed for added protection against breakage.

Using this rinse has been beneficial, especially because it can be part of a simple hair care routine without the fuss of mixing DIY concoctions. We do have reservations about the packaging, as the pull top might snap closed mid-pour, which can be a bit annoying. And while we haven't experienced any dryness, a few reviews pointed out that it could be drying for certain hair types, so it's something to watch out for.

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Locsanity ACV Rinse

Locsanity ACV Rinse product image

In our collective experience, we recommend the Locsanity Rosewater Peppermint Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Hair Rinse for its effective cleansing and refreshing sensation.


  • Leaves scalps feeling refreshed with a peppermint tingle
  • Effectively removes unwanted build-up from locs
  • Rosewater ingredient helps moisturize and add shine


  • The vinegar aroma may be potent to some users
  • Might not lather as some expect due to its rinsing nature
  • The price point is higher compared to basic ACV solutions

After recently trying this ACV rinse, we found that it performs exceptionally at clarifying locs. The refreshing peppermint scent invigorates the scalp, and there's a noticeable absence of residue once it's rinsed out. Our locs felt lighter and cleaner. The addition of rosewater seems to combat the potential dryness that ACV can sometimes induce, leaving the hair feeling soft and revitalized.

Another aspect we've observed is the ease of use. The rinse applies smoothly, and even with a short leave-in time of 1-3 minutes, the results are immediate. Our scalps felt clean without any signs of irritation – a common concern when using clarifying products.

On the downside, the scent could be a point of contention. While the peppermint is lovely, the underlying apple cider vinegar smell is undoubtedly strong and may be off-putting to some noses. Plus, those used to sudsy cleansers may need to adjust their expectations; this product clarifies without the lather. Finally, we have to acknowledge that this rinse is more expensive than your average bottle of apple cider vinegar, but for those willing to invest a little more for specialized loc care, it seems like a worthy purchase.

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Love Locs Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Powder

Love Locs Apple Cider Vinegar Loc Detox Powder product image

We recommend this product for anyone looking to deeply cleanse and refresh their locs without harsh chemicals.


  • Leaves locs feeling remarkably clean and light
  • Balances scalp pH and prevents pesky scalp issues
  • Straightforward to use with no need for a follow-up rinse


  • Limited availability may affect access
  • Only four reviews may not convince everyone
  • The natural scent may not appeal to all users

We've tried several products, but the Love Locs Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Powder stands out with its natural ingredients. It's challenging to find a cleansing solution that doesn't leave the locs stripped of their natural oils, yet this product masters that balance. With bicarbonate of soda and soapwort extract, this wash gave our locs a deeply purifying experience without drying them out.

Our scalps have never felt more balanced. Apple cider vinegar is a well-known scalp pH stabilizer, and its presence in this detox powder ensures that our dreads are not just clean but also harmonious with our natural skin acidity. Moreover, our locs are fluffier with no trace of the dreaded mildew or mold, even in a humid climate.

Finally, the convenience of this loc soak wash is undeniable. Gone are the days of lengthy wash routines and extra rinses—the powder dissolves quickly, and no follow-up with apple cider vinegar is needed. We're left with locs that feel rejuvenated, revitalized, and ready to face the world. It's a product that delivers on its promises, just as we've experienced.

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Buying Guide

Key Ingredients

When selecting the best apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse for locs, paying attention to key ingredients is imperative. We suggest looking for products that contain raw, unfiltered ACV with the 'mother', which indicates that it is rich in beneficial enzymes and bacteria. Additionally, complementary ingredients such as aloe vera or essential oils can enhance the rinse's effectiveness.

Ingredient Purpose
Raw ACV Balances pH levels
'Mother' of Vinegar Contains enzymes and probiotics
Aloe Vera Moisturizes and soothes scalp
Essential Oils Adds fragrance and additional benefits

pH Level

The pH level of an ACV rinse is crucial, as a proper pH can help maintain a healthy scalp environment and prevents locs from becoming too dry. We emphasize choosing a rinse with a pH close to that of natural hair, which ranges from 4.5 to 5.5.

Use Concentration

Focus on the concentration of ACV in the product. A dilution ratio from 1 part ACV to 3 parts water is generally safe and effective for most hair types. It ensures that the rinse is not too acidic.

Packaging and Application

Consider the packaging and mode of application for ease of use. Sprayer attachments or nozzles can be particularly useful for applying the rinse directly to the scalp and locs.

Feature Benefit
Sprayer Nozzle Facilitates direct application
Squeeze Bottle Allows for controlled dispensing

We hope this guide provides clarity on what to look for when choosing an ACV rinse for locs, ensuring you make an informed decision that benefits the health and maintenance of your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered some of the most common inquiries about ACV rinses for locs to provide clarity and assistance.

What are the essential ingredients for an effective ACV rinse for locs?

For an effective ACV rinse, we recommend using raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, distilled water, and optional ingredients like lemon juice or essential oils for additional scalp benefits and fragrance.

Can you share before and after results of using ACV rinse on locs?

After an ACV rinse, locs typically appear cleaner, and lighter due to the removal of buildup. It can restore scalp health, leading to shinier and more refreshed locs, while before the rinse, locs may appear dull and feel heavy.

What is a reliable recipe for an apple cider vinegar rinse suitable for loc maintenance?

A reliable recipe is mixing one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water. For extra benefits, a teaspoon of baking soda or a few drops of essential oils can be added. This mixture should be used after shampooing and thoroughly rinsed out.

How should I measure the ingredients for a proper ACV loc rinse?

Measuring by parts is the most straightforward method—use one part apple cider vinegar to three to four parts water, depending on your scalp sensitivity. Always measure with the same container for consistency.

What are some alternative methods to detox dreadlocks without using apple cider vinegar?

One alternative method is to use a mixture of baking soda and water for a deep cleanse or to use a commercial dreadlock detox product. Be sure to follow product instructions or recipes, as the ratios can vary.

How can I remove buildup from my dreads effectively?

Aside from an ACV rinse, consider using a clarifying shampoo specially formulated for locs. Alternatively, make a paste with baking soda and water, apply it to wet hair, allow it to sit for 10-20 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

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