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5 Best Hair Ties for Dreads: Top Picks for Secure Hold & Style

5 Best Hair Ties for Dreads: Top Picks for Secure Hold & Style

Hair is a form of personal expression and for those with dreadlocks, it embodies a commitment to a cultural heritage, lifestyle, and a unique aesthetic. The wear and care of dreadlocks is distinct from other hairstyles, as it typically requires specific products that cater to the needs of tightly coiled and interlocked hair. Hair ties are an essential accessory for people with dreadlocks, serving not just a functional role in keeping hair out of the face but also as a means to style and maintain the dreads' integrity over time.

When it comes to selecting the best hair ties for dreadlocks, durability and gentleness are key. Dreadlocks are heavier and denser than other hair types, so the ties must be strong enough to hold the locks without snapping. Simultaneously, they should be gentle to prevent breakage and minimize tension on the scalp. Materials like soft elastic bands or fabric-covered elastics are popular choices because they reduce hair stress and prevent tangling and damage.

It’s vital to choose ties that will not become entangled in the dreads. Products specifically designed to slip off easily after use are ideal, as they minimize the risk of causing knots and painful snags. Size is another important consideration, as the ties must be wide enough to encircle dreads comfortably without being overly stretched or leaving an indented mark.

The right hair tie makes managing dreadlocks easier, helping to keep them neat and styled as needed. We’ve examined various hair ties on the market, prioritizing their strength, comfort, and ease of use specifically for those with dreadlocks, to help you find the best option to suit your needs.

Top Hair Ties for Dreads

We've searched high and low to bring you the top hair ties designed specifically for dreads. Our findings account for strength, flexibility, and gentleness, ensuring your dreads stay secure without any damage. Whether you're looking for options that blend with your hair color or standout styles to make a statement, our selection caters to your needs.

CÉLLOT 50PCS Hair Ties for Dreadlocks

We were impressed by how these hair ties handle the weight and bulk of our dreads without causing any damage or discomfort.


  • Hold dreads securely without slipping
  • No snagging or hair damage when removing
  • Variety of colors to match different styles and preferences


  • May not be suitable for extremely thick and heavy dreads
  • Some packs might have less than the advertised quantity
  • Users with thinner hair might find them too large

We recently tried out the CÉLLOT 50PCS Hair Ties and were quite satisfied with their performance. Our dreads are held firmly in place, which is a testament to the strength of these bands. The 5-color variety complemented our different hairstyles, whether we're aiming for a casual or more polished look.

These ties are a game-changer when it comes to avoiding hair damage. No more dreading the removal process! It's smooth and gentle, maintaining the health of our dreads. They're a fantastic investment for anyone seeking a reliable hold throughout the day.

The only hiccup we faced was with extremely thick dreads, where the ties were stretched to their limits. Additionally, we have come across instances where the quantity received was less than expected, which can be disappointing. If you have fine hair, you may also find them a bit too bulky for your needs.

$9.99 ON AMAZON ->

Spiral Lock Hair Tie Dreadlock Accessory

In our experience, this hair tie is a game-changer for anyone looking to manage their dreads with ease and comfort.


  • Easy to wrap around dreads, providing a secure and customizable fit
  • Handmade, high-quality materials give a personal touch and durability
  • Versatile in style, doubling as a trendy fashion accessory


  • Might be a bit short for those with extremely long or thick dreads
  • Handmade variations may lead to slight inconsistencies
  • The wire's rigidity may take some getting used to

After using these hair ties, we found them remarkably secure. Gone are the days of readjusting a ponytail mid-day; these ties hold dreadlocks tight through an entire routine. Plus, the simple act of wrapping the tie around dreads is straightforward and doesn't require any complicated techniques.

The creative potential is a standout quality. We were able to twist and shape it into different styles, proving its versatility beyond a basic hair accessory. It’s equally suited for those rush-out-the-door mornings as it is for a more deliberate, styled look.

Handling these dreadlock hair ties is a sensory pleasure. Their soft texture contrasts with the strong wire inside, striking a balance between comfort and function. As someone with a constant eye on fashion, we also appreciate that these ties don't compromise on aesthetics, adding a pop of color and flair to an everyday hairstyle.

In summary, this Spiral Lock Hair Tie is a reliable, practical choice for anyone with dreadlocks or similar hair textures looking for a secure hold and a dash of style.

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Nutty Natte 3 Pcs Knotted Elastic Hair Tie for Dreadlock and thick hair

We believe these hair ties are a must-have for anyone with dreads; they blend functionality, style, and comfort seamlessly.


  • Secure hold for thick hair without causing damage
  • The toggle design simplifies the hair management process
  • Wood carving adds elegance to practical hair accessories


  • Elastic durability may be an issue over time
  • Limited color options available
  • The intricate design could be more prone to catching and snagging

Managing our dreads just became a breeze with these Nutty Natte hair ties. They have a firm grip that keeps everything in place, allowing us to go about our day without worrying about constant readjustments. These aren't just hair ties; they're also a stylish statement, thanks to the wood carving detail, which infuses a touch of elegance into our look.

Comfort is key, and this is where these hair ties truly shine. We don't have to deal with that headache some hair ties cause due to being too tight—these have a generous stretch. Plus, installing them is simple and fun. The toggle slips through the wood ring effortlessly for a fastened yet comfortable hold.

However, they aren't flawless. We've noticed the elastic starts to lose its oomph after several uses, which is a bummer. And while the minimal color range might work for most, others may long for more variety to complement their style. Lastly, while the carving is a beautiful aspect, it can catch on things if we're not careful. But overall, it's a worthy product that adequately serves its purpose.

$16.99 ON AMAZON ->

L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders

These L. Erickson Ponytail Holders are our go-to for maintaining dreads with style and comfort.


  • Gentle on the hair, preventing breakage and maintain dreadlock integrity
  • Stylish with a chic bead that adds a touch of class to your look
  • Versatile enough for all hair types, providing excellent utility


  • Can stretch out with prolonged use, losing some elasticity
  • May not provide an extremely tight hold for heavier or thicker dreads
  • Limited color variety might not satisfy all style preferences

After wearing these ponytail holders, we've noticed the soft elastic doesn’t snag or pull, which is crucial for keeping dreads healthy. The decorative bead accent also adds a nice aesthetic touch that doesn't go unnoticed. Our dreads felt secure, yet the holders were comfortable enough to forget they were even there.

When we're out and about, it's important that our hair stays put. We found that these ponytail holders manage to hold up throughout the day without slipping. They're functional and we don’t have to constantly adjust our hair, which is not only convenient but also helps maintain our dreadlocks' form.

On the downside, after extensive use, some of them start to lose their elasticity. This isn't a deal-breaker by any means, but it does mean we might reach for a fresh one sooner than with some other brands. For those of us with thicker or heavier dreads, they might not offer the tightest hold available on the market; a consideration if that's a top priority for you. The color options are a bit limited, so if you love to experiment with different looks, this could be a mild letdown.

$12.99 ON AMAZON ->

bunzeebands Adjustable Length Hairbands

If you're searching for a sturdy yet comfortable hold for dreads, our experience tells us BunzeeBands might just be what you're looking for.


  • Provides a secure grip without causing tension headaches
  • Adjustability caters to a wide range of hair volumes
  • Built to last, offering great durability


  • May require a learning curve to avoid overtightening
  • Higher price point compared to some other hair ties
  • Limited color choice

We recently put BunzeeBands through their paces and were frankly quite impressed by the comfort they provide, even when worn overnight. The cushioned design genuinely minimizes scalp tension – a real boon for anyone who's dealt with the nagging pain traditional hair ties can bring.

Their plush, knit material is another highlight, feeling soft to the touch yet reliably strong. We've often found that hair ties either sacrifice hold for comfort or vice versa, but these struck a remarkable balance, keeping even our most stubborn dreads in check without slipping.

Adjustability too is key with BunzeeBands: the patented bead locking system gives these ties a customizable size we've rarely seen elsewhere. Admittedly, it took us a moment to nail the perfect tightness without overdoing it, but once dialed in, the fit was snug and secure without being restrictive.

In conclusion, while there are more affordable options out there, our time with BunzeeBands has shown them to be a solid investment, especially for our friends with thick hair seeking a no-damage, long-lasting solution to keeping their dreads elegantly tamed.

$9.95 ON AMAZON ->

Buying Guide


When choosing hair ties for dreads, it's essential we consider the material. It should be:

  • Durable: To withstand the weight and thickness of dreads.
  • Snag-free: Smooth materials prevent hair damage.
  • Stretchable: Look for elasticity to accommodate varying dread sizes.


We examine certain design elements:

  • Locking Mechanism: Ties should secure dreads without slipping.
  • Size: Opt for larger circumferences for thick dreads.
  • Seamlessness: Avoid ties with metal or rough seams to prevent hair breakage.


Comfort is key:

  • Non-pulling: The tie should hold dreads without causing tension or headaches.
  • Ease of Use: It should be easy to put on and remove.
Feature Benefit
Material Durability, snag-free, stretchable
Design Secure fit, specific to dread size
Comfort Non-pulling, ease of use

Durability and Longevity

We prioritize ties that:

  • Maintain Elasticity: They shouldn't stretch out quickly.
  • Weather-Resistant: Suitable for various climates and conditions.
  • Colorfast: Ties that don’t lose color over time.


Our budget considerations include:

  • Cost Efficiency: They should be priced fairly for the quality and quantity.
  • Bulk Options: Purchasing in larger quantities can be economical.


We look to:

  • Customer Feedback: Consensus from multiple users can indicate reliability.
  • Peer Recommendations: Referrals from fellow dread-wearers for tried and true options.

By following these guidelines, we ensure the selection of hair ties that cater to the unique needs of dreads.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering hair ties for dreadlocks, it's essential to choose types that won't damage the hair or slip easily. We've compiled answers to several FAQs to guide you in selecting the best hair ties for your dreadlocks.

What types of hair ties are most suitable for men with dreadlocks?

For men with dreadlocks, we recommend using wide elastic bands or soft, stretchy fabrics that provide a secure hold without causing tension. Avoid thin elastic bands as they can cause breakage and aren't durable for thicker dreads.

Which hair tie styles are recommended for someone with dreadlocks?

We suggest using scrunchies or thick, snag-free elastic bands designed for heavy and thick hair. Spiral hair ties are also an excellent option as they grip dreads well and reduce the chance of slippage.

How can one create their own hair ties specifically for dreadlocks?

Creating your own hair ties involves choosing stretchy, non-abrasive fabrics, and sewing them into loops. Ensure the size is adequate to wrap around dreadlocks comfortably. Cotton jersey or fleece strips can be ideal materials due to their softness and elasticity.

What are the advantages of using spiral loc hair ties for dreadlocks?

Spiral loc hair ties offer a strong hold without pulling on the scalp or causing tension, which is vital for maintaining healthy dreadlocks. They're also less likely to leave a mark or get tangled in the dreads compared to traditional elastics.

Are there any hair ties that can hold thick and heavy dreadlocks without causing damage?

Yes, hair ties made from soft, wide bands of fabric or thick silicone spiral ties are capable of securing heavy dreadlocks. These materials provide a firm grip without applying too much pressure or causing damage to the dreadlocks.

What characteristics should be considered when choosing rubber bands for synthetic dreads?

For synthetic dreads, opt for rubber bands that are coated or have a smooth surface to prevent them from becoming entangled with the synthetic fibers. The rubber bands should also be sturdy but have enough stretch to avoid breaking when used on denser dreads.

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