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Lockology Dreadlock Shampoo with Peppermint Tea Tree for sale

Lockology Dreadlock Shampoo with Peppermint Tea Tree

After recently trying the Lockology Dreadlock Shampoo with its invigorating blend of peppermint and tea tree, we're eager to share our thoughts. Navigating the world of loc care can be a daunting task, but finding the right shampoo that deep cleans without stripping moisture is crucial. We gave this organic shampoo a go, drawn by its promise to promote growth and soothe the scalp while remaining gentle on our hair.

We found that the shampoo lived up to its billing for great lather. It managed to penetrate our locs and effectively remove buildup. Moreover, it had the added benefit of leaving our scalps feeling refreshed and free from dandruff. The natural and organic ingredients give us peace of mind, knowing we're not applying harsh chemicals to our hair.

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We do need to point out, though, that some of us felt the consistency was more watery than expected. This caused us to use a bit more product to ensure a thorough cleanse. On the plus side, the thinner consistency seems to aid in easy rinsing, which means no residue is left behind, and the light tingle from the peppermint is quite rejuvenating.

Bottom Line

Lockology's Dreadlock Shampoo strikes a good balance between cleansing power and gentleness. Its natural ingredients and easy rinse-off make it a solid contender in our loc care routine.

If you've been on the hunt for a shampoo that keeps your locs and scalp healthy, this might be just what you need.

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Lockology Dreadlock Shampoo Overview

We recently had the chance to try out the Lockology Dreadlock Shampoo and we were intrigued by its unique blend of peppermint and tea tree oil. Designed specifically for locs, it offers a deep cleaning experience that aims to promote growth and alleviate itching. It's refreshing to come across a shampoo that targets the needs of dreadlocks directly.

The consistency is notably thinner than traditional shampoos, which we found great for penetration and thorough cleansing without leaving any residue behind. It lathered up quite well and was easy to rinse out, making the washing process quite efficient. We appreciated the fact that it's made with natural and organic ingredients, providing a more pure cleaning option for those of us keen on avoiding unnecessary chemicals.

In terms of scent, the peppermint is definitely prominent, imparting a tingling sensation that feels revitalizing. However, some of us noted that the shampoo's liquidity might require a generous amount to fully clean thicker locs. This was a bit of a downside as it could lead to using up the bottle more quickly than expected, despite the clear benefits it brings to scalp health and cleanliness. Overall, it's a product that delivers on its promise to care for dreadlocks with a natural touch.

Key Features

When looking for a loc shampoo that elevates the everyday haircare routine, we stumbled upon the Lockology Dreadlock Shampoo. Our latest wash was truly a breath of freshness, with a scent that awakened our senses. Let's break down what sets this shampoo apart.

Deep Cleansing with Peppermint and Tea Tree

We found that the blend of peppermint and tea tree in this shampoo isn't just about the invigorating aroma—it goes beyond that. The shampoo works effectively to cleanse the hair and the scalp deeply. Dirts and odors don't stand a chance as it has a great lather that penetrates through the locs, ensuring a thorough clean. Although it's potent, it doesn't leave the locs feeling stripped of moisture, which is often a concern with deep cleansing products.

Formulation for Locs

The consistency of the Lockology shampoo is noteworthy. Unlike traditional shampoos that can be thick and challenging to rinse out of dreadlocks, this formulation is lighter. It lathers and moves through the hair effortlessly, ensuring that rinsing is a breeze. Some may be taken aback by the thinner consistency, expecting a more viscous texture, but rest assured, a small amount does the job fine, reaching every part of your locs for a full cleanse.

Promotes Scalp Health

We appreciate the attention the Lockology brand pays to scalp health. The proprietary blend of oils not only cleanses but promotes a soothing experience for the scalp. For those of us with itching, dandruff, or any scalp discomfort, these natural ingredients work together to alleviate these concerns, leaving behind a refreshed scalp environment.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

A high point for this shampoo is its commitment to natural and organic ingredients. What we rub into our scalp and what runs down our bodies should be as chemical-free as possible—Lockology delivers on this front. The semi-castille base complements the peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Not having fillers or thickeners in the mix means we're applying more of what's good for our hair and scalp, and less of what's not.

After using this product, we believe its key features hold value for those with locs looking for a natural, health-focused hair care solution. The product's well-balanced formulation stands out for its deep cleansing ability, focus on promoting scalp health, and commitment to organic ingredients, which altogether make for a holistic loc care.

Pros and Cons

Having recently tried the Lockology Loc Shampoo, we're ready to share our insights. This product appears to strike a balance between cleaning efficacy and ingredient integrity.


  • Effective Ingredients: The peppermint and tea tree oil combination in the shampoo provides a deep clean and a refreshing sensation. From our recent use, we can testify that it leaves the scalp feeling invigorated, which could be attributed to these essential oils known for promoting growth and reducing itch.
  • Lathers Well: We found that despite its thinner consistency, the shampoo does indeed lather easily. It is effective in removing accumulated dirt and odor without excessive scrubbing, making the wash routine smooth.
  • Scalp-Friendly: The proprietary oil blend in the shampoo has proven to soothe itching and reduce dandruff effectively. Our experience aligns with the claim—post-wash, the scalp feels healthier.
  • Natural Ingredients: Commitment to natural and organic ingredients is evident. The absence of fillers or thickeners is a reflection of the product's quality, ensuring that you're applying something pure to your hair.
  • Easy to Rinse: Its formula, which isn't as thick as traditional shampoos, facilitates a quick and thorough rinse, leaving no residue on the locs.


  • Consistency Concern: Some users might find the liquidy nature of the shampoo off-putting. It's indeed more watery than expected, which could lead to increased usage per wash to feel certain that the hair is completely clean.
  • Packaging Expectation: The shampoo's appearance didn’t quite match up with what was anticipated based on the product photos and description. A discrepancy that can affect customer satisfaction.
  • Volume for Value: Due to its watery texture, there's a tangible concern that one might go through the bottle quicker than with more viscous shampoos, potentially affecting the product's overall value.

In our venture for a refreshing and effective clean for dreadlocks, we conclude that the Lockology Loc Shampoo does deliver on most fronts, particularly in terms of ingredient quality and scalp health. However, its consistency and the potential need for larger quantities per wash might be a drawback for some users.

Ease of Use and Application

When we consider hair care routines, especially for dreadlocks, the efficacy of a shampoo in its application process is paramount. With the Lockology Loc Shampoo, we've found that it stands out in its ease of use—a critical factor for those of us with dreadlocks seeking a hassle-free washing experience. Its thinner viscosity is particularly noteworthy; it allows the shampoo to penetrate locs effortlessly, ensuring a deep clean without the need for excessive product.

A small amount produces considerable lather, indicative of its cleaning power, and more importantly, it rinses out without leaving any residue. This is a relief for us who dread the all-too-familiar task of trying to remove suds from our dense locs. Though some reviewers have mentioned its watery consistency, we appreciate that it doesn't over-saturate our hair with unnecessary thickness, and the results speak for themselves—clean, refreshed locs with a pleasant tingle from the peppermint.

The natural and organic ingredients are a boon, too, providing peace of mind about what we're putting on our scalp. Despite a few mixed opinions on its consistency, we cannot overlook the peppermint and tea tree dual attack that not only cleanses but also promotes a healthy scalp environment.

Customer Reviews

In our experience, the Lockology Dreadlock Shampoo offers an engaging blend of organic ingredients, including the invigorating presence of peppermint and tea tree oil. Many of us in the dreadlocks community have sought a product that refreshes and maintains loc health without build-up, and this shampoo steps in as a strong contender.

While some of us found the texture thinner than expected, remarking on its wateriness, it can't be denied that a delightful scent accompanies its use. The consensus supports its ability to lather impressively, a crucial feature for thorough cleaning. Its formulation is a double-edged sword; its lightness means it can be easy to apply directly to the scalp, reaching the roots easily, yet this same quality requires a generous amount to achieve the desired clean for some.

Success stories among us highlight that, despite initial reservations about the liquid consistency, results are what count. The clean, tingly sensation post-wash has become a beloved post-care routine for our dreads, speaking to the product's effectiveness and sensory satisfaction. Opinions vary, but for us, it's a staple worth considering for your own dreadlock care.


Having spent some time with the Lockology Shampoo, we’ve noticed quite a few things that make it stand out. The refreshing blend of tea tree and peppermint oils is a definite highlight, offering a pleasant tingly sensation that feels invigorating on the scalp. While the shampoo’s thinner consistency received mixed feedback, it’s clear that a little goes a long way. For those in the loc community looking for a product that lathers well and penetrates dreadlocks for a deep clean, this shampoo is a viable option.

However, it's important to keep in mind that preferences vary, and the watery nature of the shampoo may not be suitable for everyone. The aroma, undoubtedly loved by many, could be a deciding factor for those of us keen on natural essential oil scents. Looking at overall satisfaction, the positive reception is evident from numerous users who would happily re-purchase.

Our collective experience suggests Lockology could be a good addition to our hair care routines, especially for those chasing that clean, fresh feel and scent. Yet, it's crucial to evaluate individual needs when considering this organic loc shampoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

When searching for an ideal dreadlock shampoo, consider a product dedicated to loc care, like the one we've recently tried from Lockology. This section covers some common questions you might have in pursuit of maintaining healthy dreadlocks.

What ingredients should I look for in a good dreadlock shampoo?

When we look for shampoos fit for dreadlocks, ingredients that ensure deep cleansing without residue are vital. A concoction of natural elements like peppermint, pure essential oils, and tea tree are advantageous – they not only cleanse but also promote scalp health. These components were abundant in Lockology's shampoo and offered a refreshing, tingly sensation post-wash.

How do specialized dreadlock shampoos differ from regular shampoos?

Specialized dreadlock shampoos, such as the one by Lockology, are crafted with a thinner consistency that is easier to rinse out of locs. These shampoos are formulated to prevent residue build-up, which could otherwise lead to dreadlock damage. Regular shampoos can be too thick and leave residues that are challenging to wash out from dense locs.

Can I use peppermint shampoo for my dreadlocks, and what are the benefits?

Absolutely, peppermint-infused shampoos are excellent for dreadlocks. We've observed that peppermint not only deep cleans locs but also stimulates the scalp and promotes a sense of freshness. The Lockology shampoo we tested contains peppermint, which seemed to help reduce itching and supported a healthy scalp environment.

What are the best methods to prevent and treat dandruff in dreadlocks?

From our experience, a consistent routine with a shampoo that contains natural oils such as tea tree oil, which has antifungal properties, helps combat dandruff. Also, avoid over-washing, which can dry the scalp, and under-washing, which can lead to buildup. Gentle massaging of the scalp while washing with Lockology shampoo has helped us keep dandruff at bay.

How can I effectively remove buildup from my dreadlocks without damaging them?

To effectively remove buildup without causing harm, it's crucial to use a residue-free shampoo and lukewarm water, ensuring a thorough rinse. In our trials, we found that rinsing twice with the Lockology shampoo dislodged and washed away buildup efficiently, thanks to its thinner viscosity.

Are there any specific brands of dreadlock shampoo you'd recommend for sensitive scalp?

For a sensitive scalp, it's paramount to choose shampoos with gentle, natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals. We've had a positive experience with the organic loc shampoo from Lockology, as it contains peppermint and tea tree with no aggressive additives, which seems to soothe and not irritate a sensitive scalp.

In closing, a shampoo specifically made for dreadlocks like the one we've been using from Lockology can indeed make a difference in maintaining loc health and scalp comfort. The naturally derived ingredients and thoughtful formulation have catered well to our needs, leading us to appreciate the product's merits amidst minor drawbacks like its more liquid consistency.

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