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Made for Locs Lint Brush

Made for Locs Lint Brush Review: Top Locs Cleaner?

Keeping our locs lint-free can sometimes be quite the challenge, but we recently tried the MFL Made for Locs Lint Brush and were quite impressed. If you've been struggling with lint on your locs, this soft bristle brush may just be the game-changer you need.

We were initially skeptical, as many products promise smooth, lint-free locs but fail to deliver. However, we found that the soft bristles on this brush are gentle on the hair while effectively removing unwanted debris. Using the brush, locs felt softer and well maintained. It also seemed to help with distributing hair products more evenly, which is crucial for keeping locs moisturized.

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While the brush does an excellent job at controlling build-up and keeping locs in shape, we did notice that some of the bristles could come loose after multiple uses. Despite that minor issue, it still stands as a favorite tool for loc maintenance. The design is practical, and the lightweight feel makes it easy to use.

Bottom Line

For those in search of a solution to keep locs neat and free of lint, the Made for Locs Lint Brush presents itself as a strong contender.

Its effectiveness in removing lint and debris complements its additional benefit of evenly spreading loc care products. Whilst a few bristles may stray, the overall performance of this brush merits a try.

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Overview of the Made for Locs Lint Brush

After trying out the soft bristle lint brush from Made for Locs, we've come to appreciate its specialized design. The brush is effective at preventing and removing surface lint, which is a common concern for individuals with locs. Its gentle bristles are kind to hair, ensuring that locs stay neat and well-maintained without becoming frizzy.

We noticed that the brush also plays a role in distributing hair care products evenly, aiding in maintaining moisture throughout locs. The maintenance of buildup is well controlled, contributing to a neat overall appearance. However, during our use, we did observe a few loose bristles, which seems to be a minor issue noted by a small number of other users as well. Despite this, the majority of feedback from users aligns with our findings that the brush works as intended and enhances the condition of locs.

While the brush's effectiveness is commendable, its longevity may be questioned by those few reports of bristles coming off. In our experience, it seems robust enough for regular use. This brush, overall, offers a practical solution for individuals looking to keep their locs in top condition.

Preventing and Removing Surface Lint

In our experience with the MFL Locs Lint Brush, we've found it to be a handy tool in maintaining neat and tidy locs. One of its standout features is the soft bristles, which are quite effective at catching and lifting away lint without damaging the hair. We've noticed that regular brushing with this tool not only prevents lint build-up but also keeps our locs looking well-groomed.

It's common knowledge in the loc community that lint can be an annoying issue, but the MFL brush makes the removal process effortless. By distributing care products evenly, the bristles also help in moisturizing the locs, ensuring they remain soft and healthy. Indeed, using this brush has made a noticeable difference—we see fewer stray fibers entangled in our locs.

The build-up control offered by the brush is truly impressive. With consistent use, we maintain a cleaner appearance of our locs. Moreover, it's been a convenient addition to our loc care routine, keeping our hairstyles in perfect shape with minimal fuss.

Gentle and Soft Bristle Design

We recently got our hands on the MFL Locs Lint Brush, a handy little tool for loc maintenance. The first thing we noticed was the softness of the bristles. Unlike the harsh and stiff bristles you might find on other brushes, these are gentle on the scalp and locs. From our use, it's clear these bristles are designed with tender care to lift lint without causing breakage or discomfort.

During brushing, not only does it effectively remove surface debris, but we also observed that the bristles help to evenly distribute any loc care products, ensuring each part of the locs retains moisture. Maintenance is a breeze too; the brush slides through the locs smoothly, helping to control build-up and maintain their shape without tugging or pulling. For those of us looking to keep our locs in top condition while ensuring a comfortable grooming experience, this brush checks the boxes.

Even Product Distribution

When it comes to maintaining locs, finding the right tools can significantly affect the end result. The MFL brush stands out for its ability to distribute products through locs evenly. With its soft bristles, we've found that it gently works through the hair, helping to spread oils, balms, or conditioning products throughout the locs without causing any damage or unnecessary frizz.

It's quite common to encounter buildup with locs, especially when products are not evenly distributed. The soft bristle design of this lint brush seems to provide an even application, minimizing the risk of buildup. This is essential for maintaining healthy-looking locs and reducing the need for frequent washing or deep cleaning treatments.

However, we've noticed that if the bristles were a bit stiffer, they might handle denser locs more effectively. For individuals with particularly thick locs, it might take a little extra time to ensure the product reaches every nook and cranny. Despite this, the overall design promotes consistent application, contributing to a well-groomed appearance of the locs. Overall, for regular maintenance and even distribution of hair care products, this brush is a useful accessory.

Shape and Build-up Control

After using the MFL Lint Brush, we've found it lives up to its promises of controlling build-up and maintaining the neat shape of locs. Its soft bristles play a crucial role in gently yet effectively removing unwanted surface debris without causing damage. For those of us seeking to keep our locs well-maintained and free of lint, this tool presents itself as a solid choice. It also aids in distributing hair products evenly, thus ensuring our locs stay moisturized and soft. While most experiences are positive, a few of us noticed loose bristles after use, which might be concerning over time. Despite this, it's commendable how the brush seems to cater to both the cleanliness and the health of our locs, reassuring us that we're not just removing lint but also caring for our hair's overall condition.

Pros and Cons


In our hands-on experience with the MFL Lint Brush, the immediate benefit became clear; it's an effective tool for maintaining locs. Users consistently report that it effectively removes lint, contributing to locs that look cleaner and are easier to manage. Key advantages include:

  • Gentle Removal: The soft bristles are gentle on the hair, which means you can clean your locs without causing frizz or damage.
  • Better Maintenance: Regular use helps in distributing products evenly throughout the locs, which can be particularly beneficial for ensuring that every strand retains moisture.
  • Shape Control: Beyond just lint removal, the brush aids in keeping locs neatly in shape, adding to the overall neat appearance of the hair.

Users express a real sense of satisfaction with how the brush contributes to softer, maintained locs. It's a clear favorite for those who have been seeking a product that specializes in lint removal from locs.


While the MFL Lint Brush garners much praise, no product is without potential drawbacks. We've noted a few based on our insights and user experiences:

  • Loose Bristles: A common issue stated is the tendency of bristles to come loose during use. While this is an occasional flaw, it's worth mentioning for those who may be seeking a brush with long-term durability.
  • Variability in Quality: As with any product, there seems to be some inconsistency in manufacturing quality. A small number of users have highlighted receiving a brush that felt cheaply made.

For the most part, the drawbacks are relatively minor when weighed against the functional benefits of this brush. However, these are considerations worth being mindful of before making a purchasing decision. Overall, the MFL Lint Brush holds its own as a specialized tool for loc maintenance and care.

Customer Reviews

After recently trying out the MFL Made for Locs lint brush, we found that it seems to resonate well with the loc community. With an average rating of 4.5 stars from 54 total ratings, many users have shared their satisfaction with the product's ability to make their locs feel softer while effectively removing lint. It's worth noting that while the majority of users are happy with the brush, a few have reported that the bristles can become loose or shed, which seems to be an occasional manufacturing inconsistency.

In our experience, we noticed the soft bristles didn't cause frizz, aligning with reviewers who emphasized the product's gentle nature on hair. Despite an isolated complaint about brush parts coming off during use, the consensus indicates that for most, it's a reliable tool for loc maintenance. One user even called it the "best brush ever for locs," highlighting the strong attachment some have formed with this item.

Overall, the sentiment from fellow customers points towards the MFL Made for Locs lint brush being a go-to product amidst a few mentions of quality concerns.


After weeks of regular use, we find the MFL Made for Locs Lint Brush to be a worthwhile investment for anyone with locs. The soft bristles effectively remove lint while minimizing frizz, leaving hair feeling softer. It's true; some brushes may shed bristles over time, which could be a sign of varying quality. But the majority of our experiences have been positive, attesting to its usefulness in daily grooming.

In terms of improvements, better consistency in manufacturing could reduce the shedding issue. Despite this, the brush's performance has been largely praised by us and other users, making it a staple in our hair care routine. If you're seeking a loc brush that delicately handles your hair while tidying it up, this one by MFL Made for Locs could be your new favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to loc maintenance, we often come across a variety of questions about the best tools and practices. It's essential to choose the right kind of brushes to ensure our locs remain healthy and clean. Let's tackle some of the common inquiries about loc brushing.

What are the benefits of using a lint brush on locs?

Using a lint brush designed for locs can significantly improve their appearance and health. It helps in:

  • Preventing Lint Buildup: Regular brushing removes surface lint and prevents it from embedding deeper.
  • Maintaining Softness: Soft bristles contribute to softer locs by gently cleaning and spreading natural oils.
  • Shape and Tidiness: It can help locs stay neatly shaped and reduce stray hairs.

How does a soft bristle brush compare to a boar bristle brush for maintaining locs?

Soft bristle brushes, like the MFL Lint Brush, tend to be gentler on hair and scalp. In contrast, boar bristle brushes:

  • Are Firmer: They may provide more vigorous brushing but could be too harsh for delicate locs.
  • Distribute Oils: They are excellent for spreading scalp's natural oils, but so are quality soft bristles.
  • Suitability: Soft bristles may be better for everyday use to maintain locs without causing breakage.

At what stage of loc development is it recommended to start brushing?

The general advice is to start brushing:

  • After the Initial Locking Stage: Once locs are firmly established, usually several months in.
  • During Regular Maintenance: To minimize lint buildup and maintain locs' cleanliness and shape.

Can brushing your locs daily cause any damage?

While daily brushing is beneficial:

  • Be Gentle: Excessive force or very frequent brushing could potentially damage locs.
  • Quality Brush: A high-quality soft bristle lint brush minimizes the risk of damage.

What should one look for in a quality brush for locs?

Key elements to consider are:

  • Soft Bristles: They should be gentle yet effective at removing lint and debris.
  • Build Quality: No loose bristles that could come off in the locs.
  • Comfort of Use: A good grip and comfortable size for regular use.

How effective are lint brushes in maintaining the cleanliness of locs?

A lint brush, particularly one crafted for loc care, proves to be quite effective:

  • Targeted Cleaning: It addresses lint which is a common issue for loc wearers.
  • Gentle on Locs: Soft bristles offer a non-abrasive way to clean while maintaining loc integrity.

Maintaining our locs is an intimate part of our grooming routine, and finding the right tools is crucial. With the proper brush and technique, we can ensure our locs remain clean, tidy, and well-maintained.

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