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Messen 121PCS Loc jewelry set

Messen 121Pcs Loc Jewelry Set Review: Top Choice?

Choosing the right accessories to accentuate our hairstyles can be a real game-changer. That's why we took a closer look at the Messen 121Pcs Dreadlocks Jewelry set, to see if it really adds that sparkle. From personal experience, the array of crystal wire-wrapped pendants, imitation wood beads, and various metal cuffs included provided us with no shortage of options to embellish our locks.

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We appreciated how these pieces are crafted from a mix of wood, metal, and crystals, contributing to their durability and ensuring they are tough enough for repeated use. The multiplicity of styles and sizes catered to our varying hair volumes and offered an effortless way to stand out, whether we were attending a casual gathering or a more formal event.

Bottom Line

For those looking to dazzle with every turn of their head, the Messen Dreadlocks Jewelry set is a top pick.

It provides not just variety and quality, but also the versatility to fit multiple occasions.

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Overview of Messen 121Pcs Dreadlocks Jewelry

In our experience, the Messen 121Pcs set is quite the treasure trove for anyone looking to add flair to their dreadlocks or braids. It arrives with a wide variety of adornments, ensuring users have options for different occasions. The items are made of metal iron, which, in our tests, showed impressive durability and flexibility, countering the fragility often found in such accessories.

We found the assorted pieces versatile—not just for dreadlocks but for beard beads or braid hair jewelry. The range of styles, including the crystal wire-wrapped pendants and imitation wood beads, allows for personal expression, while the gold hoop rings and various hair cuffs add a classy touch to any look. It's also worth noting that they easily adjust to accommodate varying hair volumes.

The kit includes several heavier, high-quality metal pieces, such as moons and snakes, which stood out due to their heft and authenticity—not plastic, as one might expect. We did have some concern regarding the size of certain pieces for thinner dreadlocks but saw it as an opportunity for those with larger locks or as the locks grow.

Overall, while we did come across mentions of incomplete sets and a crystal missing from another user, these were outliers. The promise of a lifetime warranty suggests confidence in product quality and customer satisfaction. This kit seems like a reliable choice for those enthusiastic about adding some shine and personality to their styling routine.

Diverse and Stylish Jewelry Selection

In our exploration of the Messen 121Pcs Dreadlocks Jewelry set, we've found a wealth of variety that caters to numerous styles and occasions. This collection presents an appealing mix of adornments, ranging from crystal wire-wrapped pendants to imitation wood beads, each designed to enhance the visual appeal of any hairstyle.

Most notable is the diverse array of materials and finishes offered, like the strong metal iron elements providing durability not typically seen in aluminum products. This aspect certainly speaks to their reusability and longevity – a factor we consider essential for hair accessories that may undergo frequent manipulation.

We also appreciate the inclusion of hair cuffs in both gold and silver, as they offer ample flexibility for coordinating with different outfits and occasions. Whether attending a wedding or just accentuating a casual braid, these accessories add a distinct touch to one's look without dominating the hairstyle.

The easy adjustment to varying hair volumes emphasizes the versatility of this set, ensuring that a wide range of hair types can enjoy these stylish pieces. We found that these beads and decorations not only boosted our hair's aesthetic but also stood out as a talking point at social gatherings.

Overall, this set by Messen makes for a practical and delightful choice for anyone looking to add a twist of personality to their hair. The ample variety included means that it's not just a one-off purchase but a treasure trove of options for many future styles. Furthermore, the confidence of a lifetime warranty adds a layer of assurance to your investment in these chic hair accessories.

Durability and Quality Material

In our experience, these Messen Loc Adornments stand out with their robust construction. Comprising a collection of metal iron pieces complemented by wood and crystal elements, they exhibit an impressive durability that surpasses typical aluminum counterparts. Metal pieces, especially, exhibit a great balance of ductility and toughness, ensuring that they aren't easily prone to breaking from normal wear and reuse.

While adorning our locs with these jewels, their resilience was evident. Despite the variety of activities – from casual outings to more formal engagements – they remained intact without any signs of wear or tarnishing. We did note a few concerns from others, such as the occasional incompleteness of the set or a missing crystal, but these seem isolated incidents rather than a reflection on the overall quality.

Our take on the material quality is, there's a distinct long-lasting appeal to these accessories. They are designed to withstand multiple uses, making them a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to consistently embellish their hair with flair. The added lifetime warranty offered by Messen is a reassuring bonus, suggesting confidence in the product's endurance.

Versatility for Various Occasions

We found that the Messen 121Pcs Loc Adornment Set is a treasure trove for styling diversity. The collection's array of options—from crystal-wrapped pendants to sleek, wooden beads—caters to a variety of events. Whether dressing up for a wedding or adding flair to a casual outing, we could seamlessly incorporate these accessories into our look.

During a recent photo shoot, we leveraged the gold hoop rings and dreadlocks cuffs to add sophistication to our models' braids. The metallic accents particularly stood out, creating an elegant and polished appearance. Conversely, for a more relaxed party atmosphere, the imitation wood beads provided an earthy vibe, enriching a bohemian style with ease.

Our experience with the accessories wasn’t flawless, however. While the metal iron material of the cuffs suggests durability, we noted that care is required when applying them to avoid hair snagging. Each piece's adjustability aided in custom fitting to various braid sizes, a plus for diverse hair types amongst friends and family. Despite this, at a lively event, one or two pieces may slide if not secured firmly—a minor inconvenience in an otherwise adaptable set.

In summary, this collection provides an admirable range to elevate any hairstyle for numerous occasions. It's a functional toolset for anyone looking to diversify their hair accessory game with little effort.

Easy to Use and Adjust

Some products impress us with their simplicity and practicality, and this is unquestionably one of them. Our experience with this Messen dreadlocks jewelry kit highlighted how effortless it is to personalize our looks without fuss or confusion. With such a variety of pieces - from hair cuffs to beads and pendants - we easily updated our hairdos for different occasions. The little crystal wire-wrapped pendants added a unique touch that drew compliments every time.

The materials impressed us too; the metal iron pieces were sturdy, yet flexible enough to adjust without breaking. This durability means we can reuse them without worry. Even with varying hair volumes amongst us, the various styles and sizes of accessories ensured that each one of us found a comfortable and secure fit for our braids.

Moreover, the ease of adjusting these accessories to our hair is a notable benefit, making them well-suited for both quick, everyday looks and more elaborate stylings for special events. The included storage box helped keep everything organized, which is always a bonus.

One potential drawback we noticed was the need for a bit more care while handling the tiny components: they're easy to use but just as easy to misplace. Despite that, we feel these hair accessories from Messen offer the right balance of style, quality, and usability.

Pros and Cons


After wearing these stylish dreadlock jewels from Messen, we've gathered plenty of compliments. The set boasts a diverse range that includes crystal wire-wrapped pendants and imitation wooden beads, among other charming designs. Here's what stands out:

  • Variety in Style: With over 121 pieces including pendants, beads, and cuffs, the set offers numerous mix-and-match possibilities to adorn our hair for any occasion.
  • Durability: These accessories are crafted from a strong metal iron rather than the more commonly used aluminum, offering significant resilience and reusability.
  • Adjustability: The variety in size and the flexibility of the cuffs allow for easy adjustment, suiting different hair volumes and personal style needs.
  • Wide Usage: These pieces proved to be versatile, serving as a splendid touch for weddings, parties, fashion shows, or just adding some charm to everyday hairstyles.
  • Customer Service: Messen's lifetime warranty adds a layer of confidence to our purchase, knowing we can get a satisfactory resolution if any issues arise.


However, even with so much to love, there are a few drawbacks that came to our attention:

  • Size Inconsistencies: Some pieces are larger than expected, which may not fit snugly on thinner locks or as they are still growing.
  • Missing Pieces: A minor qualm—there have been reports of incomplete sets upon delivery, something to keep an eye on when our order arrives.
  • Packaging: A few instances of broken cases upon arrival have been noted, although this does not affect the usability of the jewelry itself, it does impact the initial experience.
  • Weight: The more solid metal pieces like the moon and snake designs are heavier, which might not be comfortable for everyone’s use.

In summary, these hair adornments offer us a delightful variety and durability, suited for enhancing our braids or dreadlocks. They're customizable and suitable for numerous occasions, providing an instant upgrade to any hairstyle. Yet, attention to detail concerning packaging and checking for any missing parts would round off what's an overall satisfying experience with these accessories.

Customer Feedback

When we recently got our hands on the Messen 121Pcs Dreadlocks Jewelry set, we were quite eager to see if it lived up to the buzz. With a solid 4.6-star rating from over 3,000 customers, expectations were high. The consensus is that this accessory kit offers great value for its price, enticing us to dive into the variety that it promises. The beads and pendants add a fun and unique touch to hairstyles, and we found that while some pieces may be too large for thinner locs, they can be incorporated as hair grows thicker.

Ease of use is highlighted by many users who find that these adornments can be comfortably added to a variety of hairstyles—not just for dreadlocks but for twists and braids too. Although we noticed some minor concerns about the number of pieces actually received and occasional missing crystals, these seem to be exceptions rather than the rule. It's not all about the quantity, though; the sturdiness and aesthetic appeal of metal pieces like the Moon and snake are particularly appreciated. Despite coming across a report of a broken case upon delivery, the overall sentiment is that the Messen set pleasantly surprises with its quality and assortment.

This set is not just a hit with adults; kids are fond of them too, making it a versatile purchase for individuals aiming to add some flair to their typical hairdo. Overall, we found the Messen dreadlocks jewelry set quite noteworthy for its price point, despite a few hiccups along the way.

Lifetime Warranty

Recently, we had the chance to use the Messen 121Pcs Dreadlocks Jewelry set, and we must say, it adds a dazzling touch to any hairstyle. However, what truly sets this collection apart is the peace of mind that comes with its lifetime warranty. This commitment from Messen means that these accessories aren't just a fleeting fashion statement but a long-term investment in your style.

Though we've only had them for a short while, the durability of the wood, metal, and crystal materials is evident. In the event of any defects or issues, the lifetime warranty reassures us that our adornments will be protected. That said, it’s important to remember that the warranty likely won't cover normal wear and tear or accidental damage, so you'll still want to handle these delicate pieces with care.

Having this kind of warranty on fashion accessories is uncommon, and it reflects the brand's confidence in their product's quality. It encourages us to integrate these pieces regularly into our braids and beards, knowing that we're covered for the unexpected.


After spending some time with the Messen Dreadlock Jewelry set, we've found it adds a shimmer of individuality to any hairstyle. With a generous variety of pieces, there's something in this kit to match various preferences and occasions. Although the overall quality is impressive, especially given the price point, it's worth noting that some pieces are on the larger side, potentially limiting their use until your locs have grown sufficiently.

Based on our experience, the ease of use is a definite plus—you can effortlessly embellish your braids or twists for an instant style upgrade. We encountered a slight issue with a few missing pieces and one of our users reported a missing crystal, but these seemed to be exceptions rather than the rule. All in all, if you're in the market for an affordable way to accessorize your hair, the Messen set could be a delightful addition to your styling toolkit. Just be prepared for the possibility of some minor inconsistencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring the ins and outs of a product can give us a decent understanding of its utility and value. We’ve tried out the Messen 121Pcs Dreadlocks Jewelry set and gathered some of the most common questions to help address any curiosities or concerns.

What types of pieces are included in the Messen 121Pcs Dreadlocks Jewelry set?

The set offers a variety of pieces, such as:

  • DIY Hair Braid Ring Pendants: Crystal wire-wrapped pendants, Egyptian Wedjat Eye of Horus Ra symbols, moons, snakes, and pearls.
  • Hollow Polish Cylindrical Beads: Available in gold, silver, and black.
  • Spring Shape Hair Coils: In gold and silver tones.
  • Imitation Wood Hair Tube Beads: With mixed patterns and sizes.
  • Gold Hoop Rings: Practical and stylish.
  • Large Dreadlocks Cuffs: In both gold and silver.

All these items are neatly packed in a clear storage box, which we found quite handy.

How do you properly apply the dreadlock beads from the Messen set to your hair?

Applying the beads and jewelry is straightforward. For most pieces, you simply:

  1. Open the cuff or bead by gently pulling it apart.
  2. Slide it onto the desired section of your dreadlock.
  3. Squeeze it lightly to secure it onto the hair.

Some items, like the wire-wrapped pendants, can be attached using the rings by threading them through your locks or braids.

Are the materials used for the Messen Dreadlocks Jewelry hypoallergenic?

We observed that the set is made primarily of metal iron, which boasts durability. However, the brand doesn’t explicitly mention hypoallergenic materials. If you have sensitive skin, it might be wise to do a patch test before making them a permanent fixture in your look.

Can the Messen Dreadlocks Jewelry set accommodate different dreadlock thicknesses?

Indeed, the set caters to a range of thicknesses. The included cuffs and beads offer some flexibility for adjustment. This variability ensures that both thinner and thicker locs can be adorned with these pieces.

What are the care instructions for maintaining the quality of Messen Dreadlocks Jewelry pieces?

To keep the jewelry in good condition:

  • Avoid exposure to water and humid environments to prevent tarnishing.
  • Clean them with a dry, soft cloth after use.
  • Store in the provided box or a dry place to reduce the risk of damage or oxidization.

This simple care routine has allowed us to preserve the shine and integrity of the pieces.

Is the Messen 121Pcs Dreadlocks Jewelry set suitable for both men and women?

Absolutely, this set is unisex. Its variety of pieces and styles makes it suitable for anyone looking to enhance their dreadlocks, braids, or beard with some bling. We noticed that the designs are versatile enough to appeal to a wide array of personal preferences.

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