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WillBond 4 Pieces Interlocking and Retighten Tool Review

WillBond 4 Pieces Interlocking and Retighten Tool Review

Maintaining dreadlocks can be a challenging process, but the right tools can make all the difference. We recently had the chance to try out the WILLBOND Sisterlock Retighten Tools. These tools, designed for hair retightening and styling, particularly impressed us with their ease of use and functionality.

Their smooth surface causes no damage to hair or scalp, making the retightening process comfortable and efficient. With an ergonomic design, these tools sit comfortably in the hand, which is a major plus for those lengthy styling sessions. We appreciated the sturdy metal build, feeling confident they would last a long time despite frequent usage. However, those with finer locs should proceed with caution as the tip design on the tool might snag delicate strands.

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In terms of variety, you get both rose gold and silver colors in the package, which can be a delightful touch for those who appreciate a little personalization in their tools. The four different styles cater to various needs and preferences, making this set versatile.

Bottom Line

For those who care for their dreads at home, the WILLBOND Sisterlock Retighten Tools are a solid investment.

They deliver on their promise of functionality and ease of use, catering to the practical needs of dreadlock maintenance.

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Overview of the 4 Pieces Sisterlock Retighten Tool

Having recently used the Sisterlock Retighten Tools from WILLBOND during a styling session, we appreciated the versatility of the two color choices—rose gold and silver—which were functional and added a bit of style to our toolkit. The set's metal construction is durable, which means it holds up well under the rigors of regular use. As we maneuvered the tool through hair, we noted that the smooth metal did not catch or pull at the scalp or locks, keeping the process comfortable.

Our experience with the ergonomic design was positive; our hands did not tire as quickly as with some other tools, due to the energy-saving handles that fit nicely in our grip. While crafting various hairstyles, the utility of having four different interlocking needles at our disposal was clear. Sharing them with a friend or keeping a spare on hand was convenient.

However, users should be aware that the pointed ends can be hazardous for children and require cautious operation. Additionally, some of us found the textured design on the needle tip might potentially snag finer locs. Subsequently, it's prudent to use these tools with careful attention to detail, especially when working with delicate hair textures. Despite this, they are sufficiently equipped to maintain personal locs or start on a DIY dreadlock journey, as reflected in the positive reactions from other users we've encountered.

Ease of Use

When evaluating these retighten tools, it became apparent that they are quite user-friendly, especially for beginners. We found that the variety in sizes caters to different loc widths, allowing for precise maintenance. While working on our locs, the tools felt comfortable in hand, and the metal construction gave a sense of durability. One minor issue we noticed was the design on the tool's tip. Despite its stylish appearance, it can catch on microlocs, potentially leading to damage. Hence, careful handling is essential to prevent any snagging.

Overall, the set offers good value, particularly for those who aren't professional hairstylists but still want salon-like results at home. The tools’ performance was generally smooth, and we could retighten with ease without fatigue, which speaks to their ergonomics. Whether you're maintaining your dreadlock journey on your own or need a quick fix while traveling, these tools prove to be a practical addition to your hair care kit.

Design and Comfort

After recently getting the chance to handle these hair styling tools, we've noted several design elements. The surface is smooth, minimizing any discomfort or hair-pulling—a huge relief for anyone who’s spent hours on hair maintenance. Designed with curve lines, the tools feel natural in our hands, which is a bonus for those of us who have spent significant time retightening locs and understand the strain it can put on the hands and wrists.

The metal materials offer a sturdy, reliable feel, assuring us they can withstand regular use without bending or breaking. We appreciate the variety in colors with options of rose gold and silver. It is always nice to have choices that let us express our personal style, even in our tools. However, we also need to be mindful when using these tools due to their pointed ends, remembering to keep them out of reach of children.

Each tool's functional design seems to make the DIY hair styling process more enjoyable and less of a chore—no more hand fatigue from poorly designed tools. This consideration really reflects the user-centric approach taken. Having four pieces in the set ensures we always have a backup or can share with friends and family, making it not just practical but also generous.

Durability and Quality

From our hands-on experience with the WILLBOND loc maintenance tools, we've found that the quality of the metal used in these instruments lends them a sense of long-standing reliability. The rose gold and silver colors add a stylish touch without compromising on strength. In use, they feel sturdy and are not prone to bending or breaking, even during longer braiding sessions, which is a testament to their robust construction.

We also appreciate the smooth surface of the tools, which is gentle on the hair and scalp, minimizing any pulling sensation while crafting various hair styles. Despite their solid build, they're lightweight, weighing in at just over half an ounce, which helps reduce hand fatigue.

However, we did notice that the design on the tip of the tool could be an issue for finer locs, as it has potential to snag or cause damage. This is something for users with microlocs or Sisterlocs to consider before using them.

In summary, these interlocking tools struck us as a balance of functionality and durability, suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and those who value efficiency in hair styling tools. With a set of four, they offer various options to suit different needs, although not everyone may need the full set. Still, sharing with others or having backups is always a plus.

DIY Hair Styling Versatility

Discovering the freedom to style our own hair at home with these tools has been quite remarkable. We found the smooth surface of the metal retighten tools to be gentle on our hair and scalp, preventing any pulling or damage while trying out different looks. It's impressive how the design fits comfortably in our hands, curving in just the right places to alleviate strain, even with extended use.

We must say, the durability of these tools is noteworthy. They've proven to stand up against the test of time, maintaining their shape and integrity through various styling sessions. This reliability gives us the reassurance to experiment with our hair without concerns of the tools giving out.

One aspect to consider is the pointed end, which requires careful handling to ensure safety. We appreciate that the set comes with four pieces, offering us variety in color and style. Sharing them with friends or having backups is certainly a plus.

Overall, we embrace the blend of functionality and creativity these tools provide for DIY hair styling, making our routine both enjoyable and efficient.

Pros and Cons


After getting hands-on with this set, the first thing we noticed is the smoothness of the tools which ensures a comfortable grooming experience without harming the hair or scalp. It's clear that the design is functional, with a grip that fits well in the hand, helping to reduce fatigue for those longer styling sessions—a big plus for us who love getting into the detailed work.

The sturdiness of these tools is impressive, made from metal that resists deformation and breakage. This solidity provides a sense of reliability when working on hairstyles that require precision. Moreover, the DIY aspect of using these tools is genuinely enjoyable. With the variety offered in the set, being able to pick the tool that fits the job we're doing—whether it's maintenance or styling—is a convenience we appreciate.

Another positive is the availability of color choices, rose gold and silver, which adds a personal touch. Lastly, having four pieces ensures we always have a backup at hand, or the option to share with friends, which is nice when you want to maintain connectivity through something as personal as hair care.


However, it's not all perfect. One downside is the inclusion of four pieces when we might only need one; it seems a touch wasteful and could be a point to consider if you're looking to minimize. The user feedback on the pointed parts being potentially harmful due to their design is worrisome. They can snag or pull at fine locs, which goes against the very principle of these tools—to manage hair without causing damage.

Lastly, the specificity of these tools means that they are not a universal solution for all hair types. Specifically, the applicant of the design for microlocs or Sisterlocs could have been better thought out to avoid any possibility of hair damage. This is a concern if your hair is of a finer texture or you require a very smooth tip for delicate work.

Customer Reviews

In the community of loc enthusiasts, we're always on the lookout for tools that make maintenance a breeze. This particular set by WILLBOND seems to tick a lot of boxes for those managing Sisterlocks or micro locs. With an average rating of 4.7 stars from 85 ratings, most users are quite satisfied with their purchase. They have praised the tools for their sturdiness and ability to handle the intricate work of loc maintenance.

However, it's important to note that while these tools are generally well-received, a few users have pointed out a design flaw at the tip that might snag or damage fine locs. This seems to be a point of frustration, leading to returns for some. On the flip side, several users find this set of sisterlock tools an excellent addition to their hair styling kit, especially since it comes in different sizes which cater to varying loc needs. Customers have mentioned how the needles are easy to use and ideal for those embarking on a DIY dread journey.

While not everyone has found the need for all the pieces in the set, the general consensus is that these tools are effective for personal use and handy for travel, making them a solid choice for quick touch-ups or comprehensive loc care.


After spending some time with the WILLBOND retighten tools, we've developed a concrete sense of their performance for maintaining locs. On the one hand, their durability is commendable; they feel sturdy during use, and their sleek design, available in rose gold and silver, adds an elegant touch to the routine.

Users just beginning their DIY dreadlocks have found these tools ‘perfection,’ appreciating the different sizes for various loc needs. Even those who don't do hair professionally have achieved pleasing results, suggesting that the toolset is user-friendly and effective for personal use.

However, it's worth noting some concerns regarding the design on the tip that may not be ideal for every loc type, especially finer ones prone to snagging. This has been a dealbreaker for a minority, leading to returns.

In essence, while these tools fulfill their purpose admirably and have been well-received by many, they may not suit every single loc maintenance requirement. It's essential for potential buyers to consider their specific hair type and loc maintenance needs before making a decision.

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