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WillBond 13 Pieces Dreadlocks Tool Set Review

WillBond 13 Pieces Dreadlocks Tool Set Review

Looking after your dreadlocks just got easier with the WILLBOND 13-Piece Dreadlocks Tool Set. Our time with these tools was a real eye-opener. They’re not only packed with a variety of hooks and needles but they also cater to different needs, from starting new locs to maintaining mature ones.

The set is really versatile, accommodating varying hair textures and loc sizes. The crochet needles glided through hair smoothly without any uncomfortable pulling, and thanks to the sturdy stainless steel construction, they felt reliable and long-lasting.

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Each tool, with its polished finish, was easy to handle and worked without causing damage to our hair or scalp. Moreover, their usefulness extends beyond just haircare; they proved to be handy in crafting, showing off their versatility.

Bottom Line

For anyone in need of a comprehensive tool set to manage their locs, the WILLBOND 13-Piece Dreadlocks Tool Set stands out. It delivers on its promise with an array of durable, easy-to-use tools.

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Overview of the 13 Piece Dreadlocks Tool Set

Crafting unique hairstyles, especially dreadlocks, can often feel overwhelming, but with this 13-piece toolset by WILLBOND, we found it surprisingly straightforward. The kit includes a variety of crochet hooks and latch hook needles, along with interlocking tools that cater to different styling needs. On handling the tools, we appreciated their smooth functionality—no hair snagging here!

As we experimented, the stainless steel needles proved their worth. They glided through hair effortlessly, a testament to their polished surface and sturdy construction. The comfort of use also stood out, as the tools felt secure in hand and were gentle on the scalp.

We noticed the diverse applications of the set as well. Beyond tightening and fixing dreadlocks, it's possible to utilize them in crafting, mending textiles, or creating crochet patterns. In a nutshell, it's not just a set for dreadlocks but a versatile companion for various DIY projects.

Although there’s no outright downside, beginners might need some time to get accustomed to using the different hooks effectively. However, overall, the set holds up as a solid investment for anyone serious about dreadlock maintenance or engaging in craftwork.

Ergonomic Design and Durable Materials

In our hands, the WILLBOND dreadlocks tool set feels designed with comfort in mind. The stainless steel used for the handles reassures us of its durability, and the varied colors like brown, pink, white, yellow, and black add a personal touch to the tools. Each piece is weighted enough to convey sturdiness without causing hand fatigue during use—a balance that's much appreciated when working on intricate locs or Sisterlocks.

We've found the various sizes of latch hook crochet needles and dreadlocks crochet hooks to be versatile for different hair textures and loc sizes. The commitment to ergonomic design is evident in the way these tools fit snugly in our hands, allowing for precise control without slipping. While stainless steel is prone to feeling cold, after some use, the tools warm up to a comfortable temperature that feels natural.

Despite its robust build, the set is surprisingly light, making it convenient to carry around for quick touch-ups or full sessions. The overall design implies thoughtful consideration for both ease of use and longevity, ensuring that this toolkit remains a go-to for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Versatile Hair Styling Tools

We recently tried the WILLBOND 13-piece dreadlocks tool set and it was a revelation for us hair enthusiasts. Dealing with locks, Sisterlocks, or easyloc hair can be tricky, but this set is a game-changer. It comes with an array of tools, ensuring there's something for every need.

The variety of crochet hooks with different numbers of prongs is notable. We found the smooth stainless steel hooks glide through hair without snagging, which is a relief because no one likes the pain or damage that comes from less-than-smooth tools. The interlocking tools also proved their worth, helping with neat and tight fixes.

We noticed using these tools reduced the hand fatigue we sometimes felt with other tools. They come in handy beyond hair styling—for crafty activities like rug making and repairing garments too, which is a bonus for the DIY lover in all of us.

The set isn't without its drawbacks, though. The smaller tools might feel fiddly for those with less dexterity. Nevertheless, for the variety and quality at this price point, it suits both novices starting their loc journey and seasoned pros looking to keep their locks tidy. Just remember to keep them out of reach of children, as those pointed ends are sharp!

Smooth and Comfortable Usage

In handling the dreadlocks tool set, we've found that the design of the latch hook crochet needles truly minimizes the risk of hair snagging. They glide through hair with ease, providing a comfortable experience even during prolonged use, suggesting that these needles are well-crafted and mindful of users' comfort.

The various hook sizes and interlocking tools included in the set accommodate a wide range of hair styles and thicknesses, allowing us to personalize our approach to hair maintenance. As we loop and tighten our locks, we notice how the tools facilitate the process, staving off hand fatigue with their ergonomic design.

The stainless steel needles are not only sturdy but have a polished surface that feels safe and gentle against the scalp. We are able to use them effectively across multiple applications, not limited to hair but extending to crafts as well, attesting to their versatility.

While using these tools, we appreciate the thoughtfulness behind their construction, observed in how effortlessly they work—whether we're starting new dreadlocks, performing maintenance, or engaging in craft projects. Their wide-ranging utility speaks to their value, despite the occasional challenge of selecting the most suitable tool from the ample options provided.

Safety and Storage

When it comes to these WILLBOND dreadlock tools, we found them quite reliable in terms of safety and durability. The set's stainless steel material means it’s sturdy and resistant to wear, lessening concerns about breakage during usage, which can be a safety hazard with lower quality tools. However, we did notice that, because the hooks are sharp, extra care should be needed when handling them to avoid jabbing or scratching yourself or others.

In terms of storage, the compact size of these tools makes them easy to store without taking up much space. We slipped them into a small pouch and they remained organized and accessible. It's important to keep them in a secure place though, as the small size could make them easy to lose. Additionally, storing them safely ensures that the sharp ends do not pose a risk to you when you're not using the tools.

We'd also recommend keeping these tools out of reach of children due to their sharp points. Overall, if you handle and store them with care, these tools are great to keep your dreadlocks perfectly groomed without any stress.

Pros and Cons


After having had the pleasure of using the WILLBOND dreadlocks tool set, we've observed several advantages that stand out. Firstly, the variety of tools included offers us the flexibility to create different styles with ease. The three different-sized dreadlocks crochet hooks cater to a range of needs, whether for starting new locks or maintaining mature ones. Moreover, the smooth operation of the latch hook crochet needles ensures that we avoid any accidental hair snagging, making the entire process more comfortable.

These tools are sturdy due to their stainless steel construction, which means they're durable and resistant to bending or breaking. We also appreciate the polished surface, which is gentle on both our hair and scalp. In essence, the versatility of this kit extends beyond dreadlock maintenance; it's quite resourceful for crafting, crocheting patterns, and even repairing textiles.


As for the drawbacks, while the extensive collection of tools is beneficial, it might seem overwhelming for beginners who are new to maintaining their locs. Discerning which tool to use at first can be a bit daunting without proper guidance. Furthermore, the very small hooks, though precise, require a steady hand and some user experience; they might challenge those who have not developed fine motor skills for intricate hair work.

In our experience, the tools meet the expected quality, but we did come across user feedback suggesting occasional manufacturing inconsistencies, which can affect the ease of use. While we didn't face this issue ourselves, it's worth noting for potential buyers.

In summary, the WILLBOND dreadlocks tool set's robust design, coupled with a comprehensive selection of tools, offers great value. However, a novice might need some time to get accustomed to the variety, and a rare few might encounter quality variance.

What Customers Are Saying

Having had the chance to work with the Willbond Dreadlocks Tool Set, we've found it to be a sturdy collection, perfect for starting and maintaining locs. Customers have shown appreciation for the variety of hook sizes included, which cater to different needs and make the set versatile for various hair types.

Especially noteworthy is the smallest latch hook, which stands out for its uniqueness and utility. The comprehensive nature of the set seems to be a recurring theme in user feedback, with many expressing satisfaction with having all the necessary tools in one package.

Users looking for value will be pleased, as the set has been praised for being well worth the price, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and functionality. The ease of use is another point of satisfaction among customers, with several mentioning how user-friendly the tools are for interlocking.

The consensus appears to be that this tool set not only meets expectations but provides everything one needs to embark on or continue their loc journey with confidence.

Final Thoughts on the WILLBOND 13 Piece Dreadlocks Tool Set

After spending some time with the WILLBOND tool set, we've come to appreciate the variety it offers. The tools were quite sturdy, which gave us confidence as we worked on starting dreadlocks. One striking feature is the smoothness of the latch hook crochet needles; they didn't catch or pull at the hair during use. The range of sizes provided is definitely a plus, allowing for versatility whether you're tightening locs or working on other crafty projects.

The stainless steel crochet hooks are another highlight. With their polished surface, they feel safe and comfortable in the hand, reducing the chance of irritating the scalp. We've also found the interlocking tools useful not just for hair but for other DIY tasks like repairing knitwear or crafting.

As we used the kit, we noted that it's an all-encompassing set, ideal for someone embarking on their loc journey. While all the sizes and tools might be overwhelming for beginners, each item has its place and purpose. The set is not just for personal use; it's a handy addition for a professional stylist's toolkit.

Despite these benefits, we should emphasize that these tools need to be handled with care, especially around children, due to sharp points. Overall, the set's functionality and build quality provide good value, which is reflected in its positive reception by others who have used it.

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