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Dollylocks Lavender Sky Liquid Shampoo

Dollylocks Lavender Sky Liquid Shampoo

If you’ve been searching for the perfect hair care solution for dreadlocks, you might want to consider the Lavender Sky Clarifying Shampoo by Dollylocks. We recently had the chance to try this specially formulated shampoo and were quite pleased with our fresh, clean locks.

We noticed that the shampoo is surprisingly lightweight and doesn't leave any residue behind, which is exactly what you need for maintaining healthy dreadlocks. The lavender scent is a delightful bonus, providing a pleasant and aromatic cleansing experience that made us want to keep smelling our hair.

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The refreshingly clean feeling post-wash speaks volumes about its efficacy in removing buildup without stripping natural hair oils. While the consistency is thinner than some might be used to, a little goes a long way, and it still lathers well enough to get the job done.

Bottom Line

The Lavender Sky Clarifying Shampoo is an ideal pick for anyone with dreadlocks looking for a gentle yet effective cleansing option. With its plant-based ingredients and lovely scent, your hair care routine will feel like a treat.

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Overview of Clarifying Shampoo for Build Up

Recently, we had the chance to use Dollylocks' clarifying shampoo, specifically crafted for those with dreadlocks. This product stands out for being particularly gentle while effectively removing unwanted residue. We noticed it doesn't leave any residue behind, which is a huge plus for keeping dreadlocks light and clean.

What is particularly enjoyable about this shampoo is the Lavender Sky scent. It's pleasing to the senses and leaves a refreshing aroma that lingers pleasantly after washing. The formulation is plant-based, which we appreciate, as it's both gentle on hair and environmentally conscious.

Our use revealed that despite its light consistency, the shampoo does its job well, cleansing the scalp without stripping away the natural oils that are essential for maintaining healthy locks. Although the lather isn't as rich as some might expect, it does not compromise on cleanliness.

In terms of downsides, some may find the product a little runnier than anticipated, but we consider this a minor detail given the shampoo's performance. It's worth noting that the liquid form is a deliberate choice to avoid the gunky buildup that can occur with creamier shampoos.

We've noticed from multiple uses that it potentially reduces the need for frequent washes by keeping the scalp less itchy and minimizing buildup. It's clear that the creators, Dollylocks, prioritize the user experience—combining effectiveness with a touch of luxury in scent.

Key Features

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of our dreadlocks, finding the right shampoo is paramount. We've recently had the opportunity to use the Dollylocks Lavender Sky shampoo and here's what we discovered about its key features.

Dreadlock Clarifying Shampoo

We found that the Dollylocks shampoo does an excellent job at offering a deep and thorough cleanse. The plant-based ingredients effectively remove buildup without leaving any residue. It is evident that the formula is designed with the unique needs of dreadlocks in mind, providing a strength to hair strands that is most welcomed. After using this shampoo, our scalp felt refreshed and the dreadlocks appeared revitalized.

Scented Bliss for Your Locks

The Lavender Sky scent is truly a standout. It imbues a lasting freshness that is soothing and enjoyable throughout the day. The importance of a pleasant scent cannot be overstated, as it contributes to the overall feeling of cleanliness and delight for the senses. This aroma has certainly kept us in a state of scented bliss following each wash.

Residue-Free Formula

One of the most crucial aspects in a dreadlock shampoo is its ability to clean without leaving any residue that can weigh down locks. The Dreadlock shampoo from Dollylocks has lived up to this expectation, leaving our hair completely free of any filmy residue that other shampoos might leave behind. Its ability to cleanse thoroughly and leave dreadlocks lightweight is a crucial benefit for maintaining healthy locks.

Maintain Your Locks

The difference a suitable shampoo can make in the maintenance of dreadlocks is substantial. Post-wash, our locks felt nourished and looked well-kept. It's a relief to find a shampoo that cleans yet also knows the importance of preserving the essential oils and ingredients that keep dreadlocks in great condition. This shampoo strikes that balance effectively.

In sum, our hands-on experience with the Dollylocks Lavender Sky shampoo has shown us that it stands up well to the promises it makes. From its delightful scent to its effective, residue-free cleansing, it's a significant addition to our dreadlock care regimen.

Pros and Cons

Having recently put the Dollylocks Lavender Sky shampoo to the test, we've gathered a well-rounded understanding of its performance.


  • Cleansing Efficiency: The shampoo does an excellent job at clarifying the hair and scalp. Its ability to remove buildup without stripping natural oils is a standout benefit, keeping dreadlocks feeling lightweight and refreshed.

  • Pleasant Aroma: We were quite taken by the lavender scent. It's not overpowering and provides a soothing fragrance that stays with the hair, contributing to an overall pleasant experience post-wash.

  • Residue-Free: One of the shampoo's biggest claims is that it leaves no residue, and it holds true. After usage, dreadlocks remain clean with no leftover product build-up, which is essential for maintaining healthy locks.

  • Customer Service: There's a positive note on the customer service front. Issues like broken seals were promptly addressed with replacements, reflecting the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Hair Health: Dreadlocks felt stronger and well-maintained post-shampooing, hinting at effective ingredients in the formulation that contribute to hair health.


  • Consistency: Some of us found the texture of the shampoo to be more watery than expected, which can be a bit surprising if you're used to thicker shampoos.

  • Lather: For those who enjoy a rich lather, this product might not meet expectations. It cleans effectively but has a lower-than-average lather, which could be mistaken for less cleaning power.

  • Packaging: Recurrent packaging issues such as a hole in the top of the bottle or a broken seal on arrival were concerning, posing questions about the consistency of quality control.

  • Size Perception: The 8 Fl Oz size can be deceiving; it appears small, and while it lasts due to the infrequency of washes required for dreadlocks, some might initially perceive it as not value for money.

In our experience, the positives of Dollylocks Lavender Sky shampoo shine through, particularly for those seeking a residue-free option with a refreshing scent. While there are a few drawbacks, they largely come down to personal preference and packaging hiccups.

Guidelines for Use

Speaking from experience, Dollylocks shampoo is a real treat for anyone with dreadlocks. We've found it particularly effective for cleansing the scalp and refreshing locs without leaving any residue—something dreadlock wearers often struggle with. In our routine, we integrate the shampoo about once a week, thoroughly massaging it into the scalp and through the locs to eliminate any build-up. It's optimal to use warm water to aid in its cleansing properties.

As the shampoo is concentrated, a small amount goes a long way. We make sure to rinse thoroughly as well, as it ensures that all the product is out of the dreadlocks, maintaining that lightweight feel. Given the variety of scents, we sometimes switch it up, but the Lavender Sky often leaves us with a pleasant scent that lingers enjoyably throughout the day.

In our collective experience, consistent use of the shampoo has kept our dreadlocks in superb condition—balanced, clean, and strong. For anyone dedicated to keeping their locs in top form, Dollylocks could be a substantial part of your hair care regimen. It's important to remember to follow up with a dreadlock-friendly moisturizer to maintain hair hydration.

Customer Reviews

In our experience with the Dollylocks clarifying shampoo, we've felt firsthand the reviving sensation it brings to the scalp. The product's consistency is thinner than expected, but that doesn't detract from its performance. Our locs felt softer and more refreshed after a single wash. Users have praised its effectiveness in reducing itchiness and the need for frequent washes, attributing it to the shampoo's ability to minimize build-up. The variety of scents is a hit, but Lavender Sky has definitely made a positive impression on us.

A few hiccups have been noted in terms of packaging, with some bottles arriving with broken seals. However, the company's responsive customer service has turned potential dissatisfaction into commendable support by addressing concerns swiftly. While some might find the size small, the shampoo lasts, given that only a small amount is needed per wash, making it cost-effective in the long run.

Complaints are few, with rare mentions of packaging faults, such as holes in bottle tops, causing confusion among customers. Despite minor grievances, the consensus seems overwhelmingly positive, especially regarding the shampoo's residue-free formula and the longevity it imparts to freshness and cleanliness, even for non-loc'd hair. It's clear that for those in search of a reliable loc shampoo, many agree this one is worth considering.

About Dollylocks

Recently, we've had the chance to try out a clarifying shampoo that truly understands the needs of dreadlocks. The Dollylocks Liquid Shampoo is expertly crafted for those who wear their hair in locs and desire a product that's both effective and mindful of their hair's unique requirements. With a refreshing Lavender Sky scent, the shampoo not only cleans the scalp but also leaves a pleasant fragrance that lingers, making hair care an enjoyable ritual.

In our experience, the shampoo's formula is lightweight and doesn't leave behind any residue, ensuring that the dreadlocks remain clean and buoyant. It frees the hair and scalp from buildup without stripping away essential oils, thus maintaining the delicate balance necessary for healthy locs.

The commitment to quality by Dollylocks is evident, with each batch of their products thoughtfully handcrafted using premium, plant-based ingredients. They emphasize global impact and a strong customer relationship, which is reflected in the evident care that goes into their dreadlock shampoos. Although the liquid texture is thinner than some of us prefer, we've found that it still delivers the desired deep cleanse while promoting hair strength and retention of natural moisture.

The praise for Dollylocks seems to echo among many users who have expressed satisfaction with how well the shampoo performs, its delightful smell, and the extended freshness between washes. Even some negative experiences with packaging or deliverables have been met with responsive customer service and resolutions, showcasing the brand's emphasis on customer satisfaction. Despite occasional remarks about the bottle size, the general consensus is that the shampoo's effectiveness means a little goes a long way, making it a worthy investment for those dedicated to the health of their locks.


After spending some time with the Dollylocks Lavender Sky shampoo, we've come to appreciate its strengths and recognize its few shortcomings. Our experience tells us that it does an excellent job at leaving the scalp feeling refreshed and free of buildup, which is a significant win for anyone managing dreadlocks. Its more liquid consistency might be surprising at first, but it doesn't detract from its effectiveness. The fact that such a small amount can go a long way in cleaning is also a plus, offering good value despite its seemingly small volume.

The lather might not be as abundant as traditional shampoos, but we've noticed that it doesn't affect its ability to cleanse thoroughly. In terms of scent, this shampoo nails it—the Lavender Sky aroma adds to the sensory pleasure of washing your hair and seems to have a lasting impact. Customer service seems responsive based on feedback, addressing issues like broken seals promptly. However, we've also heard concerns with packaging, though these are mostly isolated instances.

In essence, if you're in the market for a reliable loc shampoo that keeps oiliness at bay without stripping your hair, this product is well worth considering. It's not without minor flaws, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to tending to our curly locks, there are always mountains of questions surrounding the best practices. We understand the curiosity and the care that goes into maintaining curly hair, especially when using clarifying shampoo. Below are answers based on our own experiences and thorough research that can help guide you through maintaining your hair with clarifying shampoo.

What benefits does one experience when using clarifying shampoo on curly hair?

Using clarifying shampoo on curly hair, we notice a significant reduction in buildup that other shampoos might leave behind. For us, curls feel lighter and more defined because the shampoo effectively removes the residue that can weigh down our strands. Our curls have enhanced bounce and shine after incorporating a clarifying shampoo into our routine.

How frequently should clarifying shampoo be used to prevent hair loss?

It's crucial to use clarifying shampoo judiciously to avoid hair loss. Our advice is to use it every 2-4 weeks, as overuse can strip natural oils and lead to scalp dryness and hair breakage. We focus on listening to our hair's needs, which can change with factors like product usage and environmental exposure.

Which clarifying shampoo is recommended for maintaining healthy microlocs?

For maintaining healthy microlocs, we've found that the Dollylocks Lavender Sky clarifying shampoo does the job well. It's gentle, residue-free, and the plant-based ingredients offer a thorough cleanse without being too harsh. Keeping microlocs free of buildup is essential, and this shampoo is a reliable option.

How does clarifying shampoo compare with detox shampoo regarding hair care?

Clarifying and detox shampoos both aim to cleanse the hair deeply, but their intensity differs. From our experience, clarifying shampoos are suitable for more frequent use and are adept at removing everyday buildup. On the other hand, detox shampoos are typically stronger and target more stubborn buildup, such as chlorine, making them ideal for occasional rather than regular use.

What should one look for in a clarifying shampoo to effectively remove buildup?

Here are some aspects we suggest looking out for to ensure effective removal of buildup:

  • Chelating Agents: Ingredients like EDTA that can combat hard water minerals.
  • Clarifying Agents: Look for sulfates or sulfonates, if they're not too harsh on your hair, for a deeper clean.
  • Natural Extracts: Ingredients such as tea tree oil or witch hazel can help cleanse the scalp naturally.

What specific effects does clarifying shampoo have on locs?

Clarifying shampoo can be a godsend for locs. Our experiences show it helps reduce itchiness and flakiness by keeping the scalp clean. After using a clarifying shampoo, like the Lavender Sky by Dollylocks, locs feel rejuvenated and lighter because the product effectively lifts away residue that standard shampoos might leave behind. Plus, it helps maintain that neat, tight appearance of locs by preventing buildup from loosening them.

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