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WillBond 8 Pieces Dreadlocks Hair Interlocking Tool Review

WillBond 8 Pieces Dreadlocks Hair Interlocking Tool Review

Searching for the best interlocking tool for dreadlocks? As someone who appreciates the art of hair styling, we can confirm that the WILLBOND dreadlocks tools are a game-changer in creating and maintaining dreadlocks smoothly and efficiently. Gone are the days of struggling with inappropriate tools, as this kit offers eight different sizes to work on various dreadlock widths, catering to a diverse range of hair types and styles.

We found the tools to be durable and versatile, crafted from quality alloy material that stands up to regular use without breaking or deforming. They're smooth enough to prevent hair snagging, which is a common issue with less refined tools, and the process of using them is quite straightforward. The inclusion of a velvet bag is a thoughtful touch, adding convenience for storage and travel.

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This set not only lends itself to experienced hair artists but also serves as a sweet present for those still learning the craft, whether it's for Christmas or Valentine's Day. As a product that simplifies the hair locking process, it's a valuable addition to anyone's hair styling toolkit.

Bottom Line

The WILLBOND dreadlocks tool set offers an easy and effective way to manage your locks, regardless of experience. With these tools, you'll find the hair locking process a lot more enjoyable.

Their reliable build quality and thoughtful design make this set a wise investment for anyone passionate about hair braiding and dreadlocks.

Ready to take the hassle out of hair locking? Grab your set of WILLBOND dreadlocks tools and make your hair styling routine a breeze.

WILLBOND 8 Pieces Dreadlocks Tool Set Overview

After testing various hair braiding tools, we've had quite the experience with the WILLBOND Dreadlocks Tool Set. This compact set is a smart choice for those who enjoy crafting intricate braiding hairstyles. Its use stretches beyond the holiday season—though it's marketed as a Christmas accessory—and it serves as a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in hairstyling or dreadlock maintenance.

What stands out is the set's versatility; it comes with eight different sizes, which means it caters to various dreadlock sizes, from small to large—never a moment of struggle to find the right fit. Handling the set is hassle-free, with the tools gliding smoothly through our hair without any snagging or pulling.

The tools' quality is noteworthy; crafted from a sturdy alloy material, each piece feels durable and is designed to last. They're not only functional but also have an aesthetic appeal with their sleek silver finish.

The set arrives in a neat black velvet bag, adding to the convenience and making storage or travel with the tools easy. While we appreciate the thoughtfulness of design, it's crucial to highlight that these tools come with pointed ends—so they're best kept away from kids and used with a certain level of care to avoid accidents.

Overall, whether gifting it to someone or using it for personal hair creations, we consider this set a reliable and handy addition to any hair styling kit.

Versatility and Multiple Sizes

One aspect we appreciate about the WILLBOND dreadlocks tool set is how it caters to a variety of hair needs. We've found these tools to be quite adaptable, whether for starting new sisterlocks, tightening extensions, or managing braids during the holiday season. Its all-metal construction offers a sturdy feel that is essential for precise hair crafting.

While these tools come only in silver, they blend seamlessly with any hair accessory collection. Suitable for all hair types, we've used them on fine, thick, and even curly locks with success. The metal's durability means you're not left wrestling with flimsy plastic—that’s a solid plus in our book.

However, we noticed that their one-size approach can be a bit limiting for those with particularly small or large locks. A range of sizes would extend its appeal, making it a more inclusive option. Nevertheless, we've still found that for most, these tools handle the job well, adding a professional touch to personal hair care.

Quality Material and Durability

After using these WILLBOND dreadlocks tools, we've noted their refined crafting. The quality alloy material gives them a substantial feel in the hand without being too heavy. Since they are made from metal, they don't bend or warp easily which is exactly what you want when working with different hair types and dreadlock sizes. It's impressive how they manage to be both flexible and strong.

In practice, the tools don't snag or pull hair, which is a relief. We've all had experiences with hair tools that cause more frustration than help, but these smoothly latch hair into place, making styling more efficient. This aspect speaks volumes about their thoughtful design made for ease of use.

The variety in sizes is another highlight. Whether we’re working with fine micro locs or larger dreads, there’s a tool in the set to fit our needs. We've not had to worry about finding the right tool for any hair size, which is testament to the inclusivity of the product design.

However, while the tools are generally not prone to breaking, we must caution they do have pointed parts. They've been crafted with the user's safety in mind, but it's still wise to be careful during use, especially around children.

Overall, these tools are a durable and reliable addition to our hairstyling kit. They've held up well over time and regular use, making them a valuable asset for anyone into braiding and dreadlock maintenance.

Ease of Use

When we first got our hands on the WILLBOND dreadlocks tool set, we immediately noticed the variety of sizes included, which hinted at its versatility. Handling the tools didn't require much of a learning curve. In our experience, the point of the tool is sufficiently blunt to avoid any accidental pricks or pokes, which adds a layer of safety when working with your locs.

It's great to note that most of us found the tools straightforward to use for maintenance tasks such as tightening our micro locs. Even for beginners, like some of us were, the learning process was smooth, especially after a quick study of some online tutorials. What wasn't ideal was the absence of latch hooks, which meant we had to make an additional purchase. This wasn't a deal-breaker but something to be aware of before buying.

A highlight for us was how we could frequently make adjustments to our hair without professional help—quite empowering to maintain our locs independently. A minor hiccup was for those with very fine locs; the tools might be too large. However, for standard or slightly larger sizes, they worked like a charm. Overall, these tools have earned their place as essentials in our hair care routine.

Pros and Cons


After using the WILLBOND dreadlocks tools, we certainly found a number of benefits worth mentioning. Firstly, the variety in this 8-piece set is impressive. It means you're likely to find a tool that fits your specific dreadlock size, whether they're small, medium, or large. The alloy material of the tools is strong, flexible, and durable, ensuring they won't easily bend or break with regular use.

We particularly appreciated the smoothness of the tools. There's no sharp point that could potentially damage hair or scalp, and they won’t cause snagging or pulling, making hair maintenance a pain-free experience. They easily latch onto hair, facilitating a straightforward styling process.

Also, the product acts as a great gift for various occasions such as Valentine's Day, given the assortment and practicality of the tools. Many users, including us, found these tools indispensable for hair tightening routines and valuable additions to hair care toolkits.


Though the benefits are substantial, there are drawbacks to consider. The set doesn't include a latch hook, which is a necessity for some users. Therefore, despite the comprehensive nature of the set, you might find yourself needing to purchase additional tools.

While the tools serve well for a variety of loc sizes, they might not be ideal for those with the smallest loc sizes—specifically standard sister locs that are 0.2cm or smaller. If your locs fall into this category, you might struggle with finding a tool in the set that works effectively.

Additionally, while the product has been marketed as versatile, our experience showed that it caters better to certain loc sizes over others, which could be a limitation for those with very fine or micro locs. Consider your specific needs and loc sizes before making a purchasing decision.

Customer Insights

Having recently handled these dreadlock tools from WILLBOND, we've gathered quite a bit of feedback to share. Many customers appreciate the variety of sizes included in the set, making it versatile enough for different loc sizes, from micro to larger ones. The tools' durability has not gone unnoticed; users find them well made and able to withstand regular use.

The blunt point design is a plus for those concerned about safety, allowing for interlocking without the risk of injury. Yet, for those with extremely fine sister locs, some tools may be a bit large. It is worth noting that while the set is comprehensive, some customers mentioned the need to purchase additional latch hooks separately for their needs.

We've seen how this kit has empowered individuals to work on their dreadlocks independently, with even first-time users finding the process straightforward after watching instructional videos. Positive experiences, such as keeping a tool clipped to locs for convenient touch-ups, demonstrate the practicality of the toolkit.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, this set stands out from costlier alternatives offering fewer options. That said, our use and evaluation of the product, alongside the collective insights, suggest that while it's a great buy for many, it might not be a one-size-fits-all solution, especially for those with the finest locs.

Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

When searching for a unique and thoughtful present, particularly for someone who treasures their dreadlocks, we've found a charming option. The WILLBOND Dreadlocks Tool Kit emerges as a delightful surprise for special events like Valentine's Day or during the festive season. We appreciate how smooth and effortless it is to use—no snagging or unintentional hair pulling involved. Getting dreadlocks into place is a breeze with these tools, adding ease to the styling process.

We've observed these extensions tools are incredibly versatile. With an assortment of 8 different sizes, they cater to all dread sizes, making it a suitable gift regardless of the dreadlock size of the recipient. Their robust alloy construction translates to durability and a non-slip grip, enhancing their usability. Gifting this kit means offering a blend of practicality and durability.

Even though the tools cater to those with hair extensions or dreadlocks, their appeal doesn't exclude men who also appreciate maintaining their locks. The practicality and thoughtful nature of this kit make it a reliable gift choice for anyone who values their hair game.


Drawing from our practical experience with WILLBOND's dreadlocks tools, we can confidently say they offer a significant array of options suitable for various dreadlock sizes. The pieces are crafted with a safe design, ensuring the point isn't sharp—a feature that has been an absolute comfort for us, particularly when handling the meticulous task of interlocking hair. While the assortment has been a great value for money and comprised well-made tools, we've observed that it might not be the perfect fit for those with the smallest microlocs, as some of the tools can be a bit large.

However, for those with slightly larger sized locs or microlocs, this set has been a wonderful asset in our hair care routine, allowing us to easily tighten our locs as needed. It's apparent that these tools are durable and offer a good range that caters to different needs, making it a versatile pick for anyone looking to maintain their dreadlocks independently.

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