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Lessons Having Locs Will Teach You

There is something beautiful about dreadlocks and how they seem to capture the wearer's essence. Each person's locs are unique to them, and the process of growing your locs will also grow you as a person. It's inevitable. 

You may start out with fear and trepidation, but there's this moment that it dawns on you that it doesn't matter if other people won't appreciate your locs. It's when you realize that you don't have to submit to other people's beauty standards, but you can set your own. You can determine that dreadlocks are beautiful and courageous, and you look fabulous with yours. It doesn't matter what they say; it's about how you feel! 

This is just one of the many lessons growing locs will teach you. Here are some more: 

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Patience is first on this list because, before anything else, having locs will teach you patience. It takes time to grow your locs, and they continue to go through phases for a long time until they're mature. As much as some loc care products promise you, you actually can't rush or accelerate your loc development. You just have to wait and let your journey progress in its own time.  


You will go through times, especially early on when your locs aren't as visually appealing as you might like. They can look unkempt and straggly - not what you thought you would get when you first dreamed of your gorgeous locs. But through this, you will learn self-acceptance. At some point, you just stop fighting it and recognize that it's all you - the good, the bad, and the ugly. You will look back on those days fondly, realizing that as much as your hair was developing, so were you. And you can develop a love and acceptance of yourself through your many growth phases.

If you're black, there's an added layer of self-acceptance. Black hair has been unjustly and unkindly classified negatively throughout history. Some of that external hate and disrespect became internalized by some. But since the sixties, movements have encouraged black people to take pride in their beautiful hair. Compared to hair textures of other races, locs are relatively easy for natural black-textured hair. Many today wear their locs to show racial pride and genuine self-acceptance.

Life is a Sacred Journey

The parallels between growing your locs and personal growth are numerous. Growing locs will help you to slow down and see your life as something to be observed and appreciated. You aren't racing through every day. You have a reason to mark time and causes for celebration as your locs grow from one stage to another. Perhaps some people with locs make a big deal about the journey, but they have found a way to add sacredness to their lives. There is nothing wrong with that! 

Getting Ready is Simple

Not long into your loc journey, you'll notice that your preparation time for going out is much shorter. So much of your ‘get ready' time (especially if you're a woman) is spent on your hair. When you have locs, you wake up with hair that's already done. Even if you enjoy styling them or wrapping them up, it still doesn't take all the time it used to. The simplifying of this process can alert you to other areas of your life that are absorbing too much time. You begin to look for different ways to simplify your life. 

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Less is More (Haircare Products)

Many people have bottles and bottles of hair care products before they grow locs. And some people try to continue this habit with dozens of loc care products. But the truth they eventually learn is that it doesn't take all of that. You just don't need so many things for your hair. A few high-quality products can replace dozens of cheaper ones. And you will also see that some things just don't make sense. 

Many loc care products are based on misconceptions of dreadlocks. For instance, if you keep your locs clean and well-maintained, they aren't any more prone to odors than anyone else's hair. So products that promise they'll make your locs smell good aren't necessary. In the beginning, you may buy loads of these, but eventually, you learn that there is no odor to mask, and you stop buying all the unnecessary stuff.  

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Embrace the Fear

Life is full of the unknown, and instinctively we know that we must confront our fears. Many people contemplate growing dreadlocks for years before they actually do it. The fears of other people's opinions and how their locs will look are enough to delay what turns out to be a great decision - for their hair and themselves. 

Growing locs will teach you to embrace the fear and do it anyway. The unknown doesn't have to be a bad place; it can be exciting and rewarding. You can transfer that bravery to other areas of your life.

Change Can Be Great

Just about the time you get used to some stage of your loc growth, your locs will move on to the next stage. You may be unhappy about that, but it just reminds you that change can be great. Over time, your locs will change their thickness, volume, and of course, length. They're in a constant state of change - just like you. Having locs teaches you to notice and appreciate that life is all about change. Eventually, you learn not to dread the changes but to look forward to them. 

Never Judge a Book …

How often have you looked at someone's appearance and decided you knew all about them? We've all done it. But having locs will teach you that people are individuals, and stereotypes and vast generalizations aren't always appropriate. You'll learn this because you are now a part of a group that the public likes to judge. People may form opinions about your hygiene, goals in life, and lifestyle when you have locs. Their judgments about you are likely to be wrong, just as yours about others are also likely to be incorrect. So, be kind. 

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Final Thought

Having locs is a fantastic experience in life. So, enjoy it and love the lessons you'll learn.

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