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Side view of person with freeform locs wearing a leather jacket.

An Introduction to Freeform Locs

So, you've finally decided to take the plunge and join the world of dreadlocks. For your own reasons, you have shed the fear and worry...

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Model in floral print shirt with loc bun hairstyle.

3 Ways To Rock Loc Bun Styles

Did you know that the hair bun probably originated with the Maori people in ancient New Zealand? And that it was a style that men...

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A model with Bantu knots posing with roses.

Bantu Locs 101

Bantu knots are short, tree-stump-like spiral knots of hair wrapped around itself. A Bantu knot can be pyramid or tube-shaped in appearance. The striking aesthetic...

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A woman with frizzy and loosely twisted dreadlocks.

What To Know About Maintaining Frizzy Dreads

One of the worst false stereotypes about dreadlocks is that they are aesthetically messy, dirty, and hard to maintain. It is a vile stereotype meant...

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Man with dreadlocks walking along a beach without a shirt.

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Locs Fresh

So, you're finally growing out that gorgeous mane of dreadlocks you have longed for. Your locs are healthy, tight, and you love caring for them....

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A model wearing Bantu knots sitting at a work desk.

The Best Loc Styles For Ladies

Your hairstyle says plenty about you and your personality. Your hairstyle is almost like your I.D. card when you think about it. So, why do...

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A model in a red dress with long two-strand dreadlocks.

The Best 2 Strand Twist Styles for Locs

The two-strand twist dreadlock style is controversial for many reasons. They take a long time to form into dreadlocks. And they are technically hair twists...

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Woman with dreadlocks enjoying the view.

Lessons Having Locs Will Teach You

There is something beautiful about dreadlocks and how they seem to capture the wearer's essence. Each person's locs are unique to them, and the process...

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A man with long dreadlocks at the beach

How To Take Care of Locs During Summertime

Whether or not you think climate change is real, you can't deny that the world is getting hotter. Over 100 million Americans are baking in...

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A woman with twisted hair yelling happily.

How To Retwist Your Locs If They Unravel

Dreadlocks are essentially a lifestyle choice as much as a hairstyle. You must alter your understanding and practices relative to traditional hair maintenance.  As we...

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A model with frosted dreadlock tips.

3 Protective Styles for Locs

Great hairstyles never happen simply by chance but by appointment. And by appointment, we mean you either learn how to groom your hair regularly like...

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Man with medium length locs.

Various Ways to Create Your Locs: Creating Locs Step By Step

So, you've seen how unique and beautiful dreadlocks are and are ready for your own. But how do you achieve this unique and edgy hairstyle?...

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Man with hands up and his locs covering his face.

Transitioning into Locs

So, you've decided to embark upon the dreadlock journey. Good for you! A lot of thought goes into such a decision, and for many people,...

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A young girl with braided dreadlocks with a laptop

Popular Loc Styles To Inspire You This Summer Season

Summer is the literal height of living for most people. If there is one season where we want to be outside for the weather, look...

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A woman with dreadlocks sitting crossed-legged in the park.

Easy Twisted DreadLock Tutorial in Minutes

Did you know that at least 85% of the interpersonal communications that you conduct with other people are entirely nonverbal? Human beings judge others and communicate with...

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Woman with curly dreadlocks.

10 Beautiful Bridal and Wedding Dreadlock Hairstyles

With more people embracing their beautiful, natural hair, it makes sense that we also see more dreadlocks on brides, bridal parties, and wedding guests. Although...

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5 Loc Styles You Can Master in Minutes

5 Loc Styles You Can Master in Minutes

Some say that your hair is a crown you can't take off. But even if that is true, we still try to adjust that crown...

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A woman with dreadlocks using a laptop.

Baby Shower Hairstyles: 10 Beautiful Styles to Wear Locs to Your Shower

There are about 3.6 million babies born in the United States annually. And so it goes to assume that almost an equivalent number of baby...

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A smiling black woman with dreadlocks smiling.

3 Professional Loc Styles to Try At Work

Equality is the social state of every getting the same thing, no matter what. Fairness is when everyone gets what they need to succeed according...

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Natural bee wax.

What Ingredients Are Bad For Locs?

If you have read our prior blog postings, you know we stress that dreadlocks are the world's most natural hairstyle. Think of your dreadlocks as...

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Two women with dreadlocks - one black and one white.

The Benefits of Having Locs

It’s a real shocker to find that some people still have negative beliefs about dreadlocks. We can’t think of even one of the myths about...

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A shirtless man with dreadlocks at the beach.

Swimming with DreadLocks: What You Should Know

Dreadlocks are an ancient and all-natural hairstyle. The earliest humans probably wore dreadlocks. Many people wear dreadlocks because you never have to use synthetic or...

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Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Locs

Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Locs

  People fear what they understand or relate to. And for a very long time, people feared anyone with dreadlocks. Did you know that an...

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Smiling, shirtless man with long dreadlocks at the beach.

Locs at the Beach: The Dos and Don'ts!

  There is something about going to the beach that is like a siren's call for most people. The human body needs sunlight. Nothing is...

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A young man with dry and flat dreadlocks.

Dry DreadLocks: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

  Dreadlocks are beautiful. Wearing dreadlocks is the most natural way to wear your hair. Dreadlocks are probably the oldest human hairstyle. The earliest ancient...

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Beautiful model with long flowing thin dreadlocks.

Dreadlock Trends in 2022

  There was a time when dreadlocks were an unacceptable hairstyle to wear in general culture. And depending on where you live even today, it...

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Man with dreadlocks pulled back.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Locs

The first time I saw dreadlocks, I was mesmerized. I thought they were the most incredible, most beautiful way of wearing hair that I had...

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Two models with dreadlocks posing on a city street.

10 Best Hair Products To Use On Locs!

We talk a lot about what not to do with or put on your dreadlocks. And it is an important thing to talk about. Most...

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A smiling man with dreadlocks and a cap standing outside.

Removing Dreadlocks 101

The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said that only the stupidest or wisest of people never change. Now, how that quote applies to you depends on...

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A beautiful young black woman with glasses sporting knotless braids.

What to Know About Knotless Braids

A famous literary quote once stated that a girl without braids is like a city bereft of bridges. The humble braided hairstyle looks simple enough....

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